Love, friendship and betrayal. A Niall Horan story.

"HEY! You must be Caylee!" I heard a rich Irish accent call, "Uhm, hey, and its Hayley, and you are?" I questioned.


Hi im Hayley, and ive just changed schools, due to previous bullies, many of my cousins go here, and they say its great! So i hope I meet heaps of new people with awesome personalities!!


A story of love, betrayal and lies, but who will Hayley believe?...


5. Duke arrives


My alarm welcomed me to this 'wonderful' Tuesday, "C'mon Hayley, time to get up," my dad said at the end of the bed.

"Do I have to g-" I didn't get to finish my sentence as I was interrupted by dad.

"WOAH HAYLEY!!" Dad exclaimed.

"What?" I questioned, "what is it my hair, my room, did I do something wrong?" I asked seriously.

"Morning breath," he whispered, the minute he said that I got up an ran to the bathroom and bushed my teeth, I hate morning breath! I thought to myself as I squirted the green and white toothpaste onto my toothbrush.



I ran down the hallway, through the kitchen and jumped over the lounge to open the door, "Delivery for Mr and Mrs Orbs?" The man said, he looked quite young, and he had blonde hair and his blue eyes accented his melodious Irish accent, "Errrm, hello?" He interrupted my thoughts.

"Uh, yeah, hi, um, they aren't here at the moment, what are you delivering?"

"Uh, let me check," he said as he scanned the page, "Uhm, its a turtle..."

"Oh ok, that'd be Duke, would I be able to sight the form?" I asked while admiring his wonderful face.

"Sure, I just need your name and your age." He answered.

"Ok, Hayley Orbs, and I'm sixteen," I said taking the clip board.

"Ok, I'll go and get your turtle," he said adding a wink at the end.

As he re-approached my door I thanked him and said good bye, when he said bye, I wished he said hello again...

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