Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


91. Chapter 91

Chapter 91

Harry’s POV

It took awhile for all of us to decide what ice cream we wanted once we got to the parlor. Some of us just looked at the choices and in less than a minute decided what we wanted. The rest of us being Louis and Niall who just couldn’t decide.

“Would you both hurry up,” I said after awhile considering I was about to lose my patience with them.

“I’m sorry,” Niall began, still looking at the ice cream, “I just can’t decide.

“Get the rocky road, you love that flavor,” Liv told Niall.

“I know I love it, which means I have it a lot and I want to try something different,” Niall said to her.

“Get cotton candy,” she said.

“Where’s that one?” Niall asked as his eyes scanned through all the tubs of ice cream.

“It’s toward the end, near where Louis is standing I think,” she informed him, and he quickly made his way down to the other side of the display window.

After looking at that flavor and probably more of the flavors around it, he finally made a decision.

“Okay, I think I’ll get the cotton candy,” he said.

“Are you getting anything mixed in,” Liam asked, and Niall’s eyes lit up in remembrance of that part, and he walked over to where all the assortments of candies and chocolates were.

We all groaned right when Liam had asked that because we all knew Niall would want to go over there, and of course it would take him forever.

“Why would you ask him that?” Zayn asked, and hit Liam’s arm.

“Sorry,” he said, “But we were going to have to wait anyway because Louis is still choosing,” he said and motioned to Louis who was still looking at all the different ice cream choices.

“Have you made up your mind yet,” I asked Louis.

“No, I can’t decide between vanilla or cookies and cream,” he told us.

“Get the cookies and cream, because vanilla is a boring flavor,” I said and laughed as Liv looked up and glared at me because that was the flavor she was getting.

I was constantly teasing her when we were all picking out our flavors because everyone was getting different and more new flavors while she was just getting plain vanilla. So I kept pestering her about how boring and simple it was because it was such a basic flavor of ice cream compared to all the others. I’ve realized she likes a lot of what she consumes to plain though, looking back on our hot chocolates experiences at Christmas time. She always hated when I would pile up whipped cream and marshmallows into her drink.

“I think I’ll get the cookies and cream,” Louis eventually said.

“Good choice,” I said, and Liv just rolled her eyes.

Thankfully he decided not to get anything mixed in, saying that the cookies that were already mixed into the ice cream was good enough. And a little bit later Niall finally came back from looking at everything he could get mixed in, and told us he was ready to order too.

We walked up to the counter and each of us ordered our ice cream and said what we wanted mixed in to our ice cream if we wanted anything. Once it was my turn to order, I ordered the chocolate ice cream with M&M’s mixed in. Once the lady behind the counter told me how much I owed, I got up wallet out of my pocket, and just as I was opening it, I heard the lady begin to speak.

“Um, thank you,” the lady said unexpectedly, and I looked next to me to see Liv handing the lady some money.

I quickly closed my wallet, causing Liv to look over at me from the noise the wallet made when it closed. 

“Oh did you want to pay for that,” she said, trying to hide the smile that was threatening to appear on her face.

“I was planning to pay for that, yes,” I told her.

“Oops,” she said and shrugged, the cheeky smile finally evident on her face.

She then moved her way in front of the cash register to order her plain vanilla ice cream. She already had her wallet up and open so it gave her an advantage, but I still opened up my wallet anyway and attempted to quickly pull out money. I was abruptly stopped though when Liv’s had shot out grabbed my wrist to hold my hand back away from my wallet. I tried to move my hand back to my wallet, but she surprisingly had a great amount of strength in her left hand. She struggled to take her debt card out of her wallet with one hand, but finally accomplished it, and handed the lady her card. She quickly swiped it as Liv finally let go of my wrist.

“Damn you were holding on tight,” I told her as I examined my now red wrist.

“Well I’m sick of you paying for me,” she told me as we joined the rest of the boys at the other side of the counter where the guy preparing the ice cream was setting our cups of ice cream out for us.

Once all of our cups of ice cream were out on the counter and taken by us, we pulled two of the tables together along with the chairs and then we all sat down. Our conversation started out pretty slow because we were all busy with eating our ice cream for the time being.

As I was eating my ice cream, I heard my phone ring in my pocket, and I took it out to see that I had gotten a text. I looked at my screen and saw that the text was from our manager. I quickly swallowed my ice cream, and set down my cup to have both of my hands free. I unlocked my phone before reading the text. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me as I was on my phone. I guess my facial expressions made it seem like whatever I was doing was a big deal because I’m pretty sure the expressions on my face matched the nervousness I was feeling inside. I finally read the text, and it was saying how he wanted to meet with me in less than an hour. After I set my phone down, I looked up at Louis who was watching me as well. I gave him a look and glanced back down at my phone. Telling by the look on his face I knew he understood what I was trying to get across to him about the text I received.

“What’s going on?” Liam finally asked the question I’m sure everyone was wondering.

“Oh its nothing,” I said, “It’s just I got a text from management and Louis told me they might me contacting me, that’s all,” I told them.

All the boys nodded understandingly, probably all thinking that it was them wanting to talk to me about this whole Liv thing. Judging by the look on Liv’s face I could tell she wasn’t fully clear on understanding what was going on, but I honestly don’t think she really cared very much at this point, she just continued to eat her ice cream. I was thinking of some jokes to say to make fun of her plain ice cream, but I decided against it at the moment, even though I did feel like I needed to say something because it was now pretty silent at the table. Thankfully Zayn started up a conversation, something about Perrie’s tour and how she’s expected to have a break soon and come visit him. I’m not sure how much everyone was listening to him, but he was beaming as he continued to talk about her and I don’t think he even noticed that he’d lost a lot of our attention.

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