AmaZAYN Love

Lucy Beaudreau was an 18 year old dancer that lived in the UK with her mom, dad, an older sister. She had such a thrilling life. It became even more exciting when she bumped into the best boy band ever, ONE DIRECTION ! She soon falls in love with the hottest and daring guy, Zayn Malik. Will she fall in love with him ? The thing is she's caught up in a love triangle with Zayn and Harry. What will Lucy do?!


3. My Zayn

" Hey . :( " Texted Zayn.


" Hey what's wrong bae .? " Lucy texted and regreted what she said right away.


" Well I broke up with my gf Perrie because she was being obsessive and annoying. Plus she was so protective . Lol thx for calling me bae, bae :* "


"Awh , bae ;) I'm sorry we should get to know each other better ! Starbucks later today at 7(: Don't be late Z :* "


So we're already calling each other bae. Gosh, even though I just met him, I think I'm in love . Well maybe this won't be a one night stand ! Hmm. Let's see how our coffee "date" goes well.


Once we got to Starbucks , I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Frap and he ordered a White Chocolate Mocha. So we chatted for 2 hours and decided we had to get home . Nobody was home and I didn't feel safe after we got robbed when I was away. So Zayn asked if I wanted to crash with him. I had to ask my mom first though, let's see how this goes.


" Hey mom, since you guys aren't home , can I stay with my friend Zayn ? I don't feel safe after the robbing . Luv Ya !"


" Sure hon, be home tmrw by dinner time ! Have fun, but not too much fun ... if you know what i mean ! "


" Hey Zayn ! I can come ! " said Lucy


" Yay , let's have some fun ! Come on sweets ! " Zayn said seductively.


Once we got in the car, I felt his hand grab mine , but I didn't let go. I thought he just broke up with his girlfriend . Wow he moves on fast. I'm not even over Andrew. Oh great now I have Andrew on my mind ...


10 minutes later , we got to his huge mansion. He told me he wanted me to meet the boys. Yay I get to meet One Direction . 


" Hey , I'm kind of in love with you right now ... "

Then ... Suddenly ... BAM!


Zayn passionately kissed Lucy and they lips moved in sync. Fireworks were exploding in Lucy . Woah, this night is going to be crazy ..


They kissed until someone opened the car.


It was LOUIS !


" Hey Zayn - Oh um I see you have company , erm I'll ask you later ." Louis said as he was smirking and laughing .


" Um , Let's go inside ..." Zayn said awkwardly but in a cute embarrassed way .





Author's Note:

Hey guys ! I told you it was going to get exciting . More stuff is going to happen the next chapter thoe ... ooohhhh ! Anyways get this book to 10 likes and I'll update (: and favorite and share this book(: Pleasssseeee ! Anyways anyone want a co-author ?? Lol ... KK 

XOXO Kisses - Aly


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