Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


54. Chapter 54

Chapter 54

Harry’s POV

The rest of the day passed by quickly, and it was now New Year’s Eve. Niall and I were going to meet up for lunch at one of the restaurants that would still be open. I’m still a bit surprised by how calm Niall is now acting through all of this. Of course he is still mad at me, but he is just one of those happy people who hates conflict, especially since its with me, and it could affect the band. I knew the other boys would get over all this, but it was Niall who I was worried about never completely forgiving me. He’ll probably fully forgive me when Liv forgives me, but who knows when that will be, if it ever even happens.

After I got dressed, I hopped into my car and drove off the place Niall and I agreed to meet at. As I was driving, I turned on the radio and flipped through a few stations until I heard a familiar voice, it was one of Liv’s songs. I knew I should change it, if I don’t, I know I’ll just keep thinking about Liv. Thinking about what she’s doing, and if she’s enjoying her weekend with her parents although I probably screwed that up for her too. I wonder how much she’s been crying. I remember when I had went over there the other day and she opened the door, the brief moment before she shut it I could see her eyes a bit puffy, and redness on part of her face.

I shouldn’t keep think she’s just always moping over me now, what if she isn’t?

She could be having the time of her life with parents, smiling as they decorated for their New Year’s Eve party. Laughing at some stupid joke her dad said.

I remember in that aspect it was one of the only times me and Liv’s dad bonded when he was telling jokes.

Liv’s dad would say some cheesy joke, causing me to remember one of my own. We then just went on sharing the jokes we had with each other, us bursting in laughter at the others joke. Liv and her mom would roll their eyes at us, saying how stupid we were, but I would catch them laughing at some of our jokes anyway.

I let the thoughts of the past go as I pulled up at the restaurant Niall and I were meeting at. I drove into the parking lot, and I saw Niall’s car and parked in a nearby spot. I got out of my car, and locked it as I walked up the parking lot to the entrance of the restaurant.

Once I walked into the restaurant, I told the lady at the desk that I was meeting someone here. She nodded as I walked passed some booths until I saw Niall sitting at a table near the window.

“Hey,” I said as I pulled out a chair and sat down.

“Hey,” he said back, locking his phone and putting it in his pocket.


After we finished our entrées, the waiter took up our plates and Niall and I ordered desserts.

“Have you heard from Liv?” I asked and took a sip of my water.

“No, you?” Niall asked, and I gave him a look, “Right, that was a stupid question,” Niall chuckled and picked up his cup of soda.

“What do you think I should do?” I asked, “About Liv,” I added.

“I don’t know, you know Liv, who knows how long she will be mad,” Niall told me.

“But I think you should stop calling her for a few days and give her some space,”

“You’re probably right,” I agreed. “What should I do when she gets back?” I asked.

“Wow, I never thought you’d be asking me for advice on girls,” Niall laughed.

“Well she is your cousin,” I said.

“True,” he said back. “So are you going to answer my question?” I asked.

“I think you should just try to start over with her. Show her that you now actually want to be in a relationship with her instead of this whole publicity stunt,”

“You think that will work?” I asked.

“It’s worth a try, unless you have a better idea?”

“So how do I do this?” I asked him. “Seriously Harry I’m not going to come up with everything for you. Just go to her apartment when she gets back and act like it’s the first time you’re seeing her since she left for America a few years ago. It shouldn’t be to hard, just use your flirtatious charm and good looks to win her over,” Niall said and we both laughed.

“What if when I go to her apartment and she slams the door in my face?” I asked.

“Just say what you wanted to say to her from the other side of the door, I guarantee she will keep listening to you until you leave,” Niall told me. “And if you want, you might as well wait for her at the airport and just walk with her, now matter how fast she tries to walk away from you, and talk to her until you can’t anymore.” he added.

“You think all this will work?” I asked again.

“It’s worth a shot, that worst that will happen now is that she will make you give her some space. I do know that she can’t ignore you forever,” Niall told me.

“How do you know that?” I asked him.

“I don’t know, I just do,”

We changed the topic of conversation as our dessert came. Although most of our attention was focused on the sugary cake in front of us, we still managed to talk about random things.

Once we finished up our desserts, I had another question for Niall that was pretty much on the same topic we were on before our desserts came.

“Where do you think the rest of the guys stand in all of this?” I asked Niall.

“I’m not quite sure,” he said wiping his face with his napkin. “But if I’m speaking to you, my guess is the rest of them will too,”

“Yeah,” I said, deciding in my head that I will call them all tonight.

“Liam and Zayn are pretty bias in this whole thing thought right?” Niall asked.

“Pretty much, I’m not to worried about them right now, I just don’t know when Louis’ going to talk to me,” I thought out loud.

“Why is he so angry at you?” he asked.

“I’d say he’s more furious and upset with me then he is angry,” I said.

“I don’t get why he’s so furious at you then, this whole thing really didn’t affect him at all,” Niall shrugged.

“But it did,” I whispered

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