making all the same mistakes

people make mistakes, even me. i thought my life was perfect in till i meet you. i wanted you when i could not have you. got with you even though you are with her, we made something,BUT you are still with her. let me say this now, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE MISTAKE. and i keep making all the same mistakes. i wish i knew when we did it cause my whole life would have been different


3. 4 months

November 1 2012

might only me 4 months but I'm so noticeable. I'm in the baby store looking for baby clothes. I'm buying yellow stuff cause I don't know the genders yet. I really want to find out soon. I find out next week. I can't wait. My wants a girls my mom wants a boys, I don't know what I want though. All I want is a happy heathy babies that's all I want.

A week later

I jut found out the genders omg I totally thought it was going to be boys but I was wrong I'm having twin girls. Oh I can't wait to be a mother, I just hope Niall doesn't find out. So I'm going back I the Carter's the baby store so I can look at some baby stuff since I know the baby gender now. I can't wait to tell everybody. I drive in and I see a face I have seen before. I just ignore it and start walking to Carter's. The i hear something. "Brige" is that you. I was a Irish accent. It was niall I just had to pretend that I could not hear him so I just walk faster and he seems to follow me. I hide my self I baby clothes but it doesn't work. Bridget is that you. I had a pretty convincing American ascent cause all I had to saw was"no my name is Katie" and he believed me and just walked away. I cant have him knowing. Thank god he he believed in a another one of my lies or else I would be In so much trouble!!!!

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