Red Kiss (Sequel to Cherry Lips)

I'm sure you've read the tale of the young girl who moved to a strange city, met a handsome guy and through out all the heartache, she still seemed to live happily, ever, after. Well, this isn't that. This is the sequel to that very story, Cherry Lips. Lose yourself in the madness, romance and suspense in the all new, Red Kiss authored by niallgoesrawr.


5. Chapter 4

I woke up to find Harry's adorable face laid on the pillow next to me. I stroked his cheek and his eyes fluttered open. A smile spread across his face and his dimples indented into his cheeks.

"Good morning." he said in sexy morning voice.

"Good morning." I replied. "I didn't hear you come in."

"I didn't wanna wake you. You look so beautiful when you're sleeping."

I smiled a little. "Thank you." I kissed his nose and he crinkled it.

"You want some breakfast?" he asked.

"Yes please." he climbed out of bed and went downstairs. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and splashed some water on my face.

Flashbacks of last night skimmed through my mind and I couldn't help but let out a little tear. I shook my head and tried to forget it. I made my way downstairs and Harry was dancing to the radio whilst cooking breakfast.

"Don't you know it's dangerous to cook and dance at the same time. Especially when you have no moves." I told him, leaning on the kitchen door and folding my arms.

"Yes in fact I do know that. Luckily for you, I have some great moves. Not just on the dance floor." We both laughed and he wrapped his arms round my waist and kissed me.

"The bacon!" I shouted and rushed over to the pan to turn it off. "Great! Looks like it's cereal for breakfast." I threw the bacon into the bin and poured two bowls of cereal for us.

"I hate it when you wear this dressing gown. I like to look at you in your jammys." he told me.

"You mean cause all I'm wearing is a vest and a pair of panties." I smirked.

"You know how to turn a man on." he laughed. I sat at the table and Harry stared at me.

"You look so beautiful in the morning." I smiled and he smiled back.

"What happened at my mums last night?" I asked, changing the subject.

"Well, your dad wasn't there. But your mum seemed to be pretty shaken up."

"Laura didn't seem to take it very easily either."

"I forgot she was still here. Do you think she'll be able to face your mum?"

"I don't know. I have no idea what's gonna happen. Even though she lied to us... and led me on for years believing I was the reason my dad left... I feel pretty bad for her. She lost the only man she'd ever loved. If I was in her shoes... I wouldn't cope." Harry's hand reached over to mine and held it.

"Hey. I would never leave you. I love you too much. I'd go insane if I didn't have you to wake up to every morning. To kiss me before I go to work and leave you to walk the kids to school. Come home and do it all over again. I'd be in hell if I didn't have you." I smiled and he went a bit red.

"Harry you're an idiot."


"You say such romantic things to me and all I can say is I love you."

"To be honest, it's you that brings it out of me. I've never felt this way about anybody before. You come along and... I'm a whole different person."

"Nope. Nothing." I sighed.

"Ha. I'm sure you'll think of something." We finished eating breakfast and Laura came downstairs in her jammys.

"I'm going home to sort things out with mum. I can't ignore her forever." she said.

"You want me to come?" I asked.

"It's fine. I wanna face her myself and... maybe clear things up."

"Okay, well I can drive you home?" Harry asked.

"No really, it's fine. Thanks for letting me stay Macie. It was fun." she smiled and walked out.

"I can't just let her go. She's not strong enough to go through this on her own." I told Harry.

"Yeah but she's not on her own Macie. She has you and me... and anybody else that cares about her just as much as we do." he replied.

"I know! It's just so hard seeing her like this. I vowed to never see her cry ever again! It breaks my heart to see her like this." I began to cry and Harry walked over to me and hugged me.

"Hey! It's gonna be okay. She'll be fine. You'll see." He stroked my back and kissed my forehead.

"I'm gonna go get dressed. Maybe go see Maddie. That's if she isn't avoiding me. I haven't seen her since we got back from the holiday." I slowly walked upstairs and felt like I was about to break down.

------- HARRY'S POV -----------

What I suppose to do? I had no idea how to make her happy. It used to be so easy... we just had sex and every thing was back to normal. This time it was different. The amount of times I've seen Macie cry... it hurts me so much. She was the only girl that I'd ever loved and I never showed her how much I loved her... or how much I deeply cared for her.

I needed to prove that she was my whole world and maybe that would cheer her up. I had an idea a couple of weeks ago... it's stupid I know but... what if I... proposed to her? You know... wait a while until all of this blows over and then just... ask her? Would that be enough to cheer her up? It better be.

---------- BACK TO NORMAL ----------

I finished showering and Harry was still downstairs watching TV in the living room. He looked like he was thinking really hard about something, so I said goodbye and left to go see Maddie.

When I arrived at her house, the lights were all turned off and it didn't look like anybody was home. I knocked on the door a couple of times but nobody answered. I sat down on the step and held my head in my hands. It started to rain so I quickly stood up and pulled up my hood. Like it made any difference. I was wet through in the space of five minutes and Maddie still didn't turn up.

I decided to go back home and call her. On my way back, I was walking along the path and a huge car sped past and I was covered in water from a massive puddle it had driven through. I shoved my earphones into my ears and blasted my music on. It was my 'sad and lonely' playlist and I shuffled through the songs until I got to Etta James. The way she sung At Last was just so relaxing and it made me feel a little bit better.

When I got home, Maddie was standing at the front door smiling.

"You're a little wet." she said.

"I went to see if you were in. You're here?" I asked.

"Yeah. I needed to see you... I have some news." I began to get a little worried as she held my hands and looked straight into my eyes.

"I've been offered a job... in New York. I'm working for Vogue magazine and it's been my dream to have this job since I was like... eight years old. I accepted it and they've offered to pay for an apartment for me to stay in. It's only for a year but... I just, wanted to experience having the job of a lifetime."

"That's amazing! Congratulations! I'm happy for you." I hugged her but inside I was dying.

"I promise I'll visit you and we can catch up and... maybe you could come to New York."

"Sounds awesome."

"Have you been crying?"

"My dad turned up on my doorstep last night and... hell basically broke loose."

"Oh... Macie I'm so sorry. I had no idea. How did Laura handle it?"

"She just went to see my mum but... she broke you know. It broke her heart."

"I'm so so so sorry." she hugged me again and I stopped myself from crying. "I better go and pack up my stuff."

"Yeah, yeah. You go, have fun!"

"Oh I will!" she smiled and went back home.

I broke into tears and Harry came outside and sighed. He took me inside and grabbed my hands.

"Macie... go to bed. You're beginning to get depressed and I think you need to sleep it off." he told me.

"Okay." I took off my shoes and went upstairs. I climbed into bed and cried my heart out.

"Macie... I don't know what you want me to do. I've tried cheering you up, I've tried being romantic with you. Nothing is working any more Macie." he told me.

I sat up and looked at him.

"Don't make me feel guilty Harry. I feel like I'm losing everyone! Maddie's going off to New York, Laura is heart broken and... you... I feel like I'm losing you."

"Why would you be losing me? Macie I'm not going anywhere!"

"Oh really? All I seem to do is cry... all the time and you cannot pretend that it doesn't piss you off!"

"I love you Macie! Just because you cry all the time... it doesn't mean I love you any less than yesterday! Yeah I'll admit, it does break my heart to see you cry... and to see you feeling lonely... but that's what brings me closer to you... and that's what makes me love you even more... each day."

I didn't reply.

"Do you remember the first time I met you... and I told you I lost my key to my house and you let me come inside and sit with you?"


"That was the first time any girl had not tried to get into my pants. From then on... I thought you were a nice, kind girl who sent you cookies and gave you advice on how to be to romantic with girls. When I found you in the woods and I put you in my bed... and you were asleep. It was like you were my girlfriend you know... I felt protective over you and I wanted to climb in next to you and cuddle up to you. Wake up in the morning and see your face... just like today."

I began to smile.

"The first time we had sex. I felt honoured to be the person who took your virginity. It made me feel like you trusted me... like I was the one you could go to with any problem. I want to be with you until we grow old and wrinkly... even more wrinkly than when you spend too long in the bath. Macie... I love you." He kissed my cheek and I hugged him.

"But... when I saw you with Niall... it made me feel jealous and mad. I know we weren't exactly a couple then but... it made me feel like I'd lost you."

I looked at him and frowned.

"Niall was... an asshole. He was a dick for what he did to me. I thought I had feelings for him but... I guess it just wasn't meant to be." I told him.

Suddenly his arms slipped away from me and he climbed off the bed.

"Hold on. I distinctly remember you giving me this huge lecture on how... Niall was the best boyfriend and he was a step up from me... and now you're all for slating him and saying how much of a jerk he is."

"Um, you called me a slut."

"Yeah because you used me."

"Harry! We had sex... once! It didn't mean anything!"

"Oh and I guess that's how you feel about all the other times we had sex... huh?"

I froze.

"I never said that." I replied.

"You know what Macie... I'm actually kind of glad your dad didn't stay... because lately... all you seem to do is push people away. If you'd have just had sex with Niall... he wouldn't have cheated on you. If you'd have just let your dad explain... he wouldn't have left you."

"I can't believe you just said that to me." I began crying again.

"And by the way... your dad was at your mums house. Laura's probably having a laugh with him as we speak. I didn't wanna say anything because I knew you'd stop Laura from going over there and putting things straight with him... just like you stopped yourself from trusting him. At least he had the balls... to come back into your life and settle things once and for all. I know if that was my dad, I would so happy... because at least I knew he still loved me."

"Harry where are you going?!" I asked, trying to hard to stop crying.

"I'm packing my things and I'm going to stay with my dad. I can't do this any more Macie. I can't pretend that I'm not struggling to even look at you any more."

"Harry! Please don't go!" I cried.

I ran down the stairs and tried to stop him going out the door. I was too late.

"Harry! Please!" I dropped to the floor and begged him to come back.

"Goodbye Macie." He got into his car and left.

"HARRY! HARRY PLEASE! NO!" I cried. He didn't come back. I'd lost him.

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