The contest

18 year old Alyson Lamont wins a radio contest, now she gets 5 front row tickets, 5 back stage passes, and gets to spend 3 weeks with her favourite band, One Direction. Will Aly, find love, or heart break; new friends, or new enemies....


1. Radio contest


                                             Alys POV


          "Aly!Hurry up your going to be late." mum yelled from down stairs.Shit! I was going to be late no mater what. I just woke up,I sat up and looked at the clock on my phone. 7:20 
I'm going to die. I always wake up late on Wednesdays I dont know why.I quickly pull my purple skinny jeans on and try to find my bra in the dark. I turn on the light and,after a few moments of being blinded,I found my peach and gray striped shirt and my gray hoodie. "Aly!"mum yelled louder"I'll be down in a minute" I yell as loud as I could. I grab my lite jacket and my bag, turn off my light and run down stairs."It took you long enough." Mum said in a dry tone."Sorry"I say trying to sound as tired as possible"Daddy never woke me up."A lie he had woken me up an hour and a half ago, but it being me I fell back asleep."Well put your shoes on, and hurry up!" I run down the hall grab my shoes,and just as I'm about to put them on I notice I forgot my socks"Shit, I'll be right back!" I yell as I run past her.She looked so pissed.I burst through my door, open my drawer and grab a random pair of ankle socks . I run back down stairs and put my socks and shoes on. I grab my bag and run out to the car.I open the car door to put my bag in and I see my dog Bonnie. She looks exactly like a small white wolf and she was the most shy dog ever. I jump in the front seat and were off.



     "Thanks for the croissant mum." I mumble through my full mouth." Your welcome." She said nicely. I never used to say thank you until I realized how happy it made my mum, but now I say it all the time.She turns on the radio and I put my head phones on. I turn on my iPod find the playlist I'm looking for and look for my favourite song. Ah there it is little things by one direction.I turn up the music and start mouthing the words of the song.Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bare this in mind it was ment to be,...... And so on. Then the next song comes on kiss you.OMG I looooove this song so I start bopping back and forth as I mouth the words.If only my mom loved one direction as much as me,then she would let me plug in my iPod and pump my tunes.But sadly no.I have to mouth the words to all my favourite songs.



           My mom pulls up to the church parking lot were we meet my teacher and my friends who just happen to be in my class. My teacher pulled in,and I get into the car after saying goodbye to my mom and my dog."So what did you guys do this weekend?"I ask."We'll I had a swim meet and Taite had.......well nothing."Mackie the older twin said "Cool.How did you do in your swim meet Mackie?" I ask trying to sound like I really want to talk, cuz I don't I really just want to put my head phones on and listen to music."Well I did ok but there was this really tall,guy who was super hot and really buff who kept on smiling and staring at me and he came over and told me I did a really good job when I won a race!"She said in an exited whisper not wanting her dad to hear. Taite  burst out laughing and I couldn't help but crack up when Mr.Stephens (there dad) asked what we were laughing about."What?"Mackie said insolently"its true!" Then Mr.Stephens gave me a questioning look through the rear view mirror.I just about die I'm laughing so hard. Taite and Mackie are laughing at me and Mr.Stephens is laugh because he is confused. After about 5 minutes of this Mackie goes back to reading, Taite starts wrighting and Mr.Stephens turn the radio on to country.God I hate country music (well not really I'm just not in the mood for country) ,I put on my head phones and press play without looking at the song and shure enough up all night starts playing, so i start bopping up and down and Taite just looks at me and giggles.When the next song starts I just about have a heart attack because I had the music really loud and then save you tonight comes on just about breaking my ear drums because it was on full blast.I quickly turn it down and pause it I taking off my head phones to see Taite and Mackie just staring at me"Owwwww" I say while rubbing my ears and they laugh "I guess you heard that"They nod in unison and we all start giggling. Then I noticed that the radio station had changed "that's the weather in Ottawa for today.In if you hear a commercial with one of the boys from one direction call in to win a 5 pack of tickets in the front row and back stage passes for there up coming sold out concert! If your the 9th caller you get that and you get to spend two weeks with the boys! Good luck!"My jaw dropped I looked at Taite and Mackie there not as big as fans as I am but if you got front row tickets and back stage passes and got to spend two weeks with them you would probably love them! The next song that played was kiss you. I had to hear that commercial then about one minute from school I hear Harry Styles beautiful, amazingly sexy, voice say"If you call right now you can come to our consort and spend two weeks with me and the boys good luck" I half scream and grab my phone so does Mackie. We wait a few seconds and then I hear a ring " It's ringing!"I squeal "omg same" Mackie said excitedly I grabed her hand and squeezed it she squeezed mine to then she got a sad look on her face" oh.....well....thanks anyway" she said looking over at me"I was caller number 8 I'm sorry Aly." she says"Its all right Mackie you tried"just as I say that I hear a noise through my phone."Hello?"I say into my phone,listening further"Hello what is you name?"a voise asks me,"My name is Aly."I say blankly,"How old are you Aly?" "I'm 18."I say questioningly." Are you a one direction fan?" "Omg did I just win the radio contest?YES I'm a huge one direction fan!" I say excitedly." Well Aly you just won the one direction contest! Your going to meet them!" I scream and Mr.Stephens just about has a heart attack"Oh my god I'm so sorry Mr.Stephens" " It's alright,as long as you bring the girls with you." "Definitely!" I say overly exited."Hello?" I hear from my phone." I'm still hear!" I say into the phone." Oh my god I love you guys! Your awesome for doing this!" "Aly, are your parents with you?" "Uhhh no but I can give you her number after.Why?" I ask questioningly " We just need to get your information so we can send you the tickets and passes. But Aly I'm going to ask you to stay on the line for a minute." " Ok!" I squeal. Oh my god this is actually happening.Then I hear the radio host say "I hope she enjoys the show so for her we will play Up All Night by One Direction" the song starts to play and then he comes back on the phone. I give him my moms cell and home number and just in case I gave him my dads cell and home number. I thanked him and hung up. I hadn't even realized we got to school. I look at Taite and Mackie and we all hugged and squealed. After about five minutes of hugging and talking we got out of the car."Oh guys don't tell anyone I want to tell them all them at the same time so right before class starts." I say Taite and Mackie nod and smile. I think the is the best day of my life i mean I finally win a radio contest and I get to spend two weeks with ONE DIRECTION and I get to go to their concert for free!!!!! Somebody pinch me!


