Dead to Rights

William Morro is just your average sixteen year old boy, well he was, once. After a week of increasingly worsening events he finds himself suddenly awake in his bedroom, or atleast, what appears to be his bedroom. It is shortly after that he realizes that indeed something is out of place; he's dead and stuck in a place where everything seems like the world we know when, at the same time, this world is nothing like we know the world to be...


9. A Misconception

   "So, how are we gonna do this?" Jay inquired as he watched the smaller blond boy meander over to the bed, walking in a rather strange manner; a teasing manner almost. Samvel threw off the sweatshirt and his ragged excuse for a shirt and then lay down softly on the bed, patting the spot beside him as a odd little smile began to grow on his seemingly innocent face.

   "Alright fine, I guess," Jay shrugged his shoulders as he moved to the other side of the bed and kicked off his shoes and socks. Whilst he did so the younger blond watched with with curiosity and a mildly perverse whimsy as he had accustomed himself to after those years of indentured servitude he had been thrown into in life. Suddenly he stopped as he noticed something a bit off in this boy's normal demeanor; he was unhappy... upset even.

   "Um, excuse me?" Sam outstretched a cautious hand towards the older youth's shoulder, "Is everything alright?" He stopped as he saw the elder turn around and put on a smile of wild humor. Though he tried to pass off that he was fine, the thin streams of fine salty solution that ran down his face told a different tune that broke the poorly constructed facade wide open to the boy. "Ah, you're crying... please, tell what what saddens you."

   "It's nothing, really, I'm fine," Jay tried to wipe away the tears only to be clutched into the younger blond's grasp as he somehow managed to lay Jay down, placing his head into his lap as he smiled down at him, a glazed expression on his face. "Well.. I guess there's something that bothers me..."

   "See, there we go... progress," Samvel's smiled a grin of solace and innocence, "Now tell me, what saddens my new friend so badly...?"


   It was early in the morning when I awoke out of a sound sleep when I heard someone bumping around the house. Carefully I got out of bed and found my knife and stealthily moved for the door, turning the knob with utmost caution as the door creaked open. Moving out into the hall I turned quickly to see the door to where Jay and Samvel were staying slowly shut. 

   "Hmm, I wonder..." I whispered quietly to myself as I crept towards the door. Normally I wouldn't be doing such a thing as eavesdropping but knowing how Jay could be, along with knowing Samvel's past and with it his mannerisms I had a growing curiosity or rather sick inkling as to what may be occurring behind the door. 

   "Hey, dipshit, some of us are trying to... What the hell are you doing!?" it was Ari from behind with a loud and hostile hiss like that of an angered serpent. He came striding up from behind and pressed me firmly against the wall with a knife to my throat. "What are you, a fucking peeping tom or something?"

   "No, and it wasn't me who made all the noise, infact that what's woke me up," I gritted back through clenched teeth as the volatile child pressed the knife into my shoulder. "Ack, it's always the knife with you isn't it?" I growled as I kicked him off me, sliding down the wall I stood up but had to lean against the wall as I felt terribly dizzy all of a sudden. 

   "Heh, I'd say I'm getting better at nailing your sorry ass, here let me help you to bed..." his grin was twisted into that of perfect insanity as it was obvious he wasn't listening to reason again. He hauled me off my feet and readied another knife for my abdomen, stopping only as he heard a rather queer series of noises emanate from the other side of Sam's door. "What the Hell..?"

   "Told you it wasn't me," I grumbled while still in his grasp, "Now, would you kindly put me down?"

   "Eh, yeah sure.." he grumbled only half paying attention to me as he now crept towards the edge of the door. "Hey, Will was it? Your friend in there... Is he a flamer?"

   "You mean gay? No, however he has a dandy habit of being a little too affectionate sometimes so I could see how one could think he is," I replied quietly, trying to slide the knife out of my shoulder without making too much of a pain induced racket. "Why, do have a special prejudice against them?"

   "No, but I don't particularly like what they do," he frowned, "It doesn't seem natural to me, didn't seem natural to my ass of a father either..." he left off as tried not to think of the disgusting man who ended up murdering them. 

