Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


1. Him.

Jasmine POV

"They are coming, Can you please hurry up with the plates" I yelled to my sister, Maddie. I sighed thinking about Sunny. I really love him, even though we are cousins not by blood. DING DONG ' OMG they are here!!' I rushed to opened the door. I finally see Sunny after a whole month. " Hi Come in Mrs and Mr . Torres. Sunny comes in last. Nobody know we are dating, except his brother Michael. I take Sunny upstairs and Wrap my arms around his neck and smell his cologne. " I missed you so much" Sunny said. " Me too" I kiss him quickly and go downstairs before somebody gets suspicious.

*After Desert*

 " Mom, we are going for a walk" I yell while putting on a jacket. " Guys come on" Sunny calling Maddie and Michael. I finally had the courage tonight to tell Maddie that I am dating Sunny. " OK Im ready" said Maddie. We leave and walk towards the quieter side of the neighborhood. " Maddie, we have to tell you something" Maddie face got scared. " Me and Sunny are dating" I said while looking at the ground. Maddie face got  back to normal. " You scared me, I thought you got pregnant or something. Anyways you both look cute together." Maddie said with a smile. i was relieved and so was Sunny. I kissed him on the cheek. " Guys, that black van has been following us, Im getting scared" said Michael. We quickly turned the corner and sure enough the car was there. " We are going to run on 3 ok you ready" said Sunny. " 1 2 3" he yelled. We all ran and from the car two guys came and grabbed me and Sunny. Maddie and Michael looked and back and stopped. They started to run towards us. "NOO Keep running" I yelled while the guys shoved me and Sunny in the car.

The guy in the drivers seat had a long stick. He hit Sunny and then me. We both fell on the floor on the car. Unconscious.



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