Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


57. Chapter 57

Chapter 57

Liv’s POV

The party had gone by so fast; we were only mere minutes away from counting down to the New Year. I almost didn’t want the party to end. I was having so much fun seeing and hanging out with all the friends I’d made here that I haven’t seen in so long. Part of me wanted to hold on to this moment and stay in this year, but the other part of me was ready for a new year filled with new possibilities.

A new start in the New Year wasn’t exactly a goal of mine because I knew it wouldn’t happen, none of my problems were going to go away at all. When I get back to London tomorrow, everything will go back to being the way it was when I left. Everyone will go about like a normal day; the only difference being it’s a new year. Most people only seem to acknowledge the New Year at their parties, and when they are writing out the date and have to remember to change the last number up one.

Anyway, I was doing a good job of not letting the problems back in London bother me. Only once was it all really on my mind because my closet friend Naomi wanted to know what happened. She had seen in the tabloids that we go back together and she was confused as to why he wasn’t at the party with me. She was the only person who I was willing to tell everything to. As for the other few people who asked where he was, I just told them that he couldn’t come.

“Hey Liv,” I heard someone call, and I looked over and saw Naomi waving me over.

I picked up my plastic cup that I had set on the table and walked over to her. Once I got over there, she started talking about a random topic, so she was probably bored and needed someone to talk to. I don’t blame her, the last few minutes before the countdown and be a bit dull with everyone waiting with anticipation for the countdown to begin. You’d think the last for minutes of the year would be more exciting, but the real excitement only begins when they announce the countdown and there is only a few seconds left of this year, and then we are quickly into the next year.

As Naomi continued rambling on, I tried to listen but my mind was just somewhere else. It’s not she minded though, or even noticed, that girl can talk for hours on end. I knew I shouldn’t, but I wondered what Harry was doing right now. Probably sleeping considering its early morning there. I wonder what he did for New Year’s Eve. He probably did something fun or went to a party or something. I’m guessing he went and did whatever he wanted and was happy he didn’t have to deal me anymore. I hadn’t seen any calls from him when I had checked my phone before the party. I was tempted to turn my phone back on and see if he’d called at all, but I doubt he has. Why should I even care if he has? I want him to stop calling me; I want him to leave me alone.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by the beginning of the countdown starting. The smiles on peoples faces getting bigger and bigger as the numbers progressed down to one. Naomi and I counted down along with every else, and watched the ball drop on the TV.

“Happy New Year!” everyone shouted once the countdown ended. I watched as everyone celebrated, friends and family giving hugs, couples sharing their first kiss of the year. I quickly stopped my mind from wondering what this moment would be like if the publicity scam hadn’t come out. I knew Harry still wouldn’t be here, but the Harry that I thought I knew would’ve probably gotten up in the early morning just to call me to say Happy New Year to me because he knew it was only midnight here. But instead he’s most likely just sleeping.

I was again, thankfully, interrupted from my thoughts. This time it being by my mom coming over to give me a hug and telling me Happy New Year.


I unwillingly woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock, of course. I had to stay up an hour or two after midnight once everyone left, because my mom, dad, and I had to clean up.

I really did not want to get up, I was so tired and I wanted to sleep. Another thing that added on to my unwillingness to start the day was the fact that I was going back to London. This weekend had gone by so fast and I don’t think I was ready for it to end. Most people would be excited to go back to London, but I’m not. I obviously loved the city, but I don’t always enjoy the people there. I guess I’m making a bigger deal of this then I should be, but I can’t help it.

Nevertheless, I eventually dragged myself out of bed and got out my outfit I wanted to wear today.

Sadly since my parents were going to Anaheim today, I had to get up and leave earlier than I needed to if I wanted them to give me a ride to the airport.

I decided to eat breakfast first, and then pack up my suitcase and get ready.

As I was walking down the stairs, I smelt the aroma of bacon, and heard the sizzling of pancakes on the griddle. I should have remember my mom was going to go all out on breakfast, just like she had done for dinner when I arrived a couple of days ago.

“Good morning Liv,” my mom said once she saw that I had walked in.

“Morning,” I said and picked up a piece of the bacon.

“Don’t eat the bacon yet,” my mom playfully scolded as she acted like she was going to swat me with the spatula she was holding.

I laughed, and shrugged as I continued to eat the bacon.

My mom has always had a problem with people eating food before it was placed on the table and everyone was ready to eat. My dad and I always had fun messing with her because of this.

“Where’s dad?” I asked.

“He’s still sleeping,” my mom laughed. “I woke him up only for him to fall back asleep, but her should be up soon,”

I nodded, this situation somewhat reminding me of Christmas Day, when I woke up Harry only for him to fall back asleep, then all the girls in the house being awake, and the guys, or in this case guy, being asleep.

My mom soon finished up the cooking, and she was getting out the syrup when my dad finally walked in.

“Oh bacon,” my dad said, and picked up the strip of bacon just as my mom was turning around.

“Pete, can’t you wait?” my mom scolded as she moved the plate away from him.

My dad and I laughed, and my mom jokingly glared at us as she walked into the dining room. She, of course, brought the plates of food with her to keep them away from us until she was ready for us to eat. 

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