Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


38. Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Liv’s POV

The three of us were sitting on the couch in the living room, waiting for everyone to come. Harry was beginning to get anxious because they were a few minutes late.

He was coming up with wild fascinations of why they were late, and he was only scaring himself.

“What if they got pulled over, and the police took their phones so they couldn’t call us,” Harry continued his rampage, “Or what if they decided they just didn’t want to come and turned around and left,”

“What if they’re coming and they just got stuck in traffic,” I told Harry,

“She’s right,” Niall agreed, “They’re probably in traffic,”

“But what they’re not,” Harry said, still not able to calm down.

“You’re being paranoid,” I told him.

“Am not,” he protested, and I decided just to let it go.

Only a few moments later, the doorbell rang, and the three of us jumped up.

“I bet that’s them Harry,” I said as we went to the door.

“But what if its not, it might be-“

“Harry its them, now shut up,” Niall loudly said as we approached the door.

Harry looked a bit taken back, but shrugged it off. I think has been holding that inside him ever since Harry’s paranoia began. Harry opened the door, and sure enough both of our families were there holding suitcases and presents.

“Told you it was them,” I quickly whispered to Harry, and he playfully hit my side.

As Harry and Niall exchanged hugs with their family, I awkwardly stood to the side not sure of what to do, I wasn’t sure if they even realized I was here. It’s been so long since I’ve seen or talked to everyone, I wasn’t even sure if they remembered me at all. Of course they remember you, I assured myself. I spent so much time with Harry’s family, we were all practically family. And Niall’s family, they sure as hell were my family too; I’ve known them since I was born.

I quickly shake all the thoughts from my mind; all of Harry’s paranoid thoughts were rubbing off on me now.

After everyone finished hugging, it took me a moment to realize that all eyes were on me. They all seemed to be in shock, a happy shock I hope. It wasn’t long before I saw smiles rise on their faces and before I knew it I was engulfed into a big hug. Harry and Niall stood back and laughed at the sudden excitement.

“Oh Liv, I haven’t seen you in so long,” Harry’s mother said, as everyone pulled back from the hug.

“Look at you, you’re all grown up!” Niall’s mom/my aunt added.

All of them complimented me and asked me questions. I never got to answer what they would say because just as someone said something, someone else would add to it.

“Okay everyone lets go into the dining room, then you can ask Liv all the questions you want,” Harry said as he moved everyone to the room.

Him and Niall went to the kitchen and got out all the food we made yesterday, along with some other things Harry had already made before Niall and I came over. They placed all the food in different areas on the dining room table, and then sat down at the table with everyone else.

They all started asking me question again, but this time I got to answer, because after someone asked something, everyone would take o bite of what they were eating. Everyone asked me the usual questions about my tour, America and commenting on my American accent, pretty much saying or asking anything they thought of.

“Well its so nice to see you again Liv, I think I can say for everyone that we’ve missed you,” Greg said once all the questions died down.

Every agreed with Greg’s statement, and I felt my cheeks heat up as I smiled.

“So you and Harry are back together I presume,” Anne said cheerfully, and I nodded.

“Harry has been talking about you nonstop when he calls me,” she told me.

“Mum,” Harry groaned in annoyance, obviously embarrassed that his mum said that out loud.

“He is still very smitten with you,” she added, ignoring her son’s complaints.

I had always enjoyed Anne’s company, she always told me cute and embarrassing things about Harry when I would go with him to visit. I remember the first time I met Anne was about five months in to my relationship with Harry, and the night we left was the night that he had told me he loved me.

I smiled at the occurring thought in my head, and looked over at Harry whose cheeks were getting pinker and pinker as everyone told him how cute everything his mum said was. As I continued watching Harry, his eyes could my stare, and he gave me small smile as I returned one.

“How about all of you go put the presents you brought under the tree,” Harry finally said.

They all nodded and got up from their seats to go get the gifts and put them under the tree, leaving Harry, Niall, and I in the kitchen to clean up.

“Well that went well,” Harry said, and I could tell he meant it seriously and sarcastically considering his mum embarrassed him.

“Are you smitten with Liv?” Niall jokily asked Harry as he mimicking Anne’s voice.

Harry set down the dish he was holding and playfully hit Niall’s arm, to which Niall hit his arm back. This continued until I finally stopped them, and they picked up the dishes again.

“Hey Harry,” Niall said as he reached the door to the kitchen.

“Yeah?” Harry looked up.

“You’re smitten like a love sick kitten,” Niall said, proud of his statement as he quickly went into the kitchen before Harry went after him.

Harry had taken a step towards him, but he was already gone. Harry turned back around and rolled his eyes.

“Sorry if my mum embarrasses you,” Harry said.

“She’s embarrassing you not me,” I told him.

“Just wait,” Harry said as he looked up at me. I just laughed, and Harry followed me to the kitchen where we put the dishes in the sink.

“I’ll just wash them later,” Harry told me as we both walked into the living room where everyone else was.

After we saw that everyone placed their presents where they wanted, Harry told everyone which room they were in. Once given their room, everyone picked up the bags and suitcases they brought, and headed off to their given room.

I began to grow excited as I looked at all the presents, and realized that Christmas Eve was tomorrow. I knew the only presents I got were from Harry and Niall, because nobody knew I was going to be here, but I didn’t mind. It’s still fun just watching everyone’s reactions to opening their presents. You see the looks on faces as someone gets something they’ve always wanted, or something unexpected. 

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