Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


4. New life

Jasmine POV

I wake up and see Sunny next to me. My hand is hurting, I look and it was wrapped in bandages. I look around. 'Wow, this is a nice place. Is this where we have to stay?' I thought. I walked around and saw a T.V and a kitchen. There is also 2 bedrooms and a really big bathroom. I open one of the bedroom door and saw 2 people sleeping on the bed. I quickly left the room and went in the other one. Thankfully nobody was there. There was a big bed and a couch with another t.v. I opened the closet and there were full of clothes. I was getting scared. " Jasmine, where are you" said Sunny. i walked out of the room and saw Sunny sitting up on the bed with his hair all messed up. " Hey, did you see the people in the other room?" i asked. " Yeah the girl's name is Kelsey and the boy's name is Chris." "Oh". The door opened and Jack was there. "So let me explain everything to you guys, but first get the others." The bedroom door opened and Kelsey and Chris were there. "Well now the whole crew is here. You guys are going to live here. In that bedroom, Chris and Kelsey will sleep there and in the closet in that room will be where  your clothes are. Same for you two, Sunny and Jasmine. You guys have to cook your own food. Please dont try to escape because you will never get of here. When I leave from here, this door is never going to open except when i need you. I will talk to you via t.v. channel 4. Have fun." said Jack. 

" Hi I am Jasmine. Nice to meet you" I said trying to be friendly. "I am Chris and this is Kelsey". "Well i will make breakfast"

*After breakfast*

"We are going to sleep" said Kelsey. "Ok" replied Sunny. "Wow, this is our life and we can never get out" I said . "At least we are together right?" "Yeah". I scooted closer to Sunny and put my head on his shoulder. We sat there like that forever just thinking about life. 

I turned on the T.v. The headline amazed me. ONE DIRECTION ARE MISSING. HI I am Ellie Johnson and Im here with the latest with the biggest boy band One Direction. It seem that they have missed one of their concerts. Fans were anxiously waiting for 2 hours and then found out that One Direction is nowhere to be found. Sources are telling that the boys were all together before leaving for sound check and  now their  phones are unreachable. If you have any information where the boys please call 555-5555.

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