The contest

18 year old Alyson Lamont wins a radio contest, now she gets 5 front row tickets, 5 back stage passes, and gets to spend 3 weeks with her favourite band, One Direction. Will Aly, find love, or heart break; new friends, or new enemies....


2. Grudges and laughs

                                   Harry's POV

                      " So we're allowed to pick Aly and her friends up from school on Friday?" I ask Aly's mum over the phone. She was a very nice lady." Yup, she's probably going freak out though so just try to get her and her friends out of there as fast as you can!" She says." Ok thank you for the address..... I'm sorry I never caught you name," "You can call  me Robyn!" " Ok,thank you very much Miss.Robyn." I say "No, thank you Harry for doing this for Aly!" Robyn said." Bye, love." I say. " Good bye Harry." She said just as I was about to hang up Louis came running over." WAIT!!!! I want to say good bye too!!!" I pick up the phone just as she's about to hang up.Louis grabs the phone out of my hand and ran."WAIT!!!!DON'T HANG UP!!!" He yelled into the phone." Sorry for yelling at you love but I wanted to say good bye as well!" Louis said." Ok Bye love see you in a few days! Maybe we can have tea together! See you, Bye!" Louis and his tea why was he so crazy about it I mean its great but he obsesses over the stuff almost as much as he used to about carrots and that's saying a lot!


                             Aly, that's such a pretty name,Alyson Lamont. I wonder if she has a Facebook account? I wonder what she looks like? I search Facebook for Alyson Lamont and check the first one. Nope, not her. Second one, well she lives in Ottawa, same age, and she loves one direction it's got to be her. Just to be sure I check the friends, yup there's Robyn Lamont, and she's listed as her mom, it's her. So I send her a friend requested and a message that said 'can't wait to spend a few weeks with you love!'. I decided to see what she looks like so I checked her pictures, she's got a lot of albums. I finally see the album that says pictures of Alyson. I tap on it. Wow, she looks like she could be Liam's little sister. The same brown hair, same tan skin, her eyes looked brown a lot but sometimes in the pictures the looked green or blue, she must have hazel eyes. She honestly looked like a female version of Liam." Hey Lou, come look at this!" I yell into the living room. We were in the hotel pent house so it was like one giant room. Lou came running from his room, across the living room and into the kitchen were I was." Look at what?" He said while jumping onto the counter beside me. "This is Aly the girl who won the contest, doesn't she look like a girl version of Liam?" He looked at the picture of Aly wearing a plaid shirt with skinny jeans." Wow, she really does look like Liam!" Lou exclaimed."Ya, she's really pretty to..." "Ohh, come on Hazza. You do this to every girl who wins a contest to meet us!!!! Can't you just let one of us have a chance!" He moans. He's right though. I always do this but this time it's different. I have a strange, but good, feeling something good was going to happen when we were with her.



                             Louis POV


            Aly is really pretty, but Harry always gets the girl, well not this time. Harry walked out of the kitchen, forgetting I still had his phone. I looked at the things Aly likes and noticed  most of them are carrot related. I think I love her...... I decide to give her a little surprise so I call Aly's mom and tell her that I can pick her up today. She said it was alright so I grab the car keys and just as I'm about to walk out the door I realize I need the address so I look at Harry's phone and it has Aly school and home addresses so I know where I'm going. I copy them into my phone and put Harry's phone on the counter."Hey, Lou were are you going?" Liam asks from the coach. "I'm just going to pick Aly up from school." I say eagerly." Can I come with you?" He asks."Ok, but hurry up!" I yell at him as he runs to grab his shoes.


