Still Mine

What if someone said something to you, trying to discourage you from following your dreams. Would you give up on that dream? Or would you follow that dream and prove them wrong. What if the person who tired to discourage you came to an event of your dream that is now reality and tried to win you back?

My name is Olivia Wilson, and I know what I'd do.


26. Chapter 26

Chapter 26

Liv’s POV

Once we arrived at Harry’s house, I was relieved that he parked his car in the garage. I really didn’t want to go back outside, even if it was a quick walk from the driveway to his front door.

“Okay, we’re here,” Harry said once he unlocked the car the car that was now fully parked in his garage.

We both got out of the car and walked inside his house.

“So are you hungry?” Harry asked as he took off his jacket and threw it on the couch.

“Yes,” I said, “And cold,” I added.

“Let me go turn up the heat,” he smiled and headed down the hall.

I walked over and sat at a barstool in the kitchen as I waited for him to return.

“Okay,” I heard Harry say as he came into the kitchen, “The temperature should warmer up more in a few minutes,” he said and I nodded.

“So what should we make?” Harry asked.

“We?” I questioned.

“Yes we,” he clarified.

“I can’t cook,” I told him. “Well its time you learn,”

“What if I don’t want to learn?” I said.

“You have to,” he told me.

“I think I’d rather watch,” I said and smiled.

“Well you can’t,” he said.

“Fine,” I pouted and got up from my seat.

“So what are we making?” I asked.

“I was thinking we could each make our own homemade pizzas,” he said excitedly.

“This should be interesting,” I said but he ignored me as he went to his pantry and started taking out ingredients.

“Go get some bowls from the cabinet over there,” Harry said and pointed to the cabinet. I nodded and opened up the cabinet and took out three different size bowls that were stacked together.

“Got them,” I told Harry as I set the bowls on the counter.

“Okay now get out some spoons and measuring cups from those two drawers,” he told me as he pointed out to drawers next to each other.

“Okay,” I said.

I went over to the drawers and took out a few measuring cups of different measurements and a couple of spoons. When I turned back to the counter and put the cups and spoons with everything else, Harry had taken out a few more things.

“How much stuff do we need?” I asked as I looked at everything we had set out. Harry just smiled and continued arranging everything in a certain way.

“Okay so here are the ingredients for the crust, and just follow this recipe as you make it,” Harry told me and handed me a recipe, mixing bowl, and a whisk.

He set out all the things we need to make the crust in the middle of the counter. I looked over the recipe and I reached for a measuring cup and the bag of flour,

“Wait,” Harry suddenly said.

“What?” I asked.

Harry held up his finger signaling me to wait as he went back over to the pantry. He came out of the pantry a few seconds later holding something in his hand.

“You’ll need this,” Harry said as he handed me an apron.

I grabbed the apron and put it on then continued with what I was doing. I scooped the measuring cup in the gab of flour and leveled it off before pouring it into the bowl. I measured and poured in the rest of the ingredients and then began to mix it.

“How’s it going?” Harry asked.

“Pretty good I think, this dough is hard to mix though once it starts to get…doughy,” I told him.

He laughed and walked over to me, “Let me help,” he said and walked over to me.

He stood behind me and wrapped his arms around me, and his hands covered mine as he grasped the spoon.

“This is so cliché,” I said quietly but I knew he heard it.

“But you like it don’t you,” he teased as he continued helping me mix the pizza dough.

“Okay I think it’s done,” I said after a few moments and wiggled out of Harry’s hold around me.

Harry just laughed and ran a hand through his hair as he walked back over to his bowl.

“Go ahead and take the dough out of the bowl now,” Harry said as he started mixing his dough.

I nodded and started taking the dough out and putting it on the counter.

“Now what?” I asked.

“Wait until I’m done,” he said.

I started poking at the dough as I waited for him to be finished. Harry soon began to take all the dough out of his bowl and came and put it next to mine.

“Okay now make sure its all together, and then watch me,” Harry said and position his dough some before picking it up and throwing it in the air, only to successfully catch it with his hands as it comes back down.

“Now you try,” he said.

“No way,” I told him.

“Come on its easy,”

“Maybe for you,” I said back. He chuckled and then demonstrated for me how to hold the dough and to successfully catch it.

After we did that, I now had to try it. I took in a deep breath as I threw up the dough and I kept an eye on it as I watched it fall back down. I was happy when I successfully caught the dough without messing it up or dropping it.

“Good job,” Harry said as he tossed his dough up again.

Harry and I continued doing this for a few more minutes until he said they were done. Harry grabbed two pizza pans and we both put our dough in them and flatten it around the pan. Harry poured all the toppings he had into little bowls while I poured out the pizza sauce. Harry and I both spread the sauce on the dough, and then cover our pizzas with cheese and other toppings. I went with a basic pepperoni pizza, while Harry had all the toppings all over his pizza.

“What did you do to your pizza?” I asked once I saw his.

“I just put toppings on it,” he shrugged as he continued to sprinkle on more cheese.

“You put to much,” I told him.

“You didn’t put enough,” he said back.

I roll my eyes at him and begin to preheat the oven to what the recipe said. After a few minutes, the oven beeped indicating that the oven was ready for us to put the pizzas in. Harry finally finished off his pizza and we both put them in the oven.


Harry and I had just finished most of our pizzas and I had tried some of Harry’s pizza and I don’t know how he eats it, it was awful.

We were now in Harry’s living room sitting on the couch with the TV on although we weren’t paying attention to it. I was on Harry’s laptop and he was on his iPad, and we were going through numerous online shopping websites. It was quite fun online shopping with Harry; he found lots of good websites with good prices and nice clothes.

I had about five different website tabs up on the computer with around five or ten items on each. After I narrowed all the items down to things I absolutely needed, I decided to buy some of the items I found. I got my credit card from my purse and typed in the pin code and my apartment address on each check out window.

“What are you getting?” I asked Harry once I finished.

He handed me the tablet and moved closer to me and began showing me different shoes and shirts he had picked out.

“Which ones should I get?” he asked as I continued scrolling through the list of items.

“Definitely not this,” I said and deleted a pair of shoes from his list.

“What about this?” he said and pointed to a striped shirt.

“Don’t you already have that?” I asked.

“Not in this color,” he said, I rolled my eyes and left the shirt in his list.

After a few minutes, we narrowed down Harry’s list and he bought everything. 

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