Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


56. Chapter 56

Chapter 56

Liv’s POV

“Liv can you hand me that bag of balloons?” my mom asked and motioned to the colorful bag on the table next to me.

“Sure,” I said and picked up the bag to give to her.

I was currently helping my parents decorate for their New Year’s Eve party tonight. So far we had out all the tables and tablecloths, and right now we were finishing hanging up the balloons, banners, streamers, pretty much anything with the word New Year’s on it. I’ve mainly just been talking to my mom to whole time, because there is still a bit of tension between my dad and I from what happened last night.

Even though I was mad at him, I really wish he would talk to me. I’ve tried talking to him a few times, but all I get is a one-word answer if I even get lucky enough for that.

I get why he’s mad, but I wish he wasn’t as mad as he is. Okay so maybe I started dating Harry again and never told my parents, but I thought they might find out from the tabloids. I guess that really isn’t any better though, my parents would have been happier hearing it from me, they would want to be the first people I told.

I wonder how upset my dad would be if it wasn’t Harry I had been dating-if you can even call it dating-it was really I was dating him, and he and his management were using me. And Harry hurting me just makes it all worse with my dad.

But if it was someone else I was dating, my guess is my parents would have been less upset, and I would probably be talking to my dad right now because I’m guessing he wouldn’t have said what he said. Although he’d still be upset that I didn’t tell him I was dating someone, this whole thing would probably be past if it wasn’t Harry. Nevertheless, I went on about my day and helped set up for the party that was going to start in a few hours.

Even though I had so much going on in my life right now it seemed, I was still really looking forward to this party and I wasn’t going to let any conflict ruin it. I would try my best to push all of my angry and upset thoughts to the back of my mind, and focus on having fun with my family like I keep telling myself. The New Year’s parties that my parents had were always a lot of fun. We’d have all the friends we’d made here come over, and the New Year’s special would be on the TV. My mom always made the best appetizer snacks for the party, and made her own homemade lemonade with different fruit flavors that everyone loved.

“Hey Liv?” I heard my mom say.

“Yeah?” I asked and looked over at her.

“Can you go help your dad with the banner?” she asked, and I looked over at my dad who was standing on the ladder, and indeed was struggling to cut off a piece of tape while holding up the poster. 

“Sure,” I said, and walked over to where my dad was.

I grabbed one of the nearby chairs and moved in front of where my dad was trying to hang up the poster. I stood up on the chair and held the poster in place for him.

“Thanks Liv,” he said as he cut off a piece of table and place it on a corner of the poster.

“No problem,” I said.

After we finished putting up the poster, I put the chair I was standing on back under the table, and my dad went to put the ladder back in the garage because he had nothing else to hang up on the wall.

“Hey dad,” I said, getting my father’s attention as he walked back into the living room.

“A-Are you mad at me?” I asked once he didn’t say anything.

He sighed, and fully turned around to face me, and walked over to me.

“No Liv, I’m not mad. I just-I wish you would have told us about all this. Especially since it was Harry you were dating, you know how I feel about that boy,” he said.

“Yeah, I know,”

Just as my dad was about to say something else, my mom came into the room.

“You both can go ahead and get ready and dressed for the party, all the decorations are up,” my mom said.

My dad and I nodded, and my mom left the room and I headed up the stairs to my room to get ready.

I picked my suitcase up from the floor, and looked for the outfit I had planned to wear for tonight. I got out the silver sequin top, black skater skirt, and the black heels that I had brought.

After I changed into the clothes, I went to my bathroom to curl my hair, and add on and touch up the makeup I had on. I applied some silver eye shadow, bright pink lipstick, and a bit more mascara.

Once I finished, I checked the time and there was close to thirty minutes until people should start arriving. I took out my phone and decided to play on it a bit before heading downstairs. Once it turned on, I saw that I had three missed calls from Niall. I knew he had called earlier, and I just didn’t feel like answering, but I didn’t think he’d call again, and then again. I figured that he would know I’d call him back later, and only call once, and if it was important, he’d text or leave a voicemail.

I shrugged, and slipped my phone into the convenient pocket that my skirt had. I’d call him back after the party.

I don’t know why I kept putting off calling him; I just wasn’t up for talking to anyone that would completely bring my mind back to all the conflict back in London. I mean what if Niall told me something that utterly ruined my day and made me so mad or upset, it would ruin my night. I couldn’t think of anything he could possibly say to really ruin my good mood, but I’m sure there’s something.

I went ahead and went downstairs because people should start arriving in a few minutes.

When I got downstairs, my mom had turned off the lights, and replaced all the lamp light bulbs with different colored ones. She also had put up a bunch of other light fixtures that lit the place up even with the lights off. My mom had really gone all out with the decorations this year now that I see it all together. 

“I think it turned out good, what do you think Liv?” my mom asked as I walked over to her.

“It turned out amazing,” I said, and she smiled as she wrapped her arm around me and gave me a quick squeeze.

A few moments later, the doorbell rang signaling the first guest had arrived. 

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