Always and Forever

Jasmine and Sunny were having a normal family dinner. They both are cousins, (not by blood) and are dating. After dinner they went for a walk , who knew they were never going to come back.....
*Harry Styles Fan fiction. He is going to come later on*


10. Cuddles and kisses

Jasmine POV 

I walked out of the bathroom and hugged Harry to tell him I was fine. " Lets eat dinner" he said. I nodded and followed him out the room. I sat on the bed and watched Harry put our food onto plates. He is quite attractive with his curly hair and toned body. I could see his tattoos through the white t-shirt he was wearing. I studied his face. His green orbs, perfect jawline, and soft pink lips. Omg what am I thinking about. I turned away surprised at what I was thinking. Then I started thinking about the dream. the way he carried me and way his soft lips felt against mine. " Jasmine, Jasmine helloo" Harry said while waving his hand in front of my face. " Oh sorry" I said with a smile. Now he probably thinks I'm crazy. 

After we finished, I begged Harry if I could watch Pretty Little Liars which he eventually gave into. After finishing two whole seasons I was tired and so was Harry. " Should we sleep" I asked. " Yeah lets go" He grabbed my hand and led me into my room. " Lay down and sleep. I'll be in my room if you need anything" I nodded. Then I said something I would have never thought about. " Can you sleep with me" I said in the smallest voice ever. He smiled and walked over to the other side of the bed. " Come here, I don't bite babe" he chuckled. The way the word babe rolled off his tongue omg. I slid over and put my head on his chest and he tightened his grip. I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

Harry POV

I woke up and saw Jasmine tangled up in my arms and I smiled remembering last night and how she wanted me to sleep with her. I stared at her and her beautiful hair and the way her lips were in a tiny smile and the way her chest rose up and down. I wish she was mine. Her eyes fluttered open. " Good morning" she smiled and stretched. " Were you watching me sleep?" I nodded and started laughing at her face. Her jaw fell open and she was shocked for some reason and she was looking at my legs. " What?" " You slept in your boxers, omg you were literally naked" " Thats how I roll" her beautiful laugh filled my ears  and she smacked my chest while walking out. " Harry come here" Her voice had a sense of urgency to it. I ran out and saw her holding a DVD. It said Have Fun. Whats that supposed mean? Jasmine put the DVD in the player and pressed start

************ Cliffhanger omg. Turn of events are in the next chapter

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