Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


34. Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Liv’s POV

“Well that depends… do you?”

His words rang through my ears. Did I want to get back together with him? What am I thinking, of course I do. I hadn’t realized until just a few days ago how much better my life is with him in it.

“Do you?” he asked again.

“Yeah, I think so,”

“You think so?” he jokingly asked and I nodded.

“No, I want a definite answer. Now say yes,” he said and gripped his hands on my arms.

“Yes,” I giggled.

“I don’t believe you,” he said.

“Yes,” I said again a bit more powerful.

Harry’s grin changed into a large giddy smile as he wrapped his arms around me and spun me around. He put me back down, still smiling as he released me.

“So we’re back together?” he asked, obviously needing clarification.

“Yes,” that seems to be the only thing I’m saying is yes, but I don’t think either of us really mind.

“You have no idea how happy that makes me,” he said, still smiling as he pulled me into another hug.

“Just don’t let me down okay? I can’t take another heartbreak…especially from you.” I told him, whispering the last part.

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I can’t imagine ever letting you go again,” he leaned down pecked my cheek.


A few days had passed since Harry and I got back together, and they’ve been the best few days I’ve had in a long time. We were inseparable. We spent ever minute of every day together, whether we’re asleep or awake, we’ve been together. At times I felt like all this was going to fast, but then he would kiss me, or even just wrap his arms around me, and I would forget all my worries.

“I don’t understand what’s going on,” I told Harry.

We were at my apartment watching some adventure movie Harry wanted me to see. I let out an annoyed sigh, this being the third time I got confused during the movie.

“They just found the secret entrance, and now they’re looking for the map they lost,” he explained.

“Well if they lost the map then how did they find the secret entrance?” I asked.

“That entrance isn’t on the map, the map leads them to the treasure. They found where the secret entrance was from a message in a bottle,” Harry said.

“Well who sent the message to them?” I asked.

“We don’t know yet,”

“But then-“ I started,

“Just watch the movie,” Harry said silencing me.

“Fine,” I mumbled, and snuggled closer to his chest.

A few minutes passed, and Harry’s phone started to ring signaling he got a text. He reached over and grabbed his phone.

“It’s a text from Liam,” Harry told me as he unlocked his phone.

“Oh shit,” Harry cursed under his breath.

“What?” I asked, taking my attention away from the movie and back to him.

“I forgot I’m supposed to meet Liam and Louis at his flat,” he told me.

“So you have to leave?” I asked as I looked up at him.

“Sadly,” he said.

I really didn’t want him to go, I was so comfortable laying here with him. His arm wrapped around me, and out legs messily tangled into each other’s. We stayed like this for a few more moments until Harry spoke again.

“I have to go,” he sighed, resting his head in the crook my neck. I let out a huff,

“Okay,” I said, and we untangled our legs and got up.

“I’ll call you when I’m leaving, and I’ll come back over so we can finish watching the movie.” he told me as he slipped his shoes and jacket on.

“Okay,” I said and got up from the couch.

“Walk me?” he held his hand out as he faked pouting.

I giggled and accept his hand as I grabbed my keycard, and we walked out of my apartment and into the hallway.

“So what do you have to do with Liam and Louis?” I asked as we stepped into the elevator.

“Oh we’re just working on some lyrics for some new songs and we want to finish them before Christmas.” he explained.

“Oh okay,” I said as the elevator continued going down until it reached the lobby.

We walked across the lobby, and in a few short minutes, we were outside and in front of Harry’s car.

“I’ll call you soon,” he bent down to give me a kiss.

His hands rested on my sides as he kissed me, and I found my hands mindlessly wrapping around his neck. The kiss wasn’t heated, but slow and passionate, neither of us wanting to leave, though we knew we had to. We continued enjoying each other for a few more moments until both of us pulled back.

“Okay I really have to go now,” he said and gave me one more quick kiss before getting into his car.

Harry’s POV

I noticed Liv waving to me as I drove off. I was really happy that I got her back, for numerous reasons. The main reason being because I-

I was cut off from my thoughts as I quickly hit the break, not noticing the stop light right away.

A few more minutes passed as I drove to Liam’s house. Once I arrived, I looked at the time and realized how late I was. I quickly got out of my car and ran up the steps to the door. I got out the spare key Liam had given all of us, and walked inside.

“Hello boys,” I chirped happily as I walked over to them.

“Harry!” Liam and Louis both exclaimed as I walked in.

“What?” I asked putting my hands up in defense.

“You’re late,” Liam said as I sat down across from him at the table.

“I’m aware of that,” I said and took off my jacket.

“Why were you late?” he asked.

“Lost track of time I guess,” I shrugged.

“Why are you so happy?” Liam asked.

“It was something to do with a certain blonde I’m hoping,” Louis smirked.

“Possibly,” I answered.

“Hmm,” Louis continued smirking.

“Can we just start writing the song, I want to take Liv out for dinner tonight,” I said, grabbing a piece of paper.

“Oooo,” they both said in unison.

“Can we please just start?” I begged.

“Oh fine,” Louis laughed and grabbed a piece of paper for himself.

The three of us spent our time bouncing ideas off each other until we had the bridge and chorus off the song. We decided to take a quick break before starting back up again. We knew we could finish the song tonight, so that was our goal. The three of us walked into the kitchen and started getting out numerous snacks. I was about to grab a bag of chips when Louis tapped my shoulder.

“I need to talk to you,” he whispered.

“Okay talk,” I said.

“No, in private,” he told me, and I suddenly began to feel worried.

“Okay,” I said and followed him to the hallway. He looked around him quickly before speaking.

“The boys found out,” Louis told me and I instantly knew what he was talking about.

“What? Why?” I quickly asked.

“I had too,” he said in his defense.

“Why?” I furiously asked.

“I’ll explain later, I just thought I should let you know,” he told me.

“So does Niall know?” I asked, worried of his response.

“No, he was with Liv when the boys found out,” Louis said.

“Okay,” that made me feel a bit better, but I was still worried.

Liam didn’t treat me any different, so maybe the guys didn’t really care right now.

“Okay,” I said again, and we both walked back to the kitchen. 

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