Dead to Rights

William Morro is just your average sixteen year old boy, well he was, once. After a week of increasingly worsening events he finds himself suddenly awake in his bedroom, or atleast, what appears to be his bedroom. It is shortly after that he realizes that indeed something is out of place; he's dead and stuck in a place where everything seems like the world we know when, at the same time, this world is nothing like we know the world to be...


6. Fear and Fury: Another Mystery

   It became apparent to me that, perhaps I shouldn't have pursued these two as the taller one, a boy as it were immediately swung himself in front of the young female, one arm spread across and behind as if he were the girls' shelter and protection; the other hand held out a more menacing notion, a silvery blade pointed out in my general direction. His face had contorted into a twisted scowl of distrust, fear, and of all things, adherent anger. His blond hair was obscuring his eyes but I could tell that, regardless the color, they were burning with hatred.

   "Hmm, did I interrupt something?" I mumbled in a quiet manner, rubbing the back of my head with my hand smiling a bit as I felt my cheeks warm up as I blushed, "If I did then, I'm terribly sorry but, you two seemed to be lost in and about yourselves."  

  "Yeah, you did and..." the boy answered in a tone of resentment, "I'd be appreciative if you would just shove off pal, I mean now, before this gets ugly." He was immediately threatening me; now, yes, I would be able to understand being upset at my interrupting them but the knife? Really, what could I do, I'm a pacifist by nature and, though he seemed younger than me, he was almost my height, perhaps an inch or two taller even. He continued in his menacing advance as I thought about the whole situation. "I'm tired of this!" he seemed to growl, "I want you to die if your not going to listen to me!" 

  "Whoa, hey, chill out!" I answered in an elevated tone as I lept out of the way of the blade; I wasn't quick enough though as I felt the sting of steel rip into my right arm. I stumbled backwards a few steps out of pain and kept my senses about me as again I locked eyes on this clearly volatile kid. I instinctively clasped my other hand over the now open and bleeding wound as I again spoke to them. "Now, that was uncalled for, I don't care what I may have inadvertently done, you don't just kill people cause they may have annoyed you!"

  "I don't give a damn," he answered as he advanced again in almost a slow run, "I'll kill anyone should I see fit!" I stepped off to the side again but a little quicker this time. He kept on me though, "Damn he's quick and stubborn," I thought in my head as I continued to evade his swipes and slashes, the blood dripping from me as I continued to exert my now wounded self. "Stand still, dammit, I'll kill you quicker that way!"

  "Screw you!" I yelled over my shoulder as I ran towards an embankment, careful to watch my step, "I'm not going to just let some brat kill me cause he wants to!" That comment really must've steamed him as he threw one knife at me and charged with another already in his hands. I cringed in severe pain as the flying dagger stuck into my leg but I held my ground as he sprang low in his final approach; perfect.

  "I'm going to kill you!" he screamed as he jumped at me from his low prone stance on the ground, his second knife stick into my shoulder as I had begun to quickly turn away from the edge. It was then that I produced my own knife from my pocket and, in one efficient and fluid motion, I spun on my heels, grabbed the youth by the hair and stabbed him in the back, right about where the heart should be and then I promptly shoved him down the embankment.

  "I'm so sorry but, I had no choice," I whispered, stumbling down the embankment after his limp body, ripping the blades from my body as I went. Reaching the bottom I noticed that he was on his side but still alive, however he was having a hell of a time breathing and that when it clicked, "Shit, I missed his heart and got his lung instead." 

  "No... shit," he sputtered as he coughed blood, struggling to breath, "I'm really... going to.. kick your... ass now, just wait..." he was growing weaker as the moments passed by, there was nothing i could do for him now except to end the suffering he faced. I stepped closer, his two knives in hand, prepared to end his fleeting life and end the suffering, why not, he'd only wake up fine in an hour or so anyways.

  "Ari!" came a high pitched scream from above, looking back, I saw the younger girl come flying down the hill with fear and fury in her eyes. Blowing past me, she fell beside her brother and held him into her lap, tears were welling up in her eyes. "Ari... please don't die, not again..."

  "Krystal..." he coughed, "I'll be fine, you know this, stop blubbering all over me would you?" He tried to sit up but screamed in pain as he crashed back into her lap. "Ah... god dammit... this sucks so... bad..." his eyes closed and he then went heavy and limp as he passed out.

  "Scuse me, miss." I called softly to the girl as she held what was now becoming clear as her sibling as he died in her arms. Her eyes met mine, they were dark with blackened rings around them, however, a fire had begun to grow in them as she burned into me with a most terrifying death glare. "I'm sorry but, I had no choice..."

  "Liar! You could've just left when he told you to!" she screamed like a banshee at me as I crept forward towards them. She shakily held a knife against me as I advanced cautiously. "Stay away from us! I mean it, I'll kill you if I have to!"

