making all the same mistakes

people make mistakes, even me. i thought my life was perfect in till i meet you. i wanted you when i could not have you. got with you even though you are with her, we made something,BUT you are still with her. let me say this now, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE MISTAKE. and i keep making all the same mistakes. i wish i knew when we did it cause my whole life would have been different


2. chapter 2

                                     july 15 2012


       oh my god he was there ugg i cant be leave he was. the way he walks,talk,smiles it just makes me want him. good thing im not showing or else someone would have asked. i hope i never see him again, so i can get over him. do you know how hard it is being in love with someone you know you cant have. it feels like someone is hitting my heart with a sleg hammer every time he looks at me, and some one is killing me when he smiles and talks to me. its so hard. i wish he know i loved him and he might not be with her if he did knew i loved him cause he would be with me. as i leave party with no alcohol in me at all and being sober. i walk to me car trying to leave but he stops me. "hay brig why you leaving so early and with out a shot" niall says so beautifully. i cant tell him why  im leaving and why i am not drinking cause then i would haft to tell him he is the father and he would beg me not to leave tomorrow. which i dont mind him begging for me not to leave, but i do mind the reason why he would be begging me not to leave. i have a plane ticket to america tomorrow. the thing is he will be flying down to the same place i am in 3 months. i will have a very notice able belly because im found out yesterday im having twins. im in so much fear. its not like i dont want to have his kids, its just i dont want the right now. we arnt even dating its was a one night ting, and plus niall is engaged to Amy rose soon to be Amy horan. she should be having his kids not me. i feel so horrible.



-------------------------------------------authors note----------------------------------------------------------------

sorry for another authors not is just i have something i need to tell yall. i know i said 3 months intill they see each other but im doing the diary entrees once a month. *not in real time only in her time * so it wont be 60 chapters intill they see each other again  so dont worry the next chapter will be the only one with less niall stuff in it. please like and favorite my story and comment what you think of my story and leave a story of yours you would want me to read :* luv you guys and thank you for 2 hundred and something on my book 'so not prom queen' i just updated it so please check it out 

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