AmaZAYN Love

Lucy Beaudreau was an 18 year old dancer that lived in the UK with her mom, dad, an older sister. She had such a thrilling life. It became even more exciting when she bumped into the best boy band ever, ONE DIRECTION ! She soon falls in love with the hottest and daring guy, Zayn Malik. Will she fall in love with him ? The thing is she's caught up in a love triangle with Zayn and Harry. What will Lucy do?!


1. Home Sweet Home


         I'm Lucy Beaudreau, I'm 18 years old and a dancer. I just recently came back from my trip to Paris, France. I'm an amazing dancer , so I've been told and I'm originally french. I know how to speak french, but I was born in London, England. I guess I'd be considered popular at my school, I honestly don't even care. I'm a senior in high school, and I have my own little group of friends. Their names are Anna, Mackenzie, and Alicia, they are amazing. Sure I'm a famous french dancer, but they accept me for who I am. I have an amazing boyfriend right now and his name is Andrew, we have been together for 4 years, and I hope we last together forever. Right when I get unpacked and everything , I'm going to the movies with him ! I've been dancing ever since I was little and when I was 14 I became a professional dancer. I know what your thinking , young right ? I love to dance and it's my passion, no one can ever stop me. Well that's basically my exciting life so far. 


Lucy's P.O.V

         " Mom, Dad, Jessica ! I'm home ! " ( By the way , did I mention that Jessica is my 27 year old sister ) Anyways time to head out for my movie with Andrew . I finished unpacking and I just texted him .


*Ring Ring* "Ooh look it's Andrew !"


- I'm sorry Lucy, your an amazing girl and I love you, it's just your always out and going , and we never can make anything happen. Look you are the best girlfriend I ever had , but I don't think this relationship is going to work out. I'm sorry about the movie date, but I hope we can still be friends. I will always love you Lucy Beaudreau. <3 Andrew - 


" Oh my gosh . Did Andrew just break up with me ? I am literally shaking in tears . I have to call Mackenzie.


- Let's go out and talk all about this Lucy , meet me at the movies in 30 min : Mack -


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