Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


43. Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Liv’s POV

It took us a while to get to the rink because it was on the other side of town, closer to Harry’s house. Nevertheless, we still arrived at the ice skating rink.

“Gemma sent me a text saying they were all here,” Harry told me as we got out of the car.

“Okay,” I said and he grabbed my hand as we walked to the entrance of the rink.

We walked inside and I saw tons of people inside. Little kids were chasing each other around the outside of the rink, teenagers were hanging around the snack bar, and parents were holding their children’s hands, guiding them around the rink.

“They’re over there,” Harry said, pointing to a table where our families were waiting.

They waved once they saw us, and we waved back at them as we walked over to them.

“You all could have started skating without us,” Harry said as we came up to them.

“We know, but we decided to wait,” Niall said. “Now go get your skates so we can skate.”

Harry and I nodded and went to the ice skate renting desk. Harry got both of our skates in our sizes and paid for them. We sat down on the bunch and not so easily slipped them on and went back to the table were everyone was sitting. We set our shoes next to theirs and told them we were ready.

“Lets go,” Niall said excitedly.

We all carefully walked with our skates on to the rink. Niall opened the small square door that allowed us access to the rink, and stepped on to the ice. I began to grow nervous as I watched everyone step onto the ice and skate off.

“You coming?” Harry asked.

“Oh um yeah,” I said and followed him out onto the rink.

Harry easily adjusted himself onto the ice and skated a few feet back and forth. I hesitantly stepped one foot first onto the ice, my foot sliding forward and I held onto the side. Harry stopped his skating back and forth to stand in front of me as I put my other foot onto the ice. I let go of the side I was holding onto and tried my best to keep my balance.

“Having fun there?” Harry smirked amusedly as me feet kept slipping and sliding on the ice.

“Just help me,” I scowled as I held my hand out to him.

He laughed as he grabbed my hand to decrease my struggling on the ice. I didn’t think ice skating would be as hard as it was when I was five considering I’ve grown up since then. Turns out it was just as hard, and I was squeezing Harry’s hand for dear life, I could hardly stay on my feet. I didn’t think I would grasp Harry’s hand any harder, but was proven wrong once Harry sped up, causing me to squeal.

“Don’t go so fast,” I said fearfully as he slowed down.

Niall zoomed passed us again, as he seems to have been doing ever since we got on the ice. This time he turned back around and stood in front of us.

“You guys have been on the ice for over ten minutes, and you’ve hardly made it half way around the rink,” Niall chuckled.

“Buzz off Niall I can’t skate,”

“What? The amazing Liv Wilson can’t ice skate? I thought you could do anything,” Niall said still chuckling as he mocked what I used to say when we were little when he told me there was something I couldn’t do, thus ending up in another one of our stupid ten year old bets.

“Whatever,” I scoffed at Niall as he smiled and skated off.

Harry helped me skate over closer to the side railing to get away from the center where all the faster skaters were. The ice over here being less skated on made it even more slippery under my skates, causing me to begin to fall, but Harry catches me as my hand jets out to grab the railing.

“Its okay, I got you,” Harry said and helped me back up on my skates.

He put his hand back in mine, and I kept the same firm grasp as we started skating again.

“This is starting to get a bit easier,” I smiled as I felt my feet glided steadier across the ice.

I looked over at Harry when he didn’t answer and started to slow down, his hand leaving mine to run it threw his hair, and saw him looking over at our families skating. I began to feel as if I was holding him back from actually having fun with his family and-

I was interrupted from my thoughts by my skate slipping forward making my legs give way, and my butt met the ice with a thud. Harry quickly turned back to me, and his face was struck with shock as he got down on the ice.

“Liv, are you okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I said, and he helped me get up.

“Are you sure your okay?” he asked again.

“Yeah,” I assured him but he didn’t seem convinced, now realizing there was something bothering me. “You can go skate with your family if you want,” I told him, his distraction of looking at his family getting us into this anyway.

“No no, I’m having fun with you,” he managed to smile.

“No you’re not, face it you’d rather be with them,” I said.

He opened his mouth to say something but I cut him off.

“We can go skating anytime, you don’t get to see your family very much. Plus I’m really not enjoying falling and slipping on the ice,” I lightly laughed.

“You’re the best,” he smiled.

“I know,” I joked, and he pulled me into a hug.


He helped me skate back to the small door, opening it for me as I stepped out. He leaned over to give me a quick kiss before skating over to his family.

I walked over to the table were our stuff was, it was now easier to walk with the skates on now that I’ve been skating. I sat down on the bench connected to the table and unlaced my skates; I wasn’t planning on going back out onto the ice. After I not so easily took off my skates, I slipped my boots back on and went to return my skates, my feet still adjusting from having the skates on to putting regular shoes back on.

After I gave the lady my skates, I walked back to the table and played on my phone.


An hour or so passed, and I soon noticed the families getting off the rink and walking back over to the table. All of them laughing and talking as they sat down on each side of the table.

“Have fun skating?” I asked Harry as he sat down next to me.

“Yeah,” he smiled and began to unlace his skates.

“You didn’t want to skate Liv?” I heard Greg ask me.

“I skated for a little bit but I wasn’t very good and I just kind of gave up,” I said and he laughed before putting his focus back on taking off his skates.

“Liv?” I heard Harry’s voice.

“Yeah?” I said back and faced him.

“Can you help me untie my other skate,” he asked, and I could tell he was a bit embarrassed to ask.

I giggled and motioned to my lap, beginning to untie the knot that the laces were in once he rested his foot on my lap.

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