Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


68. Chapter 68

Chapter 68

Liv’s POV

Louis soon stopped pouting once we made it over to the darts game. The lady in charge of the booth had us give her a ticket before we could start playing. Once we gave her our tickets, she set four darts in front of each of us after the three of us each stood in front of the three dart boards. I was at the middle board while Liam and Louis were using the ones on my right and left.

“But I can beat you at this one Liv, I’m pretty sure I have better aim,” he said and threw one of his darts at the board.

It landed on the ring just outside of the bullseye. He turned to give me a smug smile, and I just picked up on of my darts and threw it at the board, only for it to land on one of the more outside rings.

“Looks like I’m the winner at this game,” Louis said proudly.

“Don’t flatter yourself just yet, there are still three more darts to be thrown,” I told him.

He gave me a smirk telling me that the last three darts were only to be a breeze for him.

“Liam, do you want to join the competition?” Louis asked.

“Sure, but I’m not very good,” he shrugged.

We all grabbed another one of our darts and threw it. We continued to throw them until they were gone. Once all our darts were stuck to the board, Louis and I looked at each other’s boards to see who had the most closest to the bullseye.

As we were examining each other’s boards, Liam cleared his throat, “I believe I have the most darts near the bullseye,” Liam said, grabbing our attention.

Louis and I looked at his board compared to both of ours, and he indeed had almost all of his darts on or near the middle.  Louis and I were so caught up in the competition between us that we hadn’t realized Liam was the winner.

“You said you weren’t very good,” I said.

Liam just shrugged, “I lied,”

“You sneaky son of a bitch,” Louis laughed as he ruffled Liam’s hair.

“Thanks a lot man,” Liam said sarcastically as he tried to get his now messed up hair back into place.

“Come on Liv, lets go find a game Liam sucks at,” Louis cheered and began to walk off.

Liam looked at me, and I just shrugged and followed Louis.


“Stop it Louis,” I laughed as he kept trying to shove the big bear that I’d won into my arms.

“I don’t want to carry,” he complained.

“Neither do I,” I said. “Well you won it,”

“But I thought you were the stronger gender,” I said back.

“Caring a pink teddy bear isn’t about strength. It is ruining my manliness and I’m not carrying it,” he said and pushed the bear into my hold, refusing to take it back.

“Now that you’re not carrying that bear, you can hold this,” Eleanor laughed as she handed him the blue bunny he won for her.

He gave her a childish glare and grabbed the stuffed bunny.

“Thank you Louis,” she said and placed a kiss to his cheek.

Louis moved the bunny to the same hand that was already holding another one of Eleanor’s prizes, and used his free arm to wrap around her.

Eleanor had joined us at the carnival about thirty minutes after we arrived, so she was with us the majority of the time.

I’m really glad Eleanor did get to come. After Liam and I told her about the strength game incident, her and I had a fun time teasing Louis.

Once we all made it to the parking lot, we said our goodbyes, and headed off to the cars we came in. We were thinking all of us heading somewhere to eat, but we couldn’t agree on where to go. Also Eleanor still had some work to do, and Louis wanted to spend some time alone with her.

Liam and I walked over to his car, and we both got in once he unlocked the vehicle.

“So where to?” Liam asked once we were both in the car.

“I have no idea,” I said as I buckled my seat belt and put my stuffed animals that I’d won, into the back seat, Liam doing the same.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“Not really, maybe a little,” I answered.

“Maybe we could go through a drive-thru or something,” he suggested.

“Okay,” I said.

Liam backed out of the parking spot he was in, and drove out of the parking lot and away from the park.

Liam began to engage in small conversation with me as he drove on the road. I wasn’t sure where we were going to go, but I decided not to ask. If it was a place I didn’t like, I would just suck it up and find something that looks decent. I don’t want him to change where he want’s to eat because of me.

After a few minutes, Liam pulled up into the drive-thru of what seemed to be a hamburger place.

Liam drove his car in front of the menu, and moved his head so I could see it.

“You already know what you’re getting?” I asked him as I looked at the illuminated menu outside.

“Yep,” he said.

I eventually decided on getting the cheeseburger, along with the strawberry smoothie.

Liam said our orders to the speaker outside and then pulled up once the person received the order. We had to wait for another car in front of us to receive their food before we could pull up to the window to pay and get our order of food.

The car in front of us finally got their whole order, and they drove away. Liam pulled up to the window, and the bags with our meals were already ready for us. So Liam paid, grabbed the bags and drinks, and drove off.

I opened my bag and began to eat my cheeseburger.

“Do you want me to go ahead and take you back to your apartment?” he asked me.

I looked outside and saw that it was beginning to get dark outside,

“Yeah, that’d be fine,” I answered, and took a sip of my smoothie.

Once we arrived at my apartment building, I had already finished my cheeseburger and the majority of my smoothie. Liam told me I could just leave the wrapping from my cheeseburger in the side compartment and he’d get it later.

“Do you want me to walk you up?” Liam asked.

“Sure,” I said, and grabbed my stuffed animals.

We both got out of the car and headed inside of the apartment building.

We walked across the lobby and got into the elevator along with a few other people.

Once the elevator arrived at my floor, Liam and I both got off. After we turned the corner that led to the hall my apartment was on, I looked down the hall and saw a figure sitting in front of where I assumed my door was. I was still at the beginning of the hallway. I stopped in my tracks, and it took Liam a moment to figure out why a stopped. Sudden realization came over him once he saw what I saw. 

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