   "And yet you're the one listening in on them now," I mused as I stumbled closer to where he was, placing my ear beside his against the door as we listened.

   "Ah, Jay..." we hear Sam's muffled voice whine, "Please... be ah! Be gentle..."

   "Hey now, it'll be alright..." came my friend's voice right after Sam's. We looked at eachother, me in surprise shock and him in what looked like either embarrassment or twisted disgust. However, despite this, we continued to listen, I know, I'm a bad person for doing this but I was curious and I kinda suspected Jay of being gay, regardless of what he always said on the subject.

   "Ah, I know but it hurts..." Sam's voice muffled out again, "Please.. can't you be ah!... A bit gentler..?" We were beginning to draw conclusions as to what could be happening when all of a sudden I got dizzy again and fell into the door, atop of Ari.

   "What in the Hell!?" came Jay's voice as he looked upon the two of us on the floor in the now open doorway in a heap. Samvel lay in Jay's grasp with my elder friend having a medical kit and gauze bandages in his hand as he looked to have been wrapping up part of little Sam's arm. 

   "Will? What are you doing with Ari?" Sam asked with a blank expression as the two of us scrambled apart from eachother trying to stand up. "Hey now... you two weren't-"

   "-Getting lovey dovey in the hall were you?" Jay finished with a devilish grin. "Aw Will, that's precious... and to think, that's why you always asking if I as sure I wasn't gay..." Ari and I both blushed furiously as we flinched a step backwards in shock and disgust.

   "Wait, no that's not what was happening!" I wailed in a frenzied state, "I heard some noises in the house and thought you guys might be in trouble..."

   "Yeah, that's right!" Ari put in, "And then we heard noises coming from your room and we thought..." he suddenly trailed off as he realised he had just made the situation worse for us. "Shit."

   "You thought we were what?" Jay queried as he moved out from behind Samvel and approached us with a mild grin. "Come now Will, what did you think I was doing with little Samvel?" He suddenly had me up against the wall, a hand on my chin and the other pressed firmly against the wall so as to corner me.

   "Well.. judging by the noise... I thought..." I began to stammer as I didn't know what to say; from experience in a situation like this if I came out and said what I thought, he might be tempted to hit or punch me square in the jaw. He got close to my ear and whispered whilst still grinning.

   "You thought I was screwing him, didn't you?" My silence told him what he thought was true as he pulled back and shook his head. "Tsk, tsk Will, you know I would never do that... How many times do I have to say that I'm not a bloomin flamer!?" 

   "Then tell us, what happened!?" Ari cut in as he leaned against the door frame. "Or is there something you're hiding, eh blondy?" This remark got Jay to drop his friendly demeanor and turn to Ari with a dagger like expression on his face as he answered.

   "Something spooked Samvel and he launched himself off the bed and nailed his arm and shoulder on the edges of the bureau and the nightstand as he fell.... happy?" Jay spoke in a slightly annoyed manner, "The noise you heard was either Sam hitting the floor or me fumbling around in the dark of the house trying to find the first aid kit!" At this point he was chest to chest with Ari, unaware that the volatile child had a blade in his pocket and would happily use it if he had, or wanted to.

   "Guys, please don't..." Samvel spoke up trying to defuse the approaching conflict, "What Jay said is true I heard a noise an-" He cut himself off as he suddenly screamed in terror as Ari had shoved his knife into Jay and was now holding him against the bed as he bled, a smile on his face.

   "I don't care, you guys pissed me off by waking me," he rumbled in a low voice, "So now you're gonna pay for it. I think a couple of hours regenerating would suffice..." He looked up at Sam with a grin of malice as he withdrew another blade to slash with. "Why don't you just go back to sleep? I'll move onto you in a moment..."

   "You.. vile bastard..." Jay choked as he tried to fend off his attacker, twisting his body allowing the knife to further cut into him as he kicked out Ari's leg and then used his momentum to throw the child into a wall effectively dazing him. As gallant as Jay was trying to be, the amount of blood loss was apparent as he stumbled into the foot of the bed and slid down it, coating the sheets in crimson as he went.

