Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


6. What!?!?!

Jasmine POV

"Hey, get up sleepy head." I yelled at Sunny. He pulled me into to bed and cuddled. " You know, this is really working out. I see you everyday instead of every two weeks. " said Sunny with a smile. " I love you" I said. "And I love you" Sunny pulled me closer and kissed me softly. He kissed me with more passion and love. " Excuse me" said a raspy voice. I looked up and see Harry Styles. "OMG!! It's Harry Styles" I yelled while jumping and squealing like a 5 year old. Harry stood there with a serious face. " Im so sorry, you were kidnapping by Jack?" I asked. " Yeah I have no idea what to do or where to go. A guy just dropped me here and told me to have fun" He said with tears in his eyes. I felt so bad. So I walked to him and gave a him and hug and he hugged back. "Im Jasmine and this is my boyfriend, Sunny" " I am Harry, which i think you already know because of the squealing and jumping." Harry said with a smile. Thank God, he is smiling. 

Harry POV

"Where are you taking us" I said yelled. I tried taking off the blindfold. " Mate, calm down," said Louis. "Do you have your phone" Zayn whispered behind me. " I have mine, but i cant see, well none of can." said Niall. "Try call someone," said Liam. "Dont even try, gimme that " said a random guy. " get out of the car, and boys take them to their rooms and One Direction have fun" said a guy named Jack. I walked into the room and saw a couple making out. " Excuse me" I said. "OMG!! It's Harry Styles." She said while jumping. She was really Beautifull and has light brown eyes and curly browm hair. Harry shut up, she has a boyfriend. " Im Jasmine and this is my boyfriend Sunny" She said in a really sweet voice. I just wanted her to myself even though i just met her. Maybe I will get her. Hey you never know. 

Authors note

Sorry for late update. i had a party on saturday and sunday i was busy in school work and church and all that. Dont forget to like fav and comment

                                                                                             - Jasmine <3

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