The contest

18 year old Alyson Lamont wins a radio contest, now she gets 5 front row tickets, 5 back stage passes, and gets to spend 3 weeks with her favourite band, One Direction. Will Aly, find love, or heart break; new friends, or new enemies....


4. Just give me a chance? What?!


 Authors Note, I wrote this a little while ago, like 6-7 months or so ago so some of the stuff is a little out of date, sorry. And I wasn't as big of a fan back then, but obviously I've changed so ya! Now back to the story!


                                                               Naill's POV


             Oh god, that girl, Taite, she's so annoying and bratty. She spilt a whole cup of water on my crotch and she didn't even sound sincere when she apologized! But I think Harry   liked her, yay for him! God even when I think I'm practically dripping sarcasm. I walk back to the table to see everyone laughing except for Taite and Harry. That's strange Harry always laughs at jokes unless he's in the joke. " What's so funny guys?" I ask looking at everyone for an answer." Nothing!" Taite and Harry say in unison, which makes every one laugh harder. Taite and Harry both stand up and go into the washrooms. " What?" I ask really wanting to know. " Well, after you left to dry your pants Taite and Harry started snickering so, Aly said 'Aww that's cute you to laugh at the same things, you guys should date!' which caused us to laugh. Are you getting this mate?" Louis says jokingly. " Ya ya I got ya." I say as I sit down in my seat. " So... are you guys ready to order? Cuz I know I am!" I say hungrily. Aly and Louis giggle and nod. I look over at Liam to see what he was doing. He and Mackie, the other twin, were talking and giggling quietly to each other. I think there's something going on there. I look across to Zayn, and he just looked at me and smerked as he looked back down to his phone. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I checked to see who it was. It was a text from Zayn: ' you jealous buddy? ;)'  I look up at him, he's trying to hide a smile as he looks at his phone, but its not working. I could feel red creeping into my cheeks. Damn, why do I have to blush so easily. I text him back: ' no I'm not! But I am looking forward to see if Louis goes after Aly! They would be good together.' I send it to him. I hear his phone beep, he checks it then he looks over at Louis and Aly who are now having a quiet conversation of their own, she was giggling and he had the biggest smile on his face. I look back at Zayn to see him furiously typing, the smile has disappeared from his face. I soon got the text that read: ' dude there totally hitting on each other! but Lou already has a girl friend!!!! what if Elounor found out!' Holly shit Zayn was right Louis already had a girlfriend and Aly probably knew that I had to stop it before things went wrong. I sent a text to Louis: ' dude what are you doing????' His phone buzzes and he picks it up. 



                Louis POV


  Aly and I are totally hitting it of when I get a text. " Hold on a minute love, I gotta got to the lou." I say as I stand up to go to the washroom. "But, your Lou?" she says giggling, "I mean the bathroom!" I say, winking at her. I start to walk to the bathroom and I pull out my phone. As I get into the washroom I check to see who the text was from. There's the text from Niall: dude what are you doing????'What that makes no sense he was sitting at the same table as me he knows what I was doing! ' what do you mean what am I doing?' Suddenly I feel someone watching me from behind. I turn around to see Harry sitting on the counter staring at me. " What are you still doing in here Harry?" I ask kind of confused. " What do you think?" he says angrily. " Harry, Aly was only kidding!" He looks back down at his feet and sighs. "Why are you in here?" He asks. " Well I just got a text and its rude to read texts at the table." I state plainly. " Dude, you look at your phone all the time at the table, what are you talking about?" " Well... I.... Uh.." Then I was interrupted by another text. " Hold on one second." I check the text, It's from Niall: ' dude you have a girlfriend stop flirting with Aly!! I don't have a girl friend so let me have a chance!' What! He did not just say that! I know I'm dating Elounor but I feel something more with Aly! I've never felt this way before! I text Niall, I have to talk to him in person: 'meet me out side. say you need to go to the washroom. I need to talk to you in person.' " Harry, go back out there or they will suspect something has happend ok!" I say rather harshly, he has done nothing wrong I'm just really mad. " Ok!" He says as he stands up and walks out the door.


                Niall's POV


        I get a text from Louis: 'meet me out side. say you need to go to the wash room. I need to talk to you in person.' What does that mean? I see Harry walking back from the washroom. " Uh, I just have to .....uh.. go to the washroom." I say as I stand up. " I will miss you my love!!" Zayn says dramatically. I roll my eyes. I walk towards the washroom until they can't see me then I turn towords the main door and go out into the parking lot to see Louis waiting for me. " What the hell man! What was that all about? Just give me a chance, are you kidding?" he yells at me as he gets closer and closer. "Dude you have a girl friend!! Remember her! Elounor! What would she think of this? Huh?" Wow that came out meaner than I thought it would but I don't care. " Niall I've never felt this way about a girl before! Aly she makes me feel really happy!" He says all anger dropping from his voice. He walks over to a bench sits down and puts his head in his hands. Wow, I didn't know he had this side of him. " Lou,I...I didn't know you felt like that man. If I did do you really think I would say something like that to you?" I ask sitting down next to him putting my hand on his back. He sighs heavily,"Niall, I'm sorry for over reacting." " No, I'm sorry."He looks up at me. "Bros?" "Bros!" He says smiling and pulling me into a bro hug.

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