Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


41. Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Liv’s POV

By the time Harry was done in the bathroom, Niall and I were both lying sideways on the bed holding our phones above our faces.

“You both ready for bed?” Harry asked as he walked out of the bathroom, drying his hair with a towel.

“Yeah,” I said, and Niall and I sat up and got off the bed as Harry threw his towel back into the bathroom.

We took off all the throw pillows, and pulled back the blankets. Once Harry placed a third pillow in between the two that were already there, Niall hopped right into the middle of the bed and made himself comfortable. I laughed, and then got in the bed next to him.

“Um, Niall?” Harry said as he walked to the other side of the bed.

“Yeah mate?”

“I was kind of wanting to sleep next to Liv,” Harry said a bit nervously.

“No way, I don’t want to wake up to you both having a make out session right next to me,” Niall joked.

“That’s not going to happen,” Harry told him.

“Sure it isn’t,”

“Niall, please,” Harry begged, and I laughed as Niall rolled his eyes and moved over.

“Your cousin is annoying,” Harry joked as he got under the covers next to me.


I woke up pretty early the next morning, barely on the bed. I had been pushed to the edge of the bed during the night, and my body was threatening to fall of the bed any minute. Harry had his arm draped around me, and I tried to push him back so I would have more room, but he wouldn’t budge.

“Harry,” I mumbled, still trying to get him to move.

“Shh, I’m sleeping,” he said groggily.

“I would be too if I wasn’t about to fall off the bed,” I told him.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

He tried to move back, but of course, Niall had to me taking up have the bed with his out stretched arms.

“Niall,” I said loud enough to where a sleeping person would hear it as yelling.

He jumped up in surprise and almost fell off the bed. “What?” he asked.

“You’re taking up the whole bed,” he moved over, then fell right back asleep.

Harry and I laughed once Niall started lightly snoring moments after he fell asleep again. I then laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes to go back to sleep.

After a few minutes passed, I found my self not able to fall back asleep.

“Harry,” I found myself saying.

“Yeah?” he asked, his eyes still closed.

“I can’t sleep,” I told him and he opened his eyes,

“Neither can I,”

We stayed up and silently talked for almost two hours. As we were talking, I looked over and checked the time.

“Harry we should probably go ahead and get up now,” I told him.

“No thanks, I’m good,” he said and snuggled his head deeper into the pillow.

“Ok, well I’m going to get up,” I got off the bed, only to have Harry instantly grab my wrist and pull me back on the bed.

“Harry please let me get up,” I begged.

“Fine,” he pouted and let go of my wrist. I stood up and walked out of the bedroom, and to the kitchen to get some breakfast.

I searched around the kitchen, trying to find something to eat. I was pretty much just aimlessly looking around because I didn’t really know where anything was in his pantry and fridge. I chuckled at some of the food items I was finding throughout his filled pantry.

I finally settled on the Chex cereal that I found at the top of the pantry. I opened a few of the cabinets until I found the ceramic bowls for the cereal, and I opened the box and poured the cereal out. I put the box back where I found and went to get a spoon, which was easy because I already knew where his utensils drawer was. I poured myself a glass of orange juice, and then I sat down on a barstool and began to eat my cereal. A minute or two later, I notice Gemma and Anne walking in.

“Good morning Liv, Merry Christmas,” Anne said as her and Gemma went to the fridge.

“Merry Christmas,” I said back and scooped more cereal onto my spoon.

“Niall and Harry are still asleep I’m guess?” Gemma laughed as she took out a carton of milk.

“Yep pretty much,” I answered.

“All these boys in the house could sleep until dinner if they wanted,” I heard Denise say, walking into the kitchen holding Theo.

“All of them except Theo,” Anne said.

“Sometimes I wish Theo would sleep as much as they do so he wouldn’t wake me up in the middle of the night,” Denise laughed.

A few minutes later Maura joined us as well, and the five of us ate our breakfast together and continued to talk, Theo joining in a few times with random baby noises, making us laugh.

“Well its Christmas, so we ought to do something fun today,” Maura said.

“Like what?” I asked.

“I don’t know, our options are limited though considering almost everything is closed.” Anne said, and we all nodded in agreement.

“How about ice skating?” Gemma suggested.

“Are there any ice skating rinks around here?” Denise asked, and everyone looked at me.

“Don’t look at me, I haven’t lived here for a few years,” I said.

“I know but you’ve had to have seen one around when you did live here,” Anne said.

“I don’t think I did, I’ve never really been into ice skating,” I explained. “We’re just going to have to wait until Harry gets up,”

“Oh he’s awake he just doesn’t want to get up,”

Denise was about to say something, but was interrupted by the kitchen door opening.

“Merry Christmas,” Harry said, walking in with his arms in the air and a Santa hat on his head.

“And speaking of Harry,” Gemma laughed as she got up to put her dishes in the sink.

“Oh were you ladies talking about me,” Harry playfully smirked and walked over to me and placed a kiss on my head.

“Yeah, do you now any ice skating rinks around here?” Denise asked.

“Yeah there is one about twenty minutes away. It’s usually opened on Christmas,” Harry told us as he sat down on the barstool next to me.

“We should probably go wake everyone up now,” I said.

“Probably,” Maura laughed, and we all got up from where we were sitting and put our dishes in the sink. 

Harry ran water over the dishes, then we all went back to our rooms to get dressed and wake up everyone else. 

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