Dead to Rights

William Morro is just your average sixteen year old boy, well he was, once. After a week of increasingly worsening events he finds himself suddenly awake in his bedroom, or atleast, what appears to be his bedroom. It is shortly after that he realizes that indeed something is out of place; he's dead and stuck in a place where everything seems like the world we know when, at the same time, this world is nothing like we know the world to be...


5. Two Alike but None the Same; The Youngs

"Bugger this..." the Blond boy said to the darker themed girl, "We've been stuck in this god forsaken place for all too long, why the hell are we being held back?!"

The girl watched him quietly, her thin lips pursed in stress and anxiety, her eyes were dark with deep circles around them, she looked as dead as dead could be, "Brother, please..."

"Brother please what? You're always going on about what I'm doing wrong. It's always 'brother this' and 'Brother that'. You're too much like our mother and what happened to her? She's dead, just like us! Thanks to our dear old dad we're dear old dead. Get it?" the boy went off, ranting like he always would with his often erratic behaviour and vigorous hand-motions.

The girl continued to look at him with her tight lips and sullen eyes, there was a sadness about her that came from knowing and seeing too much for a girl of her age, "Brother, please don't say that..." she trailed off nervously as to not anger the already volatile boy.

"You're fucking kidding me right? You have no clue about how to deal with this do you?!" the boy seemed to accuse her, "The way you deal with this is to forget it ever happened... Got it?" he practically snarled the last two words into her ear.

She walked off a little distance and sat on a rock, grey, grey like the entire drab world around her, "Ari..." she muttered.

His body seemed to respond to his name, "What is it?" his voice seemed calmer.

She looked him straight in the eyes for the first time in three days and she pushed out all of her built up anxiety, "Ari, go to hell! You're awful, you act like it's all mom's fault, you push me around, you hurt me, you're mean and spiteful. You swear like dad did and you act like him too! Do you want to end up like him? Deranged and psychotic?! No, you had dreams too! We might be dead but we're still able to change how we act. You've been nothing but a bothersome ass since we've gotten to this disparaging hell-hole. Don't you ever want to get out of here?!"

Ari cringed slightly, it brought to truth that in fact he was just a child and not some imposing adult. He'd died with his twin at the age of thirteen, and he spoke quietly with hesitance "Kry-Krystal... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to hurt you... There's just so much on me since all this shit happened."

Krystal stood up from her rock and brushed off her black nightgown that was already beat up too much to really be considered clothing. She walked over to her twin and gave him a hug, wrapping her arms around the much taller boy's waist and placing her head against his chest listening for a heartbeat that never came. It was all silence, and then she spoke, "It's okay, I know what you're dealing with, it can't be fun, just take it easy... Okay?"

Ari nodded, his arms wrapped around her upper back. He loved his sister to death and in death, she had always been there for him no matter how much of a bigot he seemed to be to her or anyone else and he did the same for her. They'd been attached at the hip since birth, why change that once they'd died?

Ari raised his head, and off in the distance he saw movement, a person skittering about in one of the "Towns" in this awful place, "Krystal, look..." he muttered, some fear in his voice.

Krystal removed her arms and turned to look, not seeing what he was seeing she asked, "What is it?"

Ari hushed her with a quick Sshh and paced backwards slowly, beckoning his sister to follow. His sister obliged easily and without consent, her face was puzzled and full of curiosity, wondering to what her brother was referring. 

"Ari, can't you tell me?" she protested.

"No," he spoke rather bluntly, his face was grave and without its normal cocky mug. He was remembering the only other person they'd ever seen here and how the person was a corpse, merely a corpse walking.

"Why not?" Krystal asked nervously.

Ari's face was grave, his expression was dark, shadowed with fear, protectiveness and regret, "Just trust me on this."

The road was long and winding, somewhat narrow, it careened and branched off, the empty land that the twins encroached upon was farm, a dead farm. Its soil was bleak and cracked, without care it seemed to do nothing, no growth happened, just dirt; lots and lots of dirt. 


To be quite honest the walk was a refresher, I needed a "breather" so to speak, an escape from all of the hustle and bustle of these dead folks. While their mere existence thrived upon mine, I didn't enjoy it per-say, granted; I was an affectionate person but never in touch much with my emotions. As I took my little stroll I spotted two figures out in the distance, one taller than the other and one fairer than the other. I was a little hesitant at first, but then I remembered I'm dead, why worry? They can't kill me. But nonetheless I still had a lot of nervousness to overcome; it was a whole new world for me. As I gathered my confidence, I noticed the two of them backing away, the taller of the two clearly the dominant one in the situation. I was compelled to go over there and see what was going on.


"Krystal, please, listen to me..." Ari pleaded as Krystal began to have one of her fits.

"No, you listen to me!" she pointed her finger at him, "all you've done for our time here is bossed me around like I'm one of your girlfriends! And quite frankly I found it disgusting when you did it to them, but now you do it to me? That's just twisted! You're nothing more than a self-righteous, indignant pretty boy with no self respect or any for others! You're going to be just like dad!" 

She paused, her last comment was a step over the edge.

Ari looked at her, "Krystal, I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you, okay? I'm doing this to protect you, whether we're dead or not people are still awful."

She looked at him very hesitantly, eyeing him with a judgmental caution. She'd clearly calmed down, her fists were unclenched and her jaw was no longer taught with frustration and stress. Her body shuddered in weakness, as she was in life; she was the same in death.

Ari approached her, clutched her in his arms and placed a soft, friendly kiss on the top of her head. "Listen, I'm going to get us through this... Whether it takes us fourteen more years or not."

Out came a voice, from a figure unnoticed, "I hope I'm not intruding, but I saw you two from over there, is everything alright?"



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