Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


84. Chapter 84

Chapter 84

Harry’s POV

After I slammed the car door at Liv, I hurried down the length that led to the door and went inside. I’m sick of her back and forth game. One minute she’ll act like she’s starting to forget the shit I did, and the next she say nothing is going to change between us just because we got along well last night and this morning. This is the thing I can’t stand about her, she’s stubborn and can never make up her mind. She’s too worried about coming back to me so quickly that she can’t acknowledge that she wants to, I know she does.

I stomp into my kitchen and clean up the many dishes and cooking items I still had out. I put the pans I had used into the sink with the cups and plates, and then I put up all the ingredients I had used to make breakfast. I rinsed off the dishes, and then stuck them into the dishwasher.

Once I was done and couldn’t think of anything else to do, I decided that I should probably call one of the boys. I’m sure Niall told them a bit of what happened, so I knew they would want to find out the rest from me. I probably had time to call maybe one of two of them before Liv comes back, if she comes back. I never considered that she might decide just to stay at her apartment. I wouldn’t really blame her though, I knew I caught her off guard with my demanding question to her, but I couldn’t help it I wanted a final and complete answer from her.

Anyway, I headed to my room to go get my phone. Once I was in my room, and picked up my phone from off the night stand, and clicked it on. Once it was on, my phone was lit up with around two texts from each of the boys. Now I know Niall told them.

As I read through the texts, I was a bit relieved to see that Niall had only told them I was in a wreck. I knew it wasn’t going to be very easy, but I wanted to tell the rest of them about more of the details of the wreck. I wanted to just not tell them, but I knew once Niall found out that they didn’t know anything else about what happened, he would tell them right away. Although I would like to have someone tell them for me, its better off in the long run if I say it because they might get mad if Niall explains everything instead of me considering this is my mess and Niall just happened to call me at the moment I was in the ambulance.

I continued reading through the texts, and I decided to call Louis first. It’s been a while since I’ve talked to him, and I know this is probably going to make him even more angry at me, but I still think he deserves to be called first.

I go to Louis’ contact in my phone, and press his name to call him. As I listen to the ringing, I walk back out to my living room so I can better hear if Liv comes back. I’m a bit nervous to talk to Louis, I shouldn’t be but I am. Its like the situation when Liv was coming to the hospital, I wasn’t sure if she was going to be mad at me, or make sure I was okay.

After the forth ring, I’m about to give up, but the ringing cuts off in the middle of the fifth one and I heard Louis’ voice.

“Harry?” he said.

“Yeah, its me,” I answered.

“How are you?” he asked me.

“I’m fine,” I told him.

The line was silent for a few seconds, neither one of us knowing what to say. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked, but it feels like it’s been a lifetime since we’ve said one word to each other.

“Niall told us about the wreck,” he informed me.

“Yeah, I know,” I said.

“So what happened?” he asked.

I explained everything to Louis, starting with the liquor store. I was going to just end at when I left the hospital, but decided to tell Louis about last night and this morning with Liv. Telling him about that last part was a complete waste though, because when I finished explaining everything to him, he went straight to the subject I knew he would go to.

“Harry you were drinking?!” he quickly asked once I was through talking.

“Yes, I just told you that,” I said.

“What were you thinking?” “I wasn’t,” I said to him.

“Obviously,” he scoffed.

“I was in a car wreck, at least have a little sympathy for me,” I told him.

“How can I? Why should I have sympathy for you Harry, you’re fine,”

“Look I’ve had lot going on lately, so it’d be nice if you, as my best friend, could not put me down,” I said. 

“You’ve had a lot going on lately? Harry everything that had been going on in your life, you brought upon yourself. The situation with Liv, the wreck, it was all your fault for not being more careful with your decisions,” I threw my head back on the couch in defeat from Louis’ statement.

He was right and he knew, he’s almost always right when it comes to things like this. I wasn’t sure what to do now, or what to say, so I did the first thing that came to mind. I hung up the phone. I knew that was probably a stupid move, I just assured Louis even more that he was right and that what he said bothered me. If I could’ve thought of a good come back, I would’ve said it right away, but of course I couldn’t. Hanging up was probably a childish action, but at the moment I didn’t care.

I went back to my contacts on my phone and contemplated on who to call next. After a few minutes of back and forth with myself on who would be best to call right now, I ended up just throwing my phone on the couch cushion next to me. I was too apprehensive after my conversation with Louis to call any of them.

I ended up just moving around my house for awhile. I couldn’t sit still for very long, but I was too jittery about Liv coming back. When moving around didn’t keep me occupied long, I sat down on the couch and picked up my phone. I decided instead of just calling the boys and telling them what happened, and then listening to them tell me how furious they might be or how mad of a decision I made, I would just send a text.

I open up my text messages, and add Liam and Zayn’s numbers I also decided to go ahead and add in Niall and Louis’ numbers too so they could be a part of the conversation that was going to start soon after I send the text.

I watch the cursor in the text box appear and reappear for bit until I finally get all my thoughts together and began to type out the text.

After many typos and backspacing of ideas, I finally got the words the way I wanted. My thumb lingered of the send button for a few seconds before I finally went for it and pressed the button. Just after I sent the text message, I heard my doorbell ring. I quickly got up from the couch and ran to the front door. I opened the door to reveal Liv standing there. But before I got to taken in her appearance, I was pulled into Liv’s embrace.

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