Never Alone

There's no explanation to the unexplained...unless you explain the unexplainable anyways...


1. Ravens

The field was desolate, nothing but the wind greeting me, and no sign of life to be seen. It was a rather chilly day, showing signs of upcoming snow. The harsh breeze stung my ears, and I regretted not wearing a hat. I tugged my hair over my ears, and put my hands in my coat pockets. The wild grass was up to my waist, and I felt like a traffic cone in the middle of the road, with my cherry red coat on. I was in no man’s land, nothing around me within a hundred mile radius that I knew of, and for that I was grateful. Sticking out like a sore thumb was okay when there was no one to notice, I thought, thankfully.

    A bothersome raven cawed, soaring around in the cloudless air. I didn’t like ravens, they were ugly birds, with beady little eyes that always stared in a way that made you think that they knew a secret that you didn’t. The creature’s presence made me shiver. Or maybe that was just the cold.

    My cell phone buzzed, just as I had anticipated. The number said “private”, but that didn’t matter. I knew who it was. 

    “Yes?” I answered the phone monotonously.

    “Two days, Ebony!” The man responded with poorly concealed anger. 

    “Mm hm,” I watched the tall grass bow in the wind, “Is this why you called?” I asked, even though I knew it was the only reason. The caller’s persistence was irritating, not to mention pointless.

    “I’m not in the mood for your nonchalant attitude,”-

    I rolled my eyes.

    “In two days, you better have a solid answer!” He growled.

    “Give it up,” I replied in a flat tone, “I told you what my answer was and is. No. I don’t have that kind of money to share with you, Kevin. Get a job.”

    “I have a job! They’ll kill me in two days, unless I get the money! I don’t have it.” Kevin was practically whining at this point.

    “It’s your fault for gambling so much,” I was getting bored, “You could have invested in something like a good alarm system, instead.” I hung up, and slid my phone back in my pocket. Kevin was like eighty percent of the human race. Greedy and stupid.

    I had wasted enough time. I looked at the sun, high in the sky, and shielded my eyes. 

    “Hey now,” came a young voice, “Whachu doin’ in my ‘ere field?”

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