Dead to Rights

William Morro is just your average sixteen year old boy, well he was, once. After a week of increasingly worsening events he finds himself suddenly awake in his bedroom, or atleast, what appears to be his bedroom. It is shortly after that he realizes that indeed something is out of place; he's dead and stuck in a place where everything seems like the world we know when, at the same time, this world is nothing like we know the world to be...


11. Who Are They, Who am I?

   Seeing their charred remains sickened me badly, so badly I thought I might puke all over the place but I choked it down as I examined the scenario in front of me and what I had just witnessed. Those flames suddenly dying out as Krystal died, Ari on the floor all charred but with a look of terror and sadness on his face; regret almost... it began to make sense as I knelt beside his body.

   "Your father killed you you said once," I spoke to him not expecting him to answer me, "I'm guessing he burned you to death... set your house aflame even. I'm sorry you met with such a fate, the two of you didn't deserve such a fate."

    "And what the fuck... is it to you?" Ari's voice startled me as I lept back a bout a foot or so and locked eyes with his burned remains. His right eye was charred and dead looking but it moved and connected with mine though the rest of him refused to move. "Why the Hell... won't you just... leave us alone?"

   "Because, I want to help you guys," I answered as I gathered the courage to approach him. "I don't like the fact someone so young had to die and even worse that you two are still here."

   "I didn't ask for your help," he managed to speak in a hoarse whisper as his lungs and everything were probably extra crispy by now. He looked so broken just laying there in his charred and worn away skin and clothing. His face had been badly burnt and mutilated by the flames now gone so he couldn't really scowl at me though it was a good guess he probably was. Krystal was... I couldn't look at her as she looked worse than him if that was even possible. So I kept my eyes on either Ari or the room whilst I tried to figure out how to fix the smoke damage and minor burns that had been dealt to the room.

   "I know you didn't ask for my help," I answered as I looked about the room until I felt he burned and dying heat of his charred hand on my wrist. His eye that was locked on my had a distorted haze to it that was somewhere between absolute hatred and bewildered sadness.

   "Then why... why us?" His now gravelly voice came forth. "Why... especially when we've both now have tried to kill you.... why?"

   "Why any of us?" I answered in a fogged state of thinking. "Why any of us, why are we here? What holds us back from passing on?" I felt his grip suddenly tighten as he convulsed sharply and let out a pained scream. 

   "Damn, here we go!" he screamed as he let go and began to convulse as the charred remnants of his flesh seemed to bubble and peel off revealing rapidly growing new skin and muscle along with the occasional burst of lovely blood (That was sarcasm by the way). His hair seemed to fade in color only to suddenly stand on end as it recovered its original luster of color and sheen as he suddenly shot up as a seeming cloud of dust and ash covered him and fell to the floor in nothingness.

   "You know, that reminded me of a phoenix," I stated in wonder and amazement as he sat there in a pile of ash, completely recovered as if nothing had ever happened. Though perhaps in quick hindsight that may not have been the best thing to say as he just sat there and when he turned to look at me; I had never seen such a dark and hateful look on anyone's face before.

   "A phoenix? Are you fucking kidding me!?" He roared almost as low as a demon as he lept upon me, choking me with one hand and holding me to the floor with the other. "You think that felt good!? How about I fucking torch your ass and you tell me how it feels!?"

   "Ack!" I choked as he held firm, "I'm sorry... perhaps... it wasn't... the best choice of words.."

   "You think!?" he slammed my head against the hardwood floor and got off me, a scowl of malice on his face as he returned to the charred body of his sister which now too had begun to reawaken as the healing process had begun.

   "I'm s-sorry," I gagged as I tried to catch my breath, soothing my now aching throat which felt as though he had crushed it. 

   "Just get out, while I'm still in a good mood," He growled as he pointed towards the door. I aptly followed command and left the room with quick and subtle pace. Quietly shutting the door behind me I looked out a nearby window and saw it was still dark out; good as it means that I could return to bed and sleep a little more before I had to go back to school the next day.

   "Well, those two are a real enigma," I whispered as I returned to my room, gently closing the door so as not to wake Samvel. Unfortunately, he was already woken.

   "What happened?" he asked with a drowsy and somber tone. "Was it Ari again?"

   "Yeah, sorry if I woke you Sam," I answered quietly as I sat beside him on the bed. Almost immediately he lay himself into my lap and smiled up at me as he caressed my jaw with his hand. The look in his eye was glazed and rather... unclear to me. "How much of it did you hear?"

   "Enough to gather a few things," he whispered as he reached his other arm up onto my shoulder by winding it up my back and under my armpit. Using his strength to haul himself to a sitting position he seemed to take on a different persona as he began to try and lay me down onto the bed with him.

   "S-Sam... what are you-?"

