Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


5. Sabriel Chermoines

I woke up in the middle of the night. It's one of that dreams again.

  I keep seeing people dying in my dream. But, it looks somewhat like a memory. But, I can't sleep in this kind of condition ! I walked towards the door and the lights started to flicker. I reached the door but it was locked . Gulp. I slowly turn around. Shadows .. They're everywhere !!

  "W-what do you want from me ?!", I shouted. They're approaching me. "No ! Leave me alone !! Don't come any closer !!", then, the lights turned off. I hear people whispering and laughing. I closed both of my ears and kneel down. I don't want to hear any of this ! When I opened my eyes, a face popped in front of me. "Aaahh !!".

  I was being dragged around the room again ! This time, I hit almost every furniture in the room. "Let go of me !!", I shouted. Then, the door flung open. I was shocked and I fell from the ceiling. Bump ! Ouch ! I landed on the chair. Oh God, I hope my bones aren't broken . "What the heck were you doing on the ceiling ? Usually , normal freaks like you are sleeping right now ." Dante, why do you have to be so mean ? I just fall down from the ceiling and that's what you're going to say to me ? Wow, you are REALLY nice.

  " I want to sleep, but these shadows wouldn't leave me alone ! They keep waking me up and dragging me across the room !". Dante's face is so blank. Well, it's 3 a.m. , you can't blame him. He was assigned to sleep next to my room. To keep me safe and all, but he's the threat to me. He walk towards me and push me off the bed. He lies down and fall asleep. "Huh ! How nice of you to push me from my bed !", he was mumbling but I could hear him clearly.

 "You weren't using it anyway, now, go play with your shadows while I go to sleep. If you try screaming again, I'll burn your tongue. Hmm .."

Pssh , who do you think you are ? I took one of the pillows and slept on the couch. 


I didn't slept at all. The shadows kept giving me nightmares. Oh God, I must look horrible right now. "Hmmm ! Ah, morning -- ", he stopped his stretching and looked at me. "What happen to you ? I told you to go to sleep , not wake up all night !!", he shouted. I shook my head. "How on earth am I supposed to do that ? Those shadows kept giving me nightmares !", I replied. I rubbed my forehead and drink some water. 

Knock knock !

  "People will think about weird things if they see you here. You might as well just leave after this," I said in a weak tone. I opened the door and saw Lewis in front of the door. "Woah, Aeolia. What happen to you ?", he asked. When I was about to answer, Dante quickly replied, "She spend the whole night with me. And, I have to admit, she's really wild." Dante and Lewis become friends again after Dante punched him in the face.And, Lewis became my boyfriend.

 " Is that true, Aeolia ?", Lewis asked. His face was so innocent and pure. "Nothing happen between us, Dante here, came in and slept on my bed. I have to sleep on the couch. But, I didn't even close my eyes even for a minute !", I yawned and lean on Lewis's shoulder. "Well, today IS a day off, why don't you go to sleep ?", Lewis carried me to my bed. "I.. have to stay awake .. I can't go to.. sl..sleep", as soon as Lewis put me on my bed, I fell asleep.


"Sabriel.. wake up .."

   Sabriel ? Who's Sabriel ?

"Wakey wakey Sabriel . Come on, you can't sleep forever !".

I slowly open my eyes and saw a little girl in front of me. Where am I ? 

  "You sure take awhile to wake up, Sabriel." She sat next to me. "Who are .. you ?", I asked.

"It's me, Arien ! Your little sister. Wow, you must've hit your head so hard. I'm sorry that I've pushed you." She hugged me tightly. I touch my head. Ouch. So, I fell and hit my head ? "Come on ! Mom's cooking porridge !", she ran down the stairs. What century am I in actually ?

   I tried standing up and when I did, I saw shadows at the corner of the room. But, I could only ignore them. When I went down, Arien was eating the porridge. "Ah, Sabriel ! I hope you feel fine now. Come on, sit." I walk slowly to the chair and sat down. I rubbed my forehead. "What happen to me ?", I asked. Arien stopped eating and went upstairs.

"Oh.. it seems like you lost your memories.. You just fell down, that's all." Huh .. ? Arien told me she pushed me. What's going on here ? "I .. need some fresh air .."

  I went outside and saw a guy sitting on the front porch of the house while holding flowers. "Uh, excuse me ?". The guy was startled but when our eyes met, he hugged me. "Thank God ! Sabriel, are you okay ? Oh, God. I miss you !". I didn't say anything and he finally let go of me,"Who are you ?", I asked. " I-it's me ! Leon ! Leon Xanthias .. ? I'm your fiancee, remember ?". My fiancee ? "Remember ? I saved you. From .. them". Huh .. ? What's really happening here ?

  "Can you tell me what really happened to me ?". Leon hesitate. But, he grabbed my hand and took me at a nearby cliff. "You see what's below this cliff ? It's death." I shook my head. "So ? What's wrong with it ?", I asked. He looks sad." You see.. before this happen, you kept scaring people by telling them , there's shadows or dead spirit following them. The villagers was scared so they decided to .."

 " To what ? Leon ! To what ?", I asked. ".. murder you..". W-what ? "My parents, Arien and you ! Did you guys disagree ?!", I was desperate to know what happen. "Your parents and Arien agreed. I didn't. And that day,Arien brought you here.She told you that she lost something at this cliff. I tried so hard to get to you before she pushed you,but I was too late."

I collapse to the ground. A-Arien .. my little sister .. tried to murder me ? "What happened next ?", I asked. He put his hand on my cheek. Tears coming out from his eyes. "You died." Wh-what ? ..I quickly stood up.

  "I can't be dead ! I'm still here !! See ? ", I hold his hand and cried. " I'm still here. I'm still here.. I can't be dead ..", I can't believe it. "Don't cry anymore,Sabriel. I took care of everything. I saved you". W-what ? I stopped crying and slowly walk backwards. "What did you do, Leon ?". He smiled and said, "I saved you and brought you back. It's just that.. you're just a shadow, that's inside Sabriel's body. I