Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


3. Making the most of it

Jasmine POV

I walked over to the bed and shook Sunny. He didnt move. I shook him even harder. "Wake up, please" I yelled. A girl in her mid-20s came in the room carrying two plates of food. " Hi I am Ashley, I work for Jack. After eating your food and have to wait and Jack is going to come in and take you somewhere else with more people. Understand?." she said. " What is he going to do with us?." I asked. " You'll see. Either you die or do what he says. He is going to ask both of you to become... nevermind you'll find out on your own." and she walked away. "Sunny babe, wake up" I said while my tears fall on his face. His eyes fluttered open. I smiled and so did he. I pulled him closer and kissed him hard. " I thought you left me here" I said. "Babe no way that is going to happen" He said. I got up and walked to the table where the food was. " We need to find a way to get out of here" said Sunny. "That's not going to happen any time soon" said Jack as he walked in. "Oh what a shame. You guys didnt even eat. Too bad. " Boys come in and take them to the location and please get the others". "Where are you taking us" I yelled. "Somewhere where you two will be my slave. Somewhere you will never get out. You two will live in darkness and never the sun ever again" said Jack with a smile. 


Sunny POV

They shoved us in the car and put on blindfolds. " Um, what are the blindfolds for?" I asked. " There are for you two, if you ever escapes you will never know where we are. You wouldn't know what state or country we are in?" said one of Jack's men. I intertwined Jasmine's and mine hands so we will be together. You never know what these freaks will do. After a  30 min ride, we were finally there. " Get out, or should I drag you out" said Jack's men. " How in the world are we going to see with these stupid blindfolds"I snapped. I feel someone taking the blindfolds off and I see Jasmine. She is bleeding. " What did you do to her wrist?" I yelled. " That is what you get for talking back to me, this is the price you pay" he said with a smile. "Let go, there is first aid box in the bathroom."

Jasmine POV

"How in the world are we going to see with these stupid blindfolds" I hear Sunny say. I feel someone taking off my blindfold and Jack's man is standing with a knife. He puts his hand on my mouth and grabs my wrist. I try to bit his hand but I cant. He takes the knife and slashes my wrist.I walk out of the car and fall Unconscious.

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