  "No you won't," I silently mumbled as I managed to pull the knife gently from her terror stricken hand, placing it in my pocket, I knelt beside her and outstretched my hand. "I'm William Morro, what's yours?" She clammed right up then, refusing my gentle self as, I suppose any good little girl would do in the presence of a complete stranger. Looking up at the sky, I noticed that it was getting abit late and, as her body gave away, she was getting hungry as a small rumble emanated from her stomach. I smiled and began to recover her brother when she freaked and began to beat on me.

  "NO! You put him down!" she wailed as she punched at me, "What are you going to do to him!?" she continued to frantically scream and kick, hitting my wounds a couple of times which, I might say caused great pain but, I pressed onwards. "Please, don't take him from me! Don't turn him into the Organization, they'll kill him permanently!" 

  "I'm not taking him there," I answered, finally stopping in my tracks, "I'm taking back to my house to recover, it's the least I can do for causing you two all this grief and trouble, besides, you sound as though you're hungry, my treat." I smiled at her and began to wander back to the house, the younger girl in tow, sticking to the shadows like a frightened phantom.


  "Will, you're home!" called Samvel as I walked in the door, his happy greeting immediately froze up as he saw that I was in company of two strangers. He immediately shrank back into the living room, clutched by fear and suspicion. Moving to the spare bedroom I carefully placed the breathless boy onto the bed and began to rummage through his pockets, removing any and all weaponry from him in case he woke up and still sought revenge or violence of some type.

  "Hey, that's stealing!" cried the girl as she wandered into the room after me with Sam in tow, clinging to the walls like a shadow of fear. 

  "I'm sorry but, I don't want to get shanked in my sleep if you don't mind," smiling as I dumped the knives into a safe box and locked it shut. "Now, if you are hungry still, I can fix you a little something if you'd like, Krystal, was it?" Her body seemed to respond to this as her stomach quietly grumbled again. "Sam, have you had lunch yet?"

  "No, I've been waiting for you to come home, Charlie took off a little while ago after you left," he answered as he moved to my side and clung onto my arm. "But, you're home now so, can we eat?"

  "Sam, you are not in servitude to me," I began, "I am simply your friend, to that, you can feed yourself any time you'd like, whether I'm home or not." He blushed and looked down at the floor as if ashamed at his own actions. "Ah Jesus, Sam, look at me," his sad eyes connected with mine as I held onto him, "It's alright, I'm not mad at you, I just want you to think and do for yourself, you are a free boy again, do you understand?"

  "Yeah, I understand," he smiled lightly, hugging me really quick before dashing out to the kitchen. Moving out after him, lock box in hand, I stopped and looked Krystal.

  "Would you like anything little one?" I asked with genuine concern and warmth.

  "Water would be nice, and a sandwich with some lettuce and ham, please," I patted her head to which she just heatedly shook me off and clung to her felled brother. I felt a ping of sadness as I left and meandered to the kitchen where Sam was patiently awaiting my presence. It was as I made up the ham sandwiches that he prodded about our guests.

  "So, where'd you find them?" he asked as he bit into the sandwich I made him. "Do you know who they even are?"

  "No, do you?"

  "Not much," he answered, "When I was inhabiting the woods as my home they wandered through several times and me being curious would occasionally listen in from the tree tops." My disapproving look made him become saddened a little but he pressed onwards. "All I know is that the boy's name is Ari and the girl, Krystal. They are brother and sister to which, I think Ari is older and, as you've seen, a bit on the violent side." he motioned to the wounds I had collected that were still slowly oozing dark crimson. "Here, I'll get the first aid kit," he moved to the cupboard and withdrew the yellow box that was marked with a blue cross and the lettering 'First Aid' stenciled lightly across it. He withdrew the gauze and medical tape and carefully, almost in a gentle manner began to wrap my arm until finally, he cut the tape and tied it all together.

  "Thanks but, where did you-?"

  "I've been trapped here for a long time, Will," he smiled as he knelt down to take care of the leg, "I've learned a few things by observing like I do." When he was finished, he wrapped everything up and replaced the kit into the cupboard and continued to graze upon his sandwich happily.

  "Thanks," I smiled sheepishly as I took the sandwich and water to Krystal. "Here, just as you asked, now, is there anything else you want?" She shook her head and looked at me with those sad, soulless eyes and whispered in a shaky manner.

  "Just leave us alone, please," I tossed a blanket of deep forest green her way as she climbed into the bed beside her brother who was now again breathing, but still unconscious, thank god. I told her where she could find the bathroom and it was then I bade her a good night and closed the door. As I moved off to my room I crashed onto my bed an exhausted mess; I felt disgusting so I threw off my shirt and pants and changed into a pair of black shorts and a light blue shirt. I examined my schoolbag to see if there was anything of importance I needed to take care of; nope, nothing except the schedule that told me where to go; it would be just like starting a new school year, perfect, like I needed to relive the school year, after all that was part of what put me here in this place. Tossing it aside I just lay on my bed, waiting to drift off to sleep as one final thought crossed my mind.

  "Those two siblings are nothing but fear and fury, I wonder why?" Oh no, there I go again; those two were a puzzle and, like with Sam, I was in the mood to solve it. That's what the two siblings were; fear and fury... another mystery to be solved....

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