               I'm waiting outside of Aly's school to pick her up when I hear the bell ring. People start coming out side. I put my beanie and my glasses on so no one will notice me. I told Liam to wait in the car. I was waiting about five minutes when I see a hoard of people come outside following five girls. As they got closer I recognize one of them. It was Aly and those other girls she was walking with must be the ones she's bringing with her. After awhile the crowed got board and walked away. Now was my only chance to get her without being swarmed. I walked over to her and with my best American ascent I asked"Are you Alyson Lamont?" She looked at me funny. She's not going to come with me if she doesn't know who I am screw the ascent. I lowered my glasses" It's me Louis the Tommo Tomlinson your mom said I could pick you up today"I say as quietly as possible. Her face lit up as she recognized me and she's just about to say something when I put my finger on her lips, god there so warm. No stop you have a girl friend. "Shhh, now come with me before anyone notices." "Ok, but I'm supposed to take Taite and Mackie home to, we live in the same house from Wednesdays to Tuesday night. So can you drive them to." " Sure thing love." She giggles." Come on to the car!" I yell as I run to the car. I turn to see her and who I presume are Taite and Mackie running to the car. I pop the trunk so the can put there backpacks in. Liam gets out and let's Aly get in the front seat. Liam jumps in the back seat beside the twins. He seams mesmerized by one and she can't stop looking over at him. They would make a cute couple. I look over to see Aly staring at me. She blushes and looks away, and then the other twin looks around"Well, Louis do you think you could turn on the radio?" She says in a sassy tone. I was shocked. Did she really just sass me." Did you just sass the sass master from Doncaster?" Aly says putting on a fake shocked face. She can read my mind. It's official, I really love this girl. " So girls, what are your names?" I ask." This is Mackie." Liam stated rather quickly. I think he likes her." And I'm Taite, Mackie's twin sister." The second twin said. Aly turns to me " I think she likes me" I say as she giggles. God her giggle is soo cute. " Well, I think I like you more!" Aly says grabbing my hand. " Louis keep you eyes on the road not on my friend!" Taite says snapping me back to reality


                                         Mackie's POV


             The car is suddenly very hot!!!!  Aly and Louis are really hitting it off.  " 'Ello luv."  Says Taite in the most offending British accent I've ever heard.  I wince and try to telepathically tell her to be nice.  Louis tries to laugh it off buuuuuut....  Aly looks at her with a warning look.  "Hey"  says Liam.  "Um, maybe we could call the guys and go out for dinner?"  Aly twitches in her seat, with excitement I hope.  "Oh, yay!"  Says Taite sarcasm dripping off her voice.  "That would be great" says Aly.  "I'll just call my mum."  I shift in my seat I can practically feel Liam's stare on me, which would be great except I'm kind of self conscious .  I'm suddenly really worried about what I smell like, and try to poof up my hair.  We finally pull up at a Nandos which I didn't know we had in Ottawa but I guess I'm wrong. *Authors note, there is no Nandos in Ottawa, i wish there was but there's not* I peer over at Liam as we pull in, he smells like hotness in a bottle, is shoulders are broad, and  I really want to run my hands over his buzz cut!  He gets out and holds the door open for me "thanks" my voice squeaks and I feel hot in really weird places from embarrassment.  His arm brushes mine and I almost faint he's so muscley!

                                                      Taite's POV

              Ugh, they're soooo annoying!!! Their accents are sooooo smart allec it's gross!  As we walk into the resteraunt I make my way over to Louis. "If we go in here aren't you going to get mobbed or something?" I roll my eyes. "I'll get a secluded table," he gives a tight smile. I have a feeling he doesn't like me, yeah well screw him! In the resteraunt the three other boys are waiting for us. One with frumpy hair gives Aly "the look" oh no he didn't! We get a table a ways apart from the rest, I get shoved in beside Mackie and the blond who I think is Niel? Uhhh could this get any worse?



                                                         Aly's POV

                          Well this is awquard, I'm stuck in between the two hottest guys ever, Harry and Louis; Mackie and Liam won't stop staring at each other, and Taite looks like she'd be happier sitting beside a hungry lion, than in between Mackie and Niall. " So your the lucky ladie that won the radio contest." Zayn says from the left side of Harry." Uh, ya, that's me!" I say trying to sound enthusiastic. It didn't really work because my voise decided to spaz when I tried to look at Zayn but I look strait into Harry's eyes. Damn they were so green. So I decided to look at the wall behind Taite, but Taite had a look on her face, she looked annoyed and it looked like she was planing something. She catches me staring and gives me an evil smile. Oh god, what is she planing. Taite reaches for one of the full glasses of water and while she was pulling her and away she bumps a glass, that was way to close to the edge, right into Nialls lap." Oh my god. I'm so sorry." Taite says sarcastically. Niall stands up and runs to the washroom to dry his pants. Taite snickers, so does Harry. " Aww you both find the same things funny, maybe you and Harry should date!" I say in the best enthusiastic voise I could come up with. It worked, I heard Zayn, Mackie, Liam, and Louis trying to hide laughs, but it wasn't working. I see Harry blushing and becoming very interested with his shoes, while Taite was glaring at me her face red as a tomato. If looks could kill I would be dead by now. So, like a normal person, I burst out laughing. I feel people staring at us but I don't care it's to damn funny not to laugh at.

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