             "What is it?" My friend Leah asked, as we walked down the hall to our first class, "What's what?"I say insolently. She can read me like a book, she knows something's up."Alyyyyy!" she said like a five year old. "Fine! I won a radio contest and now I get to spend two weeks, and see One Direction in concert!," I say " and its free!" I say with smirk.She looks at me confused,then after she put together what I said her eyes got wide"Oh my god, Aly that's so cool! When are you going to meet them?" "The day after their concert!" She hugged me because I was shaking. " How many tickets did you get?" She asked. She doesn't really like one direction but I think she thought this was really cool." I got five tickets!......... Leah do you want to come with me?" "Omg Aly yes I would love to, I'll ask my parents tonight!" She said and hugged me again. Wow, she was really exited to do this!


                                *Right before class starts in grade 12 class room* 


              "So,Aly, what's the big news?" Asked Pam, another one of my really good friends. "What? Your going to tell them now?" Taite said. "Well, Mrs.Brown isn't here yet so I may as well!" I say as I get out of my desk and go to the front of the class(we are a really close class, we went to public school together)."Well I have some news I want to tell you guys.Well not really the guys, mainly the girls." I say feeling like there was a spot light on me. I hate talking in front of people, and I've been in friends with these guys since grade school!" Well? What's the news?" Scott asks snapping me out of my daze that I didn't even realize I was in." What? Ohh ya well, this morning, I won a radio contest!" Every one started telling me how cool that was." What did you win?" Theo asked. Dang,I was caught red handed! I thought know one would ask!"Errm, well..... uhh..... I won One Direction tickets....."" And back stage passes" Taite added"And she gets to spend a week with them!" Leah said." But I think she's going to spend the most time with Niall and  Louis." We all look at Leah, confused. "You know see can talk about carrots and practical jokes with Louis, and she can eat, and talk about silly stuff with Niall!" "Ohhh, I get it now, good point, but you forgot Liam, how could you forget about Liam!" Everyone looks at me confused " You know Toy Story mariton, and talking about turtles and pokemon!Duhhh!" All the girls looked at me giggling and the boys laughed and shook their heads," Fine you laugh now but I also get to go to a photo shoot with them in England for a week on march break," They all look at me, mouths hanging open" and I get to be on the cover of a magazine with them!" I smerk they still all had their mouths hanging open, excepted Mackie "Wait, Aly didn't they say you and four friends get to do all of that with you?!" She said with a smerk. They all look at me excepted Taite, Mackie, and Leah. "Erm..... ya...... which one of you guys want to..........erm come with me?" They all put up their hands, then Carissa got a look, that looked like she was thinking," Wait, you said which oneof us, not who wants to. You only have enough for one more people! Who are you taking already?" Darn! I was caught again!"Errm........ I'm bringing Taite, Mackie, and Leah. I only have enough room for one more person to take to the photo shoot and the concert. But I'm aloud to have as many people with me when their at my house." "Wait, their staying at you house for a week!"Pam says excitedly. "Uhh, ya I guess so." Then I start getting flooded with questions and that's when I saw Mrs.Brown walk in. Thank God! I was getting really tiered of answering questions." Oh, no more questions. Mrs.Brown is here, too bad!" I say with a smile as I sit down next to Pam and Leah. 



                                     *At lunch*



                       OMG! How did they manage to tell the whole school in 3 hours we only had 1 class change! They where all asking me questions and asking if they could come. And when I say they I mean almost every one in the school. I managed to get away to a washroom, though, with a little help from Taite, Mackie, Leah, and Pam. When we got in the washroom we locked the main door and sunk to our knees. We all looked around at each other. We all have drenched hair and faces from sweat from running. Our hair is every where. Then I see a look in Pam's eyes and we all burst out laughing. After about 7 minutes of knocking and banging every one gave up and walked away. We decided to eat in the wash room since it was safe in there. Then I realize who I wanted to bring with me,"Pam," I say making sure I agreed with my thought," do you want to come with us?" I ask with a smile."OH MY GOD, Aly are you serious?" " Of coarse I am Pam! Come with us!!" " OH MY GOD, YES !THANK YOU SOO MUCH I LOVE YOU!" She screamed while hugging me so tight I thought she was going to break my ribs." Pam.............can't breath.. " I said she didn't hear me but the other girls did." me guys.......please....." They just started to laugh. " If you don't mee........ I will give your.........ticket to someone else...." I just manage to say. They stopped laughing and pulled Pam off of me. "Thanks!" I say sarcastically, while rubbing my side.We walked back to class after lunch and sat down in a line in the back row, and start talking to each other. Then every body came in,and they were all looking at me.' STOP LOOKING AT ME BOYS!!' I wanted to yell but I didn't because I didn't want a detention. Scott, Clement, Sunao, Shaeed and Theo sat in front of us."So," Shaeed said in a sassy voice," did you pick someone?" He said as he turned around. " In fact, I did Shaqueed!" I taunt him. I hear the other boys snickering at what I said." I picked Pam." I stated putting so much sass that I impressed my self." Typical!" Shaeed said. I just brushed it off. He was just jealous

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