Have a Little Faith

Faith Winters was diagnosed with cancer before her first birthday. Ever since then, her life has been a constant struggle. Her family will do everything they can to help her. Faith is starting to give up all hope in recovering. When five long-lost friends come back into her life and try to encourage her to stay strong, tensions start to rise. Will Faith ever live a normal teenage life or will she get weaker as her chances grow slimmer? (THIS IS A TRIBUTE TO ALL LOVED ONES LOST TO CANCER LIKE MY FATHER)


1. Starting the Routine All Over Again

I sighed as I looked in the mirror and adjusted my red bandanna.  I brushed my teeth and went into my room and pulled on a black long-sleeved shirt and blue jeans with black converse.  I grabbed my Jansport backpack and went down the stairs.

"Hey, beautiful," my mum said.  "Want any breakfast?"  

I knew that every time my mother looked at me, she held back tears.  She wished that I could just live a normal life, like any other teenage girl.  I smiled at how lucky I was for my parents and hugged her.  "No thanks.  I already brushed my teeth.  I don't want to be late."  I turned for the closet door.

"Oh, and Faith," she said as I was shrugging into my jacket, "at three o'clock, you have another round of chemo.  After that, I'll take you to look at some wigs."

"Okay, mum.  But I don't really need the wig.  Everyone knows I have cancer so there isn't a point in trying to convince them I have hair."

She looked sadly into her cup of tea.

"I'd love to go wig-shopping with you," I said and walked outside to wait for the bus.


I got home and my mum was waiting at the table with my little sister, Heather.  "Hey,Thea!" I greeted my little sister, hugging her.  She was four and a half years old, but she was pretty aware of my situation.

I picked her up, resting her on my hip and she kissed my cheek.  "Faith," she said, happily.

"Okay girls, we have to go now.  After treatment, we get to pick out a wig for your sister!"

I sighed; I liked my bandannas.


I set my boxes on my bed after dinner and pulled out my wigs.  I decided I would have fun with the shopping and got some odd colors.  I smiled, pulling out a pretty dark purple-y wig and tried it on again.  I would dye my hair this color...if I had any. 


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