making all the same mistakes

people make mistakes, even me. i thought my life was perfect in till i meet you. i wanted you when i could not have you. got with you even though you are with her, we made something,BUT you are still with her. let me say this now, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE MISTAKE. and i keep making all the same mistakes. i wish i knew when we did it cause my whole life would have been different


1. chapter 1

OH YA THAT FEELS SO GOOD YA NIALL THATS PERFECT FASTER FASTER.  those words still stuck in my head of that night. i wish that night never happened it was the begging. the begging of what you may or may not be asking. well let me tell you. it was the begging of all of my mistakes. that night he got in a fight with Amy. so i came over to try to cheer him up. but instead of me cheering him up i FUCKED UP. we did something that i wished i was never apart of. I thought doing that would make him feel better, but it made me want him even more. IM SO STUPID. And now i haft to cope that he is engaged now and the thing i haft to cope with is that im not the one he is engaged to. now im  dealing with the consequence of have sex with a guy who is engaged. you want to know what my consequence is well its something i always wanted from him, just not like this, not at this time, not when i can barely pay the rent. something i would really want to have if i was the one with the ring on my finger. something that Amy should be, NOT me. And something i will never tell him in till i think he is ready to know. the  consequence is that im pregnant with niall child well more like children. this is why wont wont tell him unless i need to, or its a life or death situation. this is my biggest secret i have kept from him, and trust me i have allot of secrets that he does not know and never know. Now let me tell you the full story of my mistakes starting with the day i found out i was pregnant. hope you like my crazy,lovely,fucked,messed up,lonely,and depressing.


-------------------- authors note-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

hope you like it so far. let me tell yall more about the story :). its about a girl named Bridget. she has blond hair, pretty green eyes, and is a beautiful young lady, but she never thought she was pretty let alone beautiful. so whens she meets 5 strange boys she becomes happy till she falls in love with one that she knows she cant have. but she cant stop thinking of him, hanging out with him, and call/text him. soon he makes her feel beautiful. but one night can change there whole relationship. from a fight, to a feel better, to leaving her with regret. shes not telling this to a focus group ,or her imaginary friends, or her little group of real friends, nope none of these. she is telling this story in her diary/journal. so there will be dates and no p.o.v unless the chapter says nialls,amys,etc,ect....! so plz enjoy her telling you all her mistakes, after mistakes. cause the with the life she has SHE KEEPS MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES. 

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