Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


1. Woods of Despair

I've been walking for days now, and there is no sign of villages nor peoples. I'm getting tired, hungry, starving and thirsty. Oh God, this is tiring ! I'm never going to find StarryVille in this condition. It's almost night time , I haven't set up the tents , ugh , this may take a while.

  It was already midnight. I'm wondering how I'm going to survive in this woods with a small amount of supplies that is only enough for a day. I must look horrible now. "... This is bullshit .. ", was my famous last words before I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was already dawn. I have to move before sunrise. After packing up my things, I decided to move west. My supplies are slowly running out. I have to find a village before I die of hunger and thirst. When I reached a river, a bear spotted me. Uh-oh. The bear was faster than me. I'm running as fast as my legs could carry me. I tripped over a rock and I fell down. Thump ! Ouch .. I could barely stand up , but if I stop, I'd be dead ! I slowly stand up and run away. Hours have passed, I noticed my left arm was bleeding. The problem is, my bandages are all out. Ugh , I need to sit down. My head is spinning. But, I can't stop now, or not , something else will kill me in my sleep.

I just need a couple of minutes to rest then, I'll get a move on. I lean over a tree and rest my eyes. I can't sleep well but at least I rest . 2 hours before night time, I set up my tent next to a huge tree. I slowly lie down and think about what's going to happen tomorrow. I might not survive anymore. My supplies are all out. Well, if I die, at least I die during my adventure.

 It was already noon when I woke up. My left arm .. it's swollen . This can't stop me now. I'm almost there ! Well, at least , that's what I think. They say , StarryVille is close when you reached the river.   I've crossed the river yet, nothing is there ! It's just trees , grass , trees ! I must be walking aimlessly in this woods. I'm even more lost than I am in the beginning."HEY ! ANYBODY THERE ?!". I know it's pointless but hey, maybe there are people around here. 

   2 days have passed. My left arm is completely useless. I was too tired and hungry. I'm walking around wobbly , and kept falling down. I think I might passed out. I can't take it anymore ! I'm too tired ! I want something to eat and drink ! I can't find any food because I'm at the bottom of the food chain in this WOODS OF DESPAIR ! And the waters, it has worms in it ! No more. I let myself fall to the ground. I can't stand up. It's useless anyway. I will never find StarryVille.

   Everyone was right. It's just a dumb myth told by old people to impress little kids. And, here I am, believing it's real and putting myself in danger. I should have listen to mom. I slowly close my eyes.     Then, I heard footsteps. Huh .. A predator ? Well, eat me while I'm still fresh, because I really can't stand living in this woods . What will happen if I'm really dead ? Who'll take care of mom and grandpa ? I'm sorry but , I .. just can't take this pressure anymore . I hope Victer will take good care of mom and grandpa for me. Slowly, I closed my eyes.

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