Love, friendship and betrayal. A Niall Horan story.

"HEY! You must be Caylee!" I heard a rich Irish accent call, "Uhm, hey, and its Hayley, and you are?" I questioned.


Hi im Hayley, and ive just changed schools, due to previous bullies, many of my cousins go here, and they say its great! So i hope I meet heaps of new people with awesome personalities!!


A story of love, betrayal and lies, but who will Hayley believe?...


2. A whole new place

After about five, long and loud minutes we finally arrive at my new school, and its huge!

I looked at my phone, my hone showed 7:58, I knew the bell was going to go soon so I grabbed my timetable and checked my first lesson, maths, 'ARRG' I thought to myself, I didn't know where to go so I decided to wander around and find my class.

I found my class, eventually, and I was ten minutes late! But the teacher let me off as it was first day, "Uh, hi, sorry I'm late, I'm new here and I didn't know where to go, I'm soooo sorry," I apologised to the teacher, "No thats ok, take any spare seat, I'm Mr Pulp, whats your name, darl?"

"Oh so sorry for being rude I'm Hayley, Hayley Orbs," I answered as I took a seat next to a blonde, beautiful girl, "Hey, I'm Carla, you're gonna have a great time at this school!" The girl said, "Well I hope so!" I added.

As the day went on I found that I had few classes with Carla, so we stayed with each other most of the day.

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