Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


2. Kidnapped

Maddie POV

I am freaking out. Me and Michael were in front of my house. "What are we going to tell them" I said." I dont know but we have to tell them" said Michael with his voice shaking. " Lets go inside and tell them the truth and go on from there" I said trying to be calm as possible. We walked in from the front door and saw everybody laughing and smiling, soon it is going to be tears. " You ready?" asked Michael. I nodded and held back tears. "Hey hon, where are Sunny and Jasmine? " Asked my mom. I took a deep breath and said " They got kidnapped". "Stop lying and tell the truth. Sunny and Jasmine you can come out now. " said Mrs. Torres. " Mom we are not lying " said Michael with a teary face. I started to explain everything except the fact that they are dating, i dont want to get Jasmine in trouble. " and then the two guys just shoved them in the car and drove away" Michael finished. " My poor baby, Where could they be" my mom said while crying her eyes out. " We have to act fast, and call the police"  said my dad trying not to cry. 

Jasmine POV

I wake up while holding my head. " Ooo my head, Where am I " I said. I look around I see Sunny laying on a bed. What the fudge! The door opened. A man walked towards me while I backed away. " So you are finally awake." He said with a smirk. " Who are you and where am I" I said. Ignoring my question he touched my face. " How old are you and your little boyfriend" he said while looking at my lips. " First of all, dont touch me" I said while slapping his hand away. His face got red and he was mad. "You answer my question first bitch". " No" His hand slapped my face and I fell on the floor. " Do you want more, No right. Answer my question. Now" He said. " I am 18 and so is my boyfriend." I said while crying. " Good, Was that so hard. I am Jack. Dont get on my bad side. Ok. I am sending food in. Wake him up" he said while pointing at Sunny. 

* Authors note*

i want two likes at least before i post the third chapter. thanks

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