   "Shh, hush now," he smiled as he placed a finger to my lips as he continued to try and lay me down. Slowly though his look seemed to overtake me as before I knew it I was on my back and he was hanging over me with that same glazed look and that's when it hit me; his past was taking over and this was him being... lusty. "Now tell me Will, what bothers you?"

   "Well I- Hey! Samvel!" he was on me now, body to body with only our clothes separating us as he crept up to my face and began playing with my lower lip causing me to turn cherry red instantly. "Samvel, I know you're trying to make me fell better but-but I don't play in that way!"

   "Oh hush now Will, I'm not going to do anything bad," he smiled as he crept closer to me with that lustful look still on his face and my body screaming at my mind to do something. He had me though as all the screaming thoughts racing through my mind and the many sensations I felt screaming into my mind paralyzed me. 

   "S-Samvel... Please s-stop," I stammered finally. "T-This isn't right, I'm n-not comfortable with this, please, stop this madness!" He just looked at me and wrapped his hand behind my head as he giggled at me with a drunk blush on his face. However, instead of taking the opportunity to kiss me like I thought he would, he instead rested his head quietly on my chest.

   "I'm sorry Will," his drunken looking smile faded, "I kinda got ahead of myself and forgot about your preferences." He looked content resting there so I just let him lay there with that smile of simple content on his face. Samvel was in effect, a sad and strange kid but, taking care of him had given me purpose and meaning so I happily accepted him. He seemed so fragile that he could simply crumble to pieces if he were abused and thus, I vowed to be gentle to him and keep him safe to the best of my ability. 

   "Samvel, do you know if the stores here actually lend out clothes or rather... can you buy them?" My question seemed to pique his interest as he looked my in the eyes again and answered with a small queer smile.

   "They do, why?"

   "I want to get you some new clothes if you don't mind," as I answered he seemed to frown as he looked himself over and let out a pained sniffle. "It's not that I want to change who you are or anything... It's just, you'd probably feel a little more comfortable and, if you look different, you could go out again maybe as you'd look different, disguised almost." 

   "Will..." he answered me in a whisper as he had broken contact and was staring into my chest. Slowly, his arms removed themselves from behind my head and reclasped onto my back as he worked them under us in a hug-like embrace. "You really... are too kind to filthy little me."

   "You aren't filthy," I sighed as I picked him up and scooted him up my body so I could see his face again. "It wasn't your fault at what happened to you, it was a very unfortunate series of circumstances." I couldn't think of any other way to cheer him up or tell him I was serious so... I lightly kissed his forehead. He looked up at me suddenly with a minor blush on his face, his eyes widened a bit as he examined the moment.

   "W-Will... you just...why?" he stammered as his blush grew, his arms I could feel tightening around me as his body began to quake slightly. "You're confusing me William, you truly are. Please, don't mess with my..emotions..."

   "I'm not," I answered as I held him, "I promised I'd take care of you, didn't I?" He looked at me with a sense of sorrow but also subdued happiness. "I meant it, and so, consider yourself my new little brother, Samvel."

   "Oh Will!" he slammed into my body with force I didn't know he eve had at this angle and began to sob uncontrollably. "I... I feel so... overwhelmed. You'd actually consider me family? Me, dirty filthy little me who can't control himself around others? Me, the sick little boy with an unnatural affection to others?"

   "Yes, I would," I smiled warmly as I began to calmly stroke his head of hair. "I don't know why but, I have this strong want to take care of you, almost like, you are a brother I was supposed to take care of but, never was able to... it's strange." Samvel seemed to suddenly cease all crying as he just lay there, his breathing even but a little shallow as he seemed lost in thought. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he looked at me and gently caressed my jawline, a look of wonder and mystery on his face.

   "I wonder Will... could you be him?" Samvel mumbled as he looked me over "Could you be him, returned to me after so long?" He lay his head on my chest where my heart would be beating if I were alive but sadly, as a grim reminder of the fact, it lay still in my chest never to beat again.

   "What do you mean?" I asked a little weirded out as his again shifted behavior. "Am I whom?"

   "I had a brother once, his name was Sven," Sam answered quietly, "He was a few years older than I, but, he died... when I was only four. My memories of him are so very vague but, I feel as though maybe... you are him, returned to me with a different name and body but still my brother all the same."

   "Reincarnation," I answered with a quiet whisper as I rolled out from underneath him and resettled myself into my bed. "I read about it once but, I didn't know if it were true or not... maybe I am, the possibilities of what is truth is almost endless to me now." Sam smiled at me and curled up into the crook of my chest again, to which I covered him with the sheets and then held him close as I whispered goodnight into his ear and soon fell asleep. "Who am I then, am I really William Castel Morro, or am I Sven?" The thought drifted through my head as slumber deep took hold. "Who am I really...?"


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