Red Kiss (Sequel to Cherry Lips)

I'm sure you've read the tale of the young girl who moved to a strange city, met a handsome guy and through out all the heartache, she still seemed to live happily, ever, after. Well, this isn't that. This is the sequel to that very story, Cherry Lips. Lose yourself in the madness, romance and suspense in the all new, Red Kiss authored by niallgoesrawr.


7. Chapter 5

I had been curled up in bed for the past two days... ever since Harry left me I don't see any point in doing anything. Nobody had been to see me since then and I was beginning to feel extremely lonely. I threw the quilts off of me, jumped into my lazy day outfit and went downstairs. I hadn't been shopping so there was hardly any food in the cupboards. The kitchen looked like it hadn't been used in weeks and so did the living room.

I slumped onto the couch and switched on the TV. There was a double episode of Spongebob on... but I didn't watch it. It reminds me of Harry too much. Instead I watched How I Met Your Mother on E4. 

A couple of hours later there was a knock at the door. I dragged my feet over to it and Laura was standing with her arms folded.

"Look at the state of you." she said, barging past me.

"Laura this isn't a good time." I replied, following her into the living room.

"You look like you haven't slept in weeks. And why haven't you been in touch? Where's Harry?"

"He's gone to stay at his dads."

"For how long?"

"However long he feels is necessary to avoid me."

"What do you mean? Macie has Harry left you?"

"Yeah. He was telling me loved me and he cared for me at first... and then he mentioned Niall and he snapped."

"When did he leave?"

"Two days ago."

"And you've been hiding in here ever since?" she asked.

"Well I have nothing else to do."

"I heard about Maddie. Amazing isn't it!" she said as she walked into the kitchen.

"Yeah... fantastic." She started making two cups of coffee brought them back into the living room.

"Oh Macie, stop feeling sorry for yourself and lighten up." she told me.

"Laura don't." I sighed, right before she stood up and blasted out some music.

"Macie! You can't stay in here for the rest of your life! Forget him and come out with me tonight?" she asked.

"Just us two?"

"No, Beth and Diana will be there too."

"Who's Beth and Diana?"

"Dad's daughters. Macie please give them a chance!"

A shocked look spread across my face.

"You expect me to hang with them?!"

"Macie they're really kind and polite. Trust me, if you get to know them, they're nice girls."

"Laura I..."

"No Macie! You're coming with us and that's final! You need to stop moping around and feeling sorry for yourself all the time! Have a little fun!" she started to dance and pulled me up to join her.

I couldn't help but laugh and dance with her. At least she was making an effort to cheer me up. And who knows, maybe Beth and Diana are nice girls.

------------ 8pm -----------------

I was wearing my black dress and my black heels. Laura was doing my make up for me and she used my favourite red lipstick on my plump lips. I looked in the mirror and reminded myself of the time Harry took me for a birthday meal and I wore this exact dress. A tear almost came to my eye but I held it back and took a deep breath in.

"Are you ready to go?" Laura asked.

"Sure." We walked outside and I locked the door behind me.

"We're meeting Beth and Diana at mums house." Laura told me.

"Is Dad at mums?" I asked.


"Oh." I clung to Laura's arm and walked through mums gate and up to the door. Laura opened it and we walked inside. Beth and Diana were standing in the kitchen with mum and dad.

"You look beautiful!" Mum said with a huge smile on her face.

"Thanks mum." we both replied.

"I'm Macie." I told the girls as they hugged me.

"We've heard loads about you! Dad goes on and on about how amazing you are." Beth told me.

"Really?" I asked, looking at dad.

"Girls why don't we get a picture?" he asked and we stood in a row. Dad took the picture and I rushed over to take a look. I looked like a Goth with the amount of make up Laura had smothered on me.

"You look amazing Macie." Dad told me.

"Thank you Dad. I'm sorry about... the other day. I guess I just panicked."

"It's fine. Where's Harry?"

"Gone. It's a long story." I told him and Mum frowned at me.

"What do you mean he's gone?" she asked.

"We had an argument and he just... left." I told her.

"I don't think Macie needs this right now Mum. We going then?" Laura asked.

"Yeah!" Beth shouted and we left for a great night out.

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