Red Kiss (Sequel to Cherry Lips)

I'm sure you've read the tale of the young girl who moved to a strange city, met a handsome guy and through out all the heartache, she still seemed to live happily, ever, after. Well, this isn't that. This is the sequel to that very story, Cherry Lips. Lose yourself in the madness, romance and suspense in the all new, Red Kiss authored by niallgoesrawr.


12. Chapter 9

How were we going to break the news to everyone? How were the going to react when they found out Janet had died? It all just happened so fast... like she just chose to go without any warning. I couldn't come to senses with what had just happened... but I knew they had to find out at some point.

"Who's gonna be the one to tell them then?" I asked Beth.

"We can tell them together." she replied, grabbing her stuff and throwing it in the car boot.

We were getting ready to go home when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered.

"Is everything okay at the hospital?" Dad asked.

I covered the phone with my hand.

"It's dad. What do I say?" I asked Beth.

"Tell him we're coming home and then hang up." she told me.

"We're on our way home now Dad." I hung up the phone and we set off.

Harry had left an hour earlier to pick up his car. We arrived home half an hour later and dragged our feet into the house. We weren't prepared to tell them the devastating news. They were all sat round the kitchen table at my house and we stood together at the door.

"Well?" Diana asked us.

"She didn't make it!" Beth broke down in tears and I caught her before she fell.

"Oh My Gosh!" Diana cried and her head fell into her hands.

"When did she go?" Dad asked.

"Just this morning. I'm so sorry." I told everyone.

Dad, Leon, Diana and Beth were all in tears and I felt like sobbing my eyes out too. I decided to take them all into the living room to give them some time to themselves. I didn't want to intrude on a family matter. I stayed in the kitchen and left them for about an hour. Dad came back out and hugged me.

"Thanks for everything Macie, I couldn't wish for a better daughter." he said.

"I haven't done anything Dad, but thanks."

"No, I mean, for getting close to the kids and reassuring them that everything would be okay. They're devastated but they're managing." He grabbed his car keys and took the kids into the car.

"I'm gonna take the kids home and then I'll come back and let your mum and Laura know what's happened." he told me, kissing my forehead and leaving.

I closed the door behind him and cleaned up in the living room. I turned on some music and turned it up loud to distract myself from what had just happened. Deep down inside I was distraught... but I tried my hardest not to show it. A knock at the door distracted me from cleaning and when I answered it, Harry was standing with my coat in his hands.

"You left this at the hospital." he said, handing it to me.

"Thanks. Everyone just left, I'm just cleaning up." I replied.

"Sit down Macie. I need to tell you something." he sat at the kitchen table and I sat across from him.

"What is it?" I asked.

"I know this isn't the right time but... I'm coming back home. Not here... next door. They said that if I don't move back in within the next two weeks, I'm out. I wanted to be close to you again." he told me.

"Oh. That's good isn't it. I mean, we can still be friends right?" I asked.

"Yeah... yeah sure." he smiled and I smiled back.

"You want a drink?" I asked him.

"No thanks. I've got to get to work and then 'move in' again." he laughed.

"Okay, well, I'll see you soon?"

"I'll see you later on Macie." he said, leaving.

I finished off cleaning and settled down to watch TV. There had been enough drama today so I decided to watch Spongebob... seeing as though there is never any drama on there. Apart from the time when Spongebob and Patrick fell out with each other.

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