   "Jay!" Samvel wailed as he flew to the elder youth's side and immediately began to try and stem the blood flow with his hands. "Will, snap out of it and help me!" Snapping out of the daze I was in I immediately snatched up the first aid kit and began to listen to Sam as he told me how to fix up our friend... that is, until Ari recovered from his daze. I felt bad for Sam as Ari charged us upon awakening and threw poor sam into the wall and knocked him out, after which I had to slam his head into the headboard to knock him out and then I had to drag him back to Krystal who apologised again for his actions and took him into the room and closed the door...


   "Ugh... what happened to me?" came Sam's soft voice as he finally came to hours later. His pale eyes danced around as he tried to regain his senses. Upon laying his eyes on those of mine and Jay's he began to tear up. 

   "Oh now don't cry," I smiled as I held him up and hugged him. Jay sat beside us with no shirt and bandages around his abdomen, gently caressing the boy's tear sodden face.

   "Yeah, don't cry Samvel, see, I'm alright," Jay smiled weakly as he took the crying child from me and placed him squarely in his lap. The weeping boy wrapped his arms around Jay's neck and ambushed him into a death grip of a hug. "Ack, Sam that hurts! Let up a little please!"

   "I'm sorry!" Sam squealed as he let go, a few tears still hung in his eye. "I'm just so happy you're alright, I was scared is all... I kinda get scared a lot...." he suddenly became sad and despondent as he just slunk out of the room.

   "Sam! Wait, where are you-?" Jay tried to get up and move but I just pushed him onto the bed and told him to rest and that I'd take care of Samvel. Begrudgingly Jay actually listened for once and laid down, moving ever so carefully so as not to reopen the wound. When I found Sam he was in the porch, curled up on a chair like he normally would be if he was on his rock during meetings with the others.

   "Hey Sam," I whispered soothingly as I draped my Native American blanket over him to which he responded by looking at me with a sad look and outstretched arms. I picked him up and piggybacked him back into the house, depositing him onto my bed to which I shut my door and sat beside him. "Is everything alright?"

   "I wish I wasn't such a coward," he mumbled into the blanket, "I wish I had more courage and strength to face people like Ari... I know Charlie thinks I'm a burden to the Gathering, heck he probably only keeps me around out of pity..." I took him in hand and brushed some loose hair from his beaten looking face.

   "You are not a burden to anyone," I started, "And I don't think you're a coward, if you were then you never would've let me get close to you, you never would have actually spied on Ari and his sister whilst they wandered through the woods... You're not a coward, you're just cautious is all." I wrapped him into a hug and waited to see what he would do. I felt his breath close to my forehead again and as expected, he kissed my forehead again.

   "Thank you Will," he smiled meekly, "I'm glad to have you as a friend." He lowered himself down onto my bedside and then lay onto his side whilst keeping eye contact with me and a small smile upon his face. "Will, I know you think me laying with you is awkward, but can I, just this once?"

   "Sure, I guess so," I gave in without much of a struggle, "Just let me go tell Jay, alright?" I stroked his body lightly in a caring way as I got up to check on Jay.

   "How is he?" Jay questioned as he had now laid upon the bed with a worried expression.

   "He's better now, though he is upset," I answered with a small grin which seemed to cheer Jay up. "Don't worry, he gets upset somewhat easily; kinda fragile you know."

   "Yeah, I get it. Alright, goodnight Will," the elder blond smiled as he waved me off as I left to return to Sam. Walking back into my room I couldn't help but grin as I lay my eyes upon a sleeping Samvel. He seemed so happy and peaceful as he lay in my bed, cuddled up to one of my large pillows to which he clung to it as if his life depended on it.

   "He's only a few years younger than I, and yet he still seems so innocently childish," I thought as I lay down beside the boy after having shed my socks and hiding under the covers to which Sam wrapped an arm around me while asleep. It was amazing how he seemed almost aware that I was there, almost made me wonder if he was really asleep but the even breathing on my neck told me he was.Samvel was definitely an interesting kid and having him around, seemed to make me have a purpose and honestly, it felt nice to have a purpose...

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