Dead to Rights

William Morro is just your average sixteen year old boy, well he was, once. After a week of increasingly worsening events he finds himself suddenly awake in his bedroom, or atleast, what appears to be his bedroom. It is shortly after that he realizes that indeed something is out of place; he's dead and stuck in a place where everything seems like the world we know when, at the same time, this world is nothing like we know the world to be...


1. From Bad to Worse to... Dead?

   So... I'm not sure how I really should start this out, I mean, there's not too much to know; I'm a normal kid, or atleast, I was. Sixteen, awkward in some situations, like almost any other boy my age. I suppose I should start with how this all came about though. So let's see... My name is William Castel Morro, I'm about five foot ten inches and I had brown hair (It's kinda turned reddish brown since I came here). My eyes are now purple...ish, and my skin has grown pale in my time here, not too bad, but certainly noticeable. Any way, look at me just rambling on and on and on; let's get to the point of how I got here, here, being purgatory. Yes, purgatory, the land between the world of the living and the ding dong dead. So yeah, back to the subject, um... My life had gone from bad to worse but I never imagined I could end up dead by the end of the week...


   "Hey Will!" called a boy from up the hill as I started yet another crappy walk home from school. Turning to face the source of the noise I smiled a bit when I saw who it was. 

   "Hey Jay," I waved while smiling meekly. Jay was one of the few people I actually could call a friend, a bit full of himself, but a good natured kid. He stood at about, oh I don't know... maybe six foot even, I don't know, all I did know was that he was a bit taller than me. Classic stereotypical blond hair, blue eyed boy with a wicked smile and a sense of humor to match.

   "Hey shorty, what's got you down?" he smiled, five staring me to complete the question that always accompanied his fun little hellos. 

   "Down? What makes you think I'm feeling down?" I smiled, trying to avoid the question; truthfully, yea, I was down a bit but hey, that's what comes with being a teenager engrossed in the drama of high school life, am I wrong? 

   "You're a shit liar," he mused, hugging me as we walked. That's one thing I should mention, Jay could be very affectionate sometimes, but, he made it clear to all of us that he wasn't, as he put it, a flamer. "Come on, what's wrong, Will?" 

   "Everything," I muttered finally giving in to him. "Today has just been a complete and utter clusterfuck." That was one of my favorite words to describe a slew of crappy things that I've gone through in a short period of time, and that's what my life had been recently; a clusterfuck.

   "Ooh, your favorite word, it must've been then," his blue eyes sparkled with mystery and intrigue, "Tell me then, what's happened?" He guided me into the park near my house, sitting me down on a park bench I started.

   "Well, you know about my parents, right?" I started, "Well, dear old dad showed up in a drunken rage again and got into it with my mother-"

   "-Who won?"

   "Me mum, but that aside, when the cops came and hauled his drunken ass off for the third time this week, he threatened that, one way or another, he'd get my mom back for all the trouble he says she's caused..."

   "Oh you poor thing," he whispered, again embracing me in a hug. He's done this so many times, me and all the friends Jay has have just learned to go with it. "I still find it a wonder how, with all the things that's happened to you, you still grew up to be such a mild mannered boy."

   "Beats the hell out of me," I sighed. Suddenly though, Jay's head shot up, a wicked smile plastered across his face. Leaning close, he whispered into my ear.

   "How bout old Jay here make it up to you, y'know, get you smilin' again?" I laughed sourly and pushed him away. Standing up I looked at him with a most sarcastic demeanor. 

   "You sure you're not a fag, cause shit, you just acted like one, my friend." He just starred at me, seemingly hurt at first until I smiled, and opened my arms to him. "Come 'ere you big goof." He grasped me in a hug, but this time he playfully slapped me in the face.

   "How dare you.." he trailed off smiling, "So how bout it? There's a party coming up, I'm sure we could find you another girl, and maybe even get you to get scored by this girl we find there..."

   "I love it," I smiled, letting go of him, turning away to head home, I heard him yell to me.

   "Pick you up at seven then, think of an excuse to get out of the house!"


   Getting out of the house was no big problem, mom was asleep from her medications, happily dozing in the living room with her favorite red and blue blanket covering her. I couldn't just leave her like that so I wrote a quick not to explain myself; I didn't know that it would be the last time I saw my mother. Kissing her lightly on the forehead I whispered to her.

   "I love you mom, and I always will..." And with that I left the note on the table and slipped out the door. Walking to the black Mercedes in front of my house, I laughed when the tinted windows rolled down and I saw who I'd be riding with.

   "So much for dressing nicely..." called the driver; his name was Alden, he was seventeen and had just gotten his full license. In the back was Jay, with a cute looking brunet curled up in his lap.

   "Screw off," I smiled as I got in the back with the other two. "Hey Jay, and hello Mary." Yeah, I knew how the brunet was, her name was Mary Nightshade, weird name, I know but hey, she was cool. The only thing I never really cared about her for was that she was a pot head, and a big one at that. I remember as we drove to the party feeling apprehension, that vanished only when we got to the party and we all started to party. What I didn't know, but I should've suspected it was that all the drinks were spiked; diluted fireball whisky was in every drink there, even the coke.

   "I'm so fucked," I remember thinking as I lay outside this kid's house, puking my guts up while other drunk fools just pointed and laughed. "I probably wreak of alcohol and mom's gonna know... I'm so fucked."

   "Alright there son, get up," I looked into the eyes of a man in blue; shit, a cop. Rather, a whole squads worth of cops had found themselves called to the residence we were at, a noise complaint as luck would have it.

   "Yup, I'm screwed," I remember thinking as he hauled me to my feet, guiding me over to a bunch of others that the other cops had already gathered. "Just wait here." he seemed to sneer as he went back into the house.

   "Psst, Will!" hissed someone. Looking around I couldn't find anybody I knew, then again, I was probably fairly wasted at this point. "Psst, over 'ere, in the bush! C'mon, let's get out of here!" I recognized the voice, it was Alden. Looking around to see if there was a way I could get by the cop that  was standing guard, I noticed to fellow drunks carelessly starting a quiet riot amongst themselves. Knowing they would be too hammered to think otherwise, I threw a rock at one of them, and, by some luck hit one of them. Sure enough, their fight escalated and the cop had to go break it up, giving me time to dive into the talking bush, being pulled out to the other side by Alden who shoved me into the back of his car which he had carefully parked around the corner from the house in a shaded side street.

   "Nice toss," Jay commented as the car slipped away from the house which was crawling with cops. "I'm sorry to be a bother, but, can I crash at your place? If I came home now, my mother might be tempted to castrate me right now."

   "Sure... no problem," I mumbled. Slowly though, the car ride seemed to drag on forever and like a newborn does in a car, the vibrations soon rendered me unconscious.


   The next day I awoke in my bed, and ofcourse, I had one hell of a headache. My vision was a bit blurred still and as I tried to stand up, I felt a sharp pain in my side, causing me to fall onto my bed.

   "Fuck me," I moaned, "I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck," I continued to grumble as I moved about the house, searching for my mother, instead, I found a kid wearing a light brick colored checkered shirt and olive colored pants waiting for me under the blanket.

   "Hey there," he smiled cruelly. I screamed and stumbled backwards, falling onto the coffee table which managed to hold my weight. He shot up and began to move towards me; promptly I shot up and ran down the hall to my mom's room where I knew there would be a gun in the closet. "Hey, don't run! I just want to talk!"

   "Screw you!" I yelled back locking the door as I ran to the closet, to which I promptly began tearing things apart, looking for the handgun.Suddenly there was a cool feeling that rushed trough my body and I stood rigid as I was dragged out of the closet by this kid who had stabbed me in the back, quite literally to. 

   "Now, that aside, let's talk," he smiled, still smearing that cruelty across his face. "My name is Charlie Richmond, and I noticed that you're new around these parts so I wanted to welcome you to Purgatory." 

   "What the hell do you mean Purgatory?" I screamed out in pain as the knife twisted inside my body. "Isn't that a place for the dead!?"

   "Exactly, my friend... I hate to tell you this," he licked his lips, evil flashing across his eyes, "But.. you're dead, my friend." 

   "No I'm not!" I screamed in disbelief. He smiled, licking his knife in a manner of that of a demon is the best I can describe it. 

   "A skeptic huh?" He leaned close, slipping a piece of paper into my pocket, "When you come around to it, come pay me a visit." I felt a searing pain as he punctured my artery in my neck and dragged the blade slowly, and evenly across my neck, stopping at the vein at the other end. Standing up, he wiped off his blade and walked out of the house. I tried to say something but, I was gagging on my own blood as I quickly began to fade away. A tear escaped my eyes as I suddenly felt drained of all my warmth; that feeling meant one thing, I was going to die....

   With a sudden gasp of air, I shot up from the floor. Feeling my throat was my first instinct; no bleeding wound, okay so I was good. Was it a dream then? Looking around though, I soon realized that it couldn't have been. There was a good sized pool of blood that had formed on the carpet of my... mother's room. Shit, I did... die. I quickly searched for the note that wacka-do of a kid slipped into my pocket, quickly reading it I felt faint.

  "I'm dead?" I came to the very real realization that yes, I was dead and that meant that perhaps so was everyone else that was in that car, and mom... I couldn't help it, I broke down and cried; I began to wish I had Jay here to just hold me like he always did when he saw me come to tears.

   "From bad to worse to....dead..." I mumbled to myself, "Yeah, this week's been a classic clusterfuck..." 

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