The contest

18 year old Alyson Lamont wins a radio contest, now she gets 5 front row tickets, 5 back stage passes, and gets to spend 3 weeks with her favourite band, One Direction. Will Aly, find love, or heart break; new friends, or new enemies....


5. Back to the Hotel



              Louis POV


  "So, how are you going to tell Elounor?" Zayn asks. We had already taken the girls home and we where on our way back to the hotel room. Me and Niall had told them our little story and they all seamed baffled . " I don't know Zayn that's the problem. If I do it over text it will be like I never cared about her, if I do it on the phone she'll just scream at me, and if I do it in person it will be really awkward." "Lou, your safest bet is to tell her over the phone. I know you love her, but its in a different way." Harry reasures me. "Thanks guys, you always help me through thick and thin." I say really meaning it. I love them all like they were my brothers and no one could change that. " Hey Liam, did you get Mackies number?" I ask changing the subject. I look at Liam he just blushed and turned away. " Maybe." He just barely wispers but I heard him. " You sly dog!" I say and slap his arm. All the boys laugh including Liam. " Now turn on the music I want to party!!!" Zayn shouts. " Ok if you say so!" I say as I find the radio statio Aly told me about and turn it up. Beauty and a beat by Justin Bieber starts playing and Niall starts to freak out. Oh this will be a fun drive. 



      I finish parking the car and all the guys jump out. I lock the car and we head to the elevator. I push the button, just as I got a text. It's Aly, 'Hey Lou, thanks for taking us out for dinner and driving us home.' I feel myself smile, I text her back, 'No problem babe, anything for you ;)' "Lou? Are you going to get into the elevator." Zayn asks, snapping me back to reality. "Ya, sorry." I say as I get in the elevator. "Who are you texting, that's got you so distracted?" Liam asks as I push the pent house button. They always let me push the buttons. "No one." I say, just as my phone buzzes again. "Sure no one." Harry says peeking at my phone. The text was from Aly, 'Ur so cute Louis!' "Oh," Harry says reading the text over my shoulder,"it's from Aly!" He clears his throat, "Your so cute Louis!" Harry says in his best girl voice. "Shut up!" I yell, playfully hitting him, I could feel red creaping into my cheeks. "Aw, Loui, you have a crush!" Zayn says in his funny Indian ascent. They all start laughing. The door opens and I practically run to the couch and lay down. "I'm gonna check twitter." Liam yells, emerging from his room with his laptop. "Same" "Same" "Same" All the other boys yell, sitting down on the other couch, and armchairs. "I'm gonna take a nap!" I say, as I'm texting Aly, 'What's your twitter?' I close my eyes.

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