AmaZAYN Love

Lucy Beaudreau was an 18 year old dancer that lived in the UK with her mom, dad, an older sister. She had such a thrilling life. It became even more exciting when she bumped into the best boy band ever, ONE DIRECTION ! She soon falls in love with the hottest and daring guy, Zayn Malik. Will she fall in love with him ? The thing is she's caught up in a love triangle with Zayn and Harry. What will Lucy do?!


2. Unexpected Turn of Events

Lucy's P.O.V.

         "Hey Mack, so what did you have to say . I just don't want to be here. I want to go in my room , crawl in a corner, and cry. I want to rot there and die, just die . Please kill me now"


" Luce , don't be ridiculous, I brought you here to tell me everything and to try to get your mind of stuff, seriously you just came back."


After Lucy showed Mackenzie everything and talked everything out, Lucy began to feel better.


"Let's go see a movie , Lucy. I wanna see One Direction: This is Us soo bad."


"Okay, fine."


Once the movie ended, they tried leaving the complex, but all you could hear was screaming.


" What's going on Mack?"


Suddenly, Lucy bumped into somebody , and she instantly fell in love. He was so , so , perfect. It was Zayn Malik.


"Oops, I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention" Lucy said as she blushed.


" Um, it's ok . Hi, I'm Zayn -" Zayn said as he got cut off.


" We know who you are " Mackenzie said excitedly cutting him off.


" Look ,  I have to go , but can I get your number?" Zayn said flirtatiously with his hot british accent.


" Uh, sure. " Lucy said as she blushed.


" Luce, I don't think you should try to be getting into another relationship so fast, you just got out of one. "


" I'm not trying to Mack , it's just I want to see how far this gets !"







Author's Note:

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