Love, friendship and betrayal. A Niall Horan story.

"HEY! You must be Caylee!" I heard a rich Irish accent call, "Uhm, hey, and its Hayley, and you are?" I questioned.


Hi im Hayley, and ive just changed schools, due to previous bullies, many of my cousins go here, and they say its great! So i hope I meet heaps of new people with awesome personalities!!


A story of love, betrayal and lies, but who will Hayley believe?...


7. what was that?

"Hey, Carla!" I called out to Carla who was sitting at our usual meeting spot, under the big oak tree.

"Hi," She said sounding different then usual, "what was that about?" She asked obviously seeing what had just happened with me and Niall.

"What was what about?" I asked acting like I knew nothing.

"That thing with Niall!" She began raise her voice a little, we began to get a few stares.

"Oh, that was nothing, he was just saying hi, because he delivered my turtle this morning, do you wanna come and see him this afternoon? His name is Duke!" I said trying to change the subject.

"WELL BACK OFF! He's mine!" She yelled as she walked off obviously ignoring the subject change.

"I WASNT EVEN GOING TO TRY ANYTHING!" I yelled as I walked in the opposite direction to my next class.

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