Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


36. Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Liv’s POV

Christmas was now only a few days away, and I was really excited. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday, I mean who doesn’t like Christmas?

I was currently finishing up wrapping Niall and Harry’s presents, along with presents for the family. I was about to head over to Harry’s house to hang out with him and Niall and do some cooking and put up extra decorations. The rest of the boys already left to go to their families, so I gave them their presents the other day. Harry’s mum and sister are coming tomorrow, and I think his step dad is coming too.

Since I was spending Christmas with Harry, Niall and all his family, which is my family too, are coming to Harry’s house as well. So far this was looking to a great Christmas. I’m getting to see my actual family and the people who I used to consider family because we got along so well. So I guess you could say I was pretty happy, and nothing, absolutely nothing could ruin this for me.

“Perfect,” I said to myself as I finished putting the bow on Harry’s perfectly wrapped present.

I picked up the presents, grabbed my purse, and headed out the door the elevators.

I got on the elevator, and once it arrived at the lobby, I got off and walked outside. Harry couldn’t pick me up today, he said he wanted to have everything out and ready so we could start cooking and decorating right when I got there. I easily caught a taxi today, and once I got in I told the driver Harry’s address, and he drove off.

Once the driver arrived at Harry’s, I paid him then got out. I saw Niall’s car parked in the driveway, so it was obvious he was here. I quickly jumped up the steps, and knocked on Harry’s door. Niall opened the door, and smiled when he saw me.

“Hey Liv,” he said and pulled me into a quick hug.

Niall has been really happy ever since Harry and I got back together. His reaction of happiness when I had told him was priceless.

“Hey,” I said back as we released from the hug.

“Come on in,” I followed Niall inside and he led me to the kitchen.

As we walked into the kitchen, I saw Harry there with multiple cookbooks set out, along with different ingredients and cooking utensils.

“Hey Liv,” Harry said, walking over to me and giving me a quick kiss.

“Hey,” I said back.

“So what’s all this?” I asked, looking at all the ingredients.

“Well Niall and I found some recipes that we liked in some of these cookbooks, and then we got out the ingredients we needed.” Harry explained.

“And then if you’ll us to the living room,” Harry began, “We got out some decorations, and we went ahead and put up the Christmas tree, but we haven’t decorated it yet,” Harry said.

“Yep, us manly men got out all the boxes and carried up the Christmas tree, just for you,” Niall said, and they both began to stretch out their arms and show off their muscles.

“Whatever,” I rolled my eyes at them.

“Shall we begin with cooking?” Harry suggested, and we all agreed.

The three of us walked into the kitchen, and decided on making the gingerbread people first.


A few hours had passed, and the three of us had made all the food that Harry and Niall had chosen from the cookbooks. We had gingerbread, fudge, cranberry muffins, and a few other things.

“Finally we’re done,” I sighed, I’d always hated cooking, whereas Harry loved it, but I never complained. 

We covered everything in foil and plastic and put it away until tomorrow when everyone was coming over.

“Okay now for the fun part, decorating,” I said happily.

“What are you talking about? Cooking is the best part,” Harry said as he walked up next to me.

“Maybe for you,” I smiled, and he gave me a quick kiss.

“Where do you want to start?” Niall asked me.

“How about we start with the tree,” I said.

The two of them nodded, and we found all the boxes with Christmas tree decorations. We opened up the boxes, and started with wrapping the lights around the tree, then we put the garland on. Soon after we opened up all the boxes of ornaments Harry had, and placed them on the tree.

“Last but not least, the star,” Niall said taking the star out of the last box.

“Liv would you like to put the star up?” Niall asked and handed me the star.

“I don’t think I’m tall enough to reach the top.” I said and handed the star to Harry.

“You put it up,” I told Harry as he grabbed the star.

He smiled and walked over and his height causing him to easily place the star on top.

“Okay, now lets decorate the rest of the house,” I said.

The three of us opened up the rest of the boxes and took out decorations, placing them anywhere that seemed to fit.

We wrapped garland around the staircase handle, and placed snow globes and stuffed Santa’s all over the house. Niall found a few outdoor decorations, so we put those outside. Luckily Harry already had someone come and put up Christmas lights outside so we didn’t have to worry about that.

An hour or so and many snowmen later, we were done, well almost.

“We need to put the presents under the tree,” I suddenly remembered.

“Oh yeah,” Harry said, “We do,”

The three of us got up and went to get all the presents we had. Harry had walked upstairs to get all the presents he had, while Niall and I had went to get ours from the dining room.

While Niall and I were setting up our presents under the tree, I noticed Harry struggling to walk down the stairs with all the gifts he was holding. I got up and went over to Harry and grabbed some of the presents he was holding and helped him bring them to the tree.

“Thanks,” Harry said to me once he set all the gifts down.

Harry then sat down with Niall and me and placed his gifts under the tree, making sure he kept a section open for when our families come over with gifts.

“Now don’t either of you try to sneak a peek at your presents,” Harry said, pointing a finger at Niall and I, knowing that we had a habit of trying to figure out what our gifts are.

“I would never,” I joked.

“Sure you wouldn’t,” Harry said sarcastically, and the three of us laughed.

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