Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


93. Chapter 93

Chapter 93

Harry’s POV

I continued to hold Liv’s hand tight as he stepped onto the elevator. I pressed the very familiar floor button on the panel, and waited as the doors closed. The elevator then began to go up and I found myself getting more and more nervous.

“Are you okay?” Liv asked me as she released her hand from my hold with my hand. I must’ve been holding to tight and she needed to let go.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I told her.

“You don’t seem very fine,” she said and leaned against the wall of the elevator.

“I’m just really nervous,” I told her.

“I can tell,” she said and examined her hand that was a bit red from me holing it so tightly.

“Well now its payback for you squeezing the life out of my wrist,” I said referring to her hand. She laughed a bit and then put her hand back down by her side.

“So have you ever been here for getting in trouble with them before?” she asked me.

“Not for something this big,” I said to her.

“What do you think is going to happen?” she asked curiously.

“I wish I knew,” I said honestly.

“They can’t do something to horrible can they?” she asked as she took her back off the wall of the elevator and stood up straight instead.

“They’re my management,” I began, “They can basically do whatever they want,”

“I know that, but they can’t really do anything to drastic,” she told me.

“You’d be surprised what they come up with,” I informed her.

Mostly referring to the whole stunt they came up with to use on Liv.

“Well what is the worst thing that you think could happen?” she asked me.

“I get kicked out of the band,” I answered.

“Now do you really think that they are going to do that?” she cross her arms as she spoke.

“Well they can,” I said.

“But will they?” she asked. 

I hesitated to answer she had a strong tone to her voice and was basically overpowering me right now.

“They won’t,” she told me, “If they ever got rid of you of any of the other boys, the amount of money they get would decrease immensely and so many people would be so angry,” she explained to me, and I knew she was right.

When I was worrying though I just couldn’t help but thinking of one of the worst possible things that could happen, and usually when I did that I forgot the common sense of the worry. “I guess you’re right,” I admitted, and she now had a big smile on her face, obviously proud of what she said and that I told her she was right.

I knew Liv was trying to help, and she was in a way, but I don’t think she understands how many other ways they might punish me that will greatly affect me.

After a few more moments in the elevator, I eventually heard the ding indicating that we had arrived on our desired floor. I looked up at the number projected on the small screen above the doors to make sure it was the right floor number, and it was in fact right. I took Liv’s hand again as we walked out of the elevator, trying not to hold on to her hand too tight this time.

“Where do you have to go?” Liv asked me.

“It’s just down this hall and to the right, third door,” I told her, and she just nodded as we continued to walk down the hallway.

The silence was killing me, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk very much right now. I hadn’t expected it to be so quiet though, usually I can hear the mumbled voice from the offices when I’m outside of them. I guess since it’s a weekend less people are here, and it’s probably some people’s lunch break right now because they have a late lunch at this building.

We reached the hall where we needed to turn right, and once we were in the new hall, we only needed to walk a little ways down until we arrived in front of the door. I hesitantly knocked on the door, being too nervous to just walk in like I do most of the time. I hear light footsteps from the other side, and soon the door opens. One of the assistant managers opened the door and greeted me with a smile,

“Ah Harry, you’re here,” I nodded at his statement, “And you brought,” his smile faded, “Her,” he said with a tone of voice like a little boy expecting to receive a toy car but instead gets socks, the sound of annoyance, disappointment, and disgust.

Liv smiled anyway and nodded as he looked away from her and brought his attention back to me.

“We’re going to need her to, not come in,” he told me.

“Why?” Liv asked, and I mentally slapped my forehand with my hand.

“This is more of a private meeting,” he said, looking at Liv, “And Harry here didn’t get the meaning of that apparently,” he said a bit quieter, looking at me this time.

Liv and I both nodded, neither of knowing what to do or say next.

“Okay Harry just come on in,” he began to walk back into the office as he spoke to me.

“Okay,” I said, and followed him back into the office where he then slammed the door closed in Liv’s face once we were both inside.

“He brought the girl,” I heard the assistant manager not so quietly say to someone else in the room.

They whispered a few more things to each other, but this time I wasn’t able to hear. I was pretty irritated with the way they were treating Liv right now. It was nothing but rude, and they should be handling it a different way. If they don’t want her here, they should just tell her that, nicely of course. I really want to punch one of these bastards in the face, but I didn’t and knew I couldn’t. I knew they were just doing their job, but there are better ways to handle problems in their jobs. They’re not always this rude in situations, but in this case, they’re already pissed off with me, and to make it worse, Liv is here with me.

“Harry, tell Olivia to go down to the lobby, she doesn’t need to be out there listening,” one of the assistants told me.

I nodded at the request and turned to open the door. Once I opened the door and walked into the hall, Liv’s head shot up at the realization of the door opening.

“You’re done already?” she asked and stood up from the position she was in leaning her back against the wall.

“No, um they want you to go down to the lobby,” I told her.

“Why?” she asked, just as I knew she would.

“They don’t want you hearing the conversation from outside the office,” I said to her.

“Oh,” she said, a bit confused I think, but she agreed to what they wanted.

She picked up her purse that she had set on the ground and gave me a small smile and mumbled a ‘good luck’ to me as she walked off down the hall. I sighed as I turned on my heel to face back to the door and open it again to go back inside the office.

“She’s on her way down to the lobby,” I told all of them.

“Okay, now we can begin,” my manager said and sat down at his desk as he motioned for me to sit in one of the many seats across from him.

The two assistant managers and some other guy filled the other seats.

“Now Harry, do you realize how much trouble you are in?”

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