Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


52. Chapter 52

Chapter 52

Liv’s POV

Once we got home, my dad parked the car and the three of us got out. My mom told me to go put my stuff in my room while she got the food ready.

I grabbed my bags, and walked up the stairs, my suitcase thumping behind me. Once I reached the top of the stairs, I walked down the hall and into my room. When I opened the door, I looked around my room and it was exactly how I had left it when I left for tour.

I saw the pale blue walls that I used to think were dreadful, but had soon gotten used to. Once side of my wall was covered with different posters, which had been my way of covering the paint. I never did take those posters down; I guess they just grew on me, like the paint.

I set my suitcase upright on the ground, and put my purse white comforter. I then continued looking around the room that I used to see everyday, but now haven’t seen in months. I walked over to my white dresser and laughed at someone of the random items I had placed on top of it. My vanity mirror was filled with different pictures along the frame, and a few feet away from it was a bulletin board filled with even more pictures. I had always wanted to take those pictures and arranged them into a design on my wall, but I never got around to it. Just like I never got around to taking the posters off my wall. I then walked past my frilly white curtains and went into my bathroom. Only to walk back to my bed to get my toiletries from my suitcase. I put my makeup bag and the plastic bag I had to put my liquids in, on the counter.

My bathroom theme wasn’t really any different from my room. The walls were a bit lighter blue, but the fancy white embellishes carried on.

“Hey Liv?” I heard my dad’s voice.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“The food’s ready,” he informed me.

“Okay, I’ll be right down,” I said and he nodded and left.

I stepped out of my bathroom, and walked down the stairs and to the dining room. My mom had set up a plethora of food, along with her best dishes and crystal glasses.

“Mom you didn’t have to make such a great deal of me coming home,” I laughed as I sat down. “Don’t be silly Liv, you deserve all of this. We wanted to do all this for you,” my mom smiled as she adjusted herself in her seat. I went ahead and thanked them anyway, decided not to argue about how they didn’t need to make big fuss over me. My mom seemed so pleased with the way she planned and set up everything.

My parents had a few more questions about the tour before my mom eventually brought up London.

“So Liv, have you been hanging out with Niall?”

“Yeah, he came and surprised me during the backstage meet and greet,” I said.

“Bet he’s been walking around London with you, helping you remember where everything is,” my dad chuckled.

“Pretty much,” I said.

“So you spent Christmas there, did you get to see Aunt Maura and Uncle Bobby?” my mom asked.

“Yeah, Greg and Denise came too, and they brought Theo,” I exclaimed.

“Oh was he as cute as he is in the pictures they sent?” my mom cheerfully asked.

“Cuter,” I said and my mom clapped her hands in delight.

“So did you all spend Christmas at Niall’s house?” my dad asked.

“Um, no actually,” I said and they gave me confused looks.

“Then where?”

I knew I had to tell them about Harry and I now; it was the perfect opportunity to. No matter how much I didn’t want to tell them now, I didn’t know when I’d get another chance.

“At Harry’s house,” I mumbled and took a sip of my lemonade.

“Liv sweetie, speak up,” my mom said.

I cleared my throat, “We spent it at Harry’s house,” I whispered, but loud enough that they could hear.

“You spent it where?” my dad asked for clarification.

“At Harry’s,” I mumbled.

“Why were you at Harry’s?” my mom asked, more calm than my dad.

“We um might have gotten back together,” I said nervously.

“You what?” my dad asked sternly.

“Don’t worry dad, its all over now,” I told him and I felt my voice crack a bit at the end of the sentence.

“What did he do?” my asked concerned as she set her glass down.

Harry’s POV

My management kept calling and calling me, and I was so close to just throwing my phone out the window. I seemed only the people I didn’t want to talk to were calling me, and the people I wanted to talk to were ignoring me.

I’d finally had even of all this, and I got up from the couch and went to my room to get a shirt. I opened up my dresser drawer and grabbed a shirt to slip on. I then grabbed my jacket and my keys and went to my car in the garage.

I got in my car, and drove down the road to Niall’s house, which was only a few blocks away from mine.

A few minutes later, I arrived in Niall’s driveway. I parked my car and got out, slamming the door behind me as I walked up the porch. Once I was at his door, I rang the doorbell a few times until he answered.

Once he opened the door and saw me, he immediately closed the door in my face, just like Liv had done the other day.

“Niall,” I shouted, but he just ignored me.

I continued ringing the doorbell and pounding on the door until he finally opened the door again.

“What Harry?” he asked, annoyed with my presence.

“Can I come in?” I asked.

He thought about it for a second, and then fully opened hi door so I could come in. I was surprised that he actually let me come in, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. I guess he wanted to hear what I had to say about this whole situation. I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to explain everything to him; I just had a spur of the moment and drove over here. I hoped it would just come to me as I started speaking.

I did however know exactly what I was going to say to Liv, if she would just answer my calls. I wondered if Niall could call her and then let me talk to her, even if she would hang up on me, it was worth a try.

I followed Niall to his living room, and sat down on the couch.

“Go ahead and speak,” Niall said. 

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