Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


48. Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Liv’s POV

After I ran out of Louis’ house, I had to walk what seemed like a mile, although it was only three blocks, to get to an area where the taxis were. It took me awhile but I soon caught one, however getting a rude driver along with it. I leaned my head against the window and closed my eyes as I was driven back to my building. I thought over everything that had happened today and how my once seemingly wonderful had turned into utter shit. I wondered what I would’ve been doing right now if I had never found out. I probably would be still waiting for Harry as I talked and laughed with the boys in Louis’ living room. And once Harry did arrive, I’d be so happy and he would probably join all of us on the couches for a while before the two of us headed off. The boys would probably make jokes about how cute we were together while we just laughed at them.

And after Harry and I finished talking with them, we would leave and as Harry was driving, I would be able to catch his occasional humming to the radio, or if a song he liked came on he would sing really loud with his phenomenal voice, and trying to get me to sing along even if I didn’t know the song. I wasn’t sure where Harry was going to take me, but I could imagine places where we might spend our day together. We might’ve gone to the mall and I would probably drag Harry in to different stores. I would’ve tried on a bunch of different clothes while I listen to Harry complain from outside the dressing room although I knew he secretly liked doing this with me. Every time I tried something on, whether I hated it or not, he would make me show it to him.

Or we could have just gone back to his place and he would cook something for me and make me help him. Of course I’d complain since I don’t like to cook, but I really did secretly like it and I think he might have picked up on that a few times.

We also might’ve gone to the movies where of course he wouldn’t have it planned. We’d end up doing what we did when he took me to a movie one of the first weeks I was here. He would drive me to the theater and we would just see what movies were playing the closest to what time it was and buy those tickets.

And maybe the next playing movie wasn’t going to be starting for awhile, so we’d buy tickets anyway just incase it sold out, and then we would walk a block down to where there was a small shopping area. I would want to go to the coffee shop and we would probably run into some fans while we were out, so we’d sign things and take pictures with them. There would most likely be the occasional fan that hated us being together, and Harry and I would either hold back a laugh to a comment they said, or Harry would squeeze my hand in a comforting way telling me to just ignore what they said.

Little did I know this morning that none of that would happen. It wouldn’t happen today, and it would probably never happen again. When I even did all those things with Harry, I never even mattered to him. He was just taking me out to get people talking about us. Tabloids would kill to have the latest story of us getting back together and pictures of Harry taking me numerous places and us laughing and having a good time. They didn’t know it was all fake though, and neither did I.

The taxi came to an abrupt halt, my hand flying out to stop me from hitting the seat in front of me. I was interrupted from my thoughts, but I decided that that was a good thing, I was only making thing worse for me by over thinking everything and torturing myself by thinking about what I could be doing right now.

I thanked the rude driver and paid him before getting out of the taxi. I dragged myself inside and across the lobby until I reached the elevators. I pressed the elevator button and for one to come and when one finally did I quickly got on and pressed the button that closes the elevator doors. I really didn’t want anyone in here with me, I really wanted to cry and I could break down into sobs any minute, and I didn’t want anyone to see me. I let out a small, annoyed sigh as someone hopped into the elevator before the doors started closing. Of course someone would be coming in making my day worse, and of course it was Nick walking in, but this time he had someone with him. They were talking as they had walked in, not really noticing me for a few moments.

“Oh hey Olivia,” Nick said as he stopped talking to his friend.

“Hey Nick,” I said, trying my best to hide how upset I was, and I guess I did better then I thought.

“Whoa man you weren’t kidding, you really do know Olivia Wilson,” the guy next to him said.

“Would I ever lie to you?” Nick laughed.

“Yes,” the guy said and both started laughing.

“Olivia this is my step brother Matthew, he just came back from a business trip in France and is hanging out here for a few days,” Nick explained.

I nodded and smiled, not being really in the mood for talking right now.

“How’s London treating you? If you want I could show you around,” Matthew smirked. My eyes widened a bit and I took a step back.

“Don’t try and hit on her Matt, I’ve tried she has a boyfriend,” Nick whispered the last part.

I was surprised by his openness with his stepbrother because when he did try to kiss me he seemed pretty hurt and embarrassed when I had rejected him.

“Ah that’s right she’s dating Harry, that guy in the band,” Matthew said as the elevator came to a stop at our floor.

“Where is he anyway?” he asked as we stepped off the elevator.

“Doesn’t matter,” I mumbled and quickly turned the corner and ran down the hall to my room before I broke down. 

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