Love, friendship and betrayal. A Niall Horan story.

"HEY! You must be Caylee!" I heard a rich Irish accent call, "Uhm, hey, and its Hayley, and you are?" I questioned.


Hi im Hayley, and ive just changed schools, due to previous bullies, many of my cousins go here, and they say its great! So i hope I meet heaps of new people with awesome personalities!!


A story of love, betrayal and lies, but who will Hayley believe?...


3. HOME TIME!! :)

When I got home, I told mum about my day, "I've already made a friend, her name's Carla! And she's sooooo pretty!" I explained while mum cooked the pasta we were going to have for dinner, "Well, when am I going to meet this, Carol girl?" Mum asked.

"Carla," I corrected her, "And I'll invite her over tomorrow." I answered, "where is everybody?" I asked.

"Oh, they're all at their new friends houses, at least its quiet for once!" Mum exclaimed.

"Yeah, well I got to do my homework," I said as I walked up the hallway.

(A/N: sorry its short, I've got a bad case of writers block :/ do youse know any solutions?)

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