Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


47. Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Harry’s POV

I sighed as I stepped down the steps, leaving the building I was just in for the meeting with management. They were pretty pissed when I told them the other day that Liv’s parents hadn’t seen anything about our relationship in the tabloids over in America. I tried telling them that maybe Liv’s parents weren’t even looking at the recent articles, but they didn’t care.

I got in my car and started it up to begin to drive to Louis’ house. Since his house was pretty close to where I was, I got there pretty quickly.

Once I arrived, the boy’s cars already took up the driveway, so I parked next to the curb, and got out. I locked my car then headed up the steps, and got out the key I had to Louis’ house and opened the door. I walked down the hall and to his living room, but when I got there, I saw all the boys but no Liv.

“Hey guys,” I said and everyone looked up except for Niall. “Where’s Liv?” I asked walking closer to where they were sitting.

“She left,” Zayn stated.

“Why would she leave,” I dryly laughed but stopped once I saw the tension.

“She found out,” Louis whispered, and that was all he needed to say for me to know what he was talking about.

“What?” I asked, completely making sure that was what he said.

“He said she found out!” Niall yelled at me, and I took a step back. I knew Niall was mad at me but I would deal with that later.

All I wanted to know right now is how the hell Liv found out.

“How did she find out?” I asked, raising my voice as I stepped over to Louis.

“I told her,” Louis said.

“You what?” I questioned.

“I told her! Shit Harry don’t make me repeat everything,” he raised his voice now as well.

“Why did you tell her?” I yelled at him.

“I had too!” he yelled back.

“Why? Why did you have too?”

“She was getting suspicious of you, she thought you were cheating on her or something,” he said.

“You should have just let us discuss it,” I said to him.

“You know Liv wouldn’t bring it up, she’d be too nervous of angering you,” Louis shot back and I knew he was right but I didn’t care.

“You still didn’t have to tell her!” I shouted at him.

“Just be happy you don’t have to now, you probably would have had me tell her anyway so you wouldn’t have to,” Louis yelled.

“I wasn’t even planning on telling her until management let go of all this,” I said back.

“Look Harry, I don’t know what your plan is but you better fix this,” he tried to keep his calm.

“I wouldn’t have anything to fix if you wouldn’t have told her!” I yelled louder at him.

“You know what Harry, this is your problem now,” Louis said, and got up from the couch and walked out.

“He’s right,” Liam whispered, and I glared at him.

He and Zayn had just been silently sitting on the couch the whole time, not bothering to defend either of us, well until now. They both did somewhat have a part in this, they weren’t innocently bias. Soon Niall got up from where he was sitting and walked out. I suppose it was time to deal with him now. I walked down the hall and followed him out to where he was outside.

“Niall!” I yelled, getting his attention as I closed the front door behind me.

“Don’t talk to me you bastard!” Niall yelled back and walked to his car.

“Niall come on,” I ran down the steps to get to where he was in the driveway.

“Niall just let me explain.”

“You told me you wouldn’t hurt her again, you fucking lied to Liv and me,” he said sternly.

“I didn’t mean for this to get so out of hand, I just didn’t exactly care so much about her at the time so I did it,” that sounded really bad, but I didn’t know how else to say it.

“This is partly my fault too, I shouldn’t have wanted you both to get back together. I shouldn’t have invited you every time I hung out with Liv, she hated it and I should’ve listened to her. But mostly I should’ve known that if you hurt Liv once, you sure as hell probably would’ve done it again, and you did.” he pushed me out of the way and opened his car door and got in, then he drove off.

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair as I walked over to my car. I really wish I could just forget this whole mess and go home. I knew I couldn’t though because Liv leaves tomorrow morning, and I needed to make some progress with her before she goes. I got in my car and started it up as I buckled my seat belt.

I drove as fast as I could to Liv’s apartment, and I’m pretty sure I ran one or two red lights but I didn’t really care at the moment.

Once I arrived at the apartment, I got out of my car and ran inside the building and to the elevators. I pressed the up button repeatedly until one came. I stepped inside and pressed the button number of Liv’s floor, them pressed the button that closed the elevator doors. I didn’t need anyone else in here with me.

Once the elevator got to Liv’s floor, I got off and began to walk down the hallway. As I turned to walk down the hall, I saw Niall walking towards Liv’s door and I ran down the hall to catch up with him.

“Niall what are you doing here?” I asked.

“I’m here to see Liv, because I actually care about her,” he snapped.

“Niall could you maybe come back later, I really need to talk to her,” I begged as we neared Liv’s door.

“I think she’s better off without you,” he said and was about to knock on Liv’s door.

“Niall, just let me talk to her,” he thought about it for a second,

“Fine,” he said and walked back down the hall.

That was a bit easier then I thought.

I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer, but when she didn’t I knocked again. I was about to say her name, but decided against it because then she definitely wouldn’t answer the door because she’d know it was me.

A few moments passed, and I soon heard the door being opened. Once the door was opened, it was immediately closed. It caught me off guard, and I cursed at myself when I wasn’t quick enough to stop the door from being closed.

“Liv!” I shouted as I hit my fist against the door.

“Liv open up,”

“Leave me alone Harry!” I heard her shout to me from inside her apartment. “Just talk to me Liv,” I said, my head leaning against the door. “I don’t want to talk to you Harry,”

“Then listen to me,” I said.

“I don’t want to be near you, let alone listen to you,” she fired back.

“Liv I-“

“Leave Harry!” she yelled, interrupting me.

 I gave one last knock against the door then left, I knew I could get her to open the door and it was obvious she really did want me to leave.

I decided it would be best to give her space for a while, and then try again to talk to her when she gets back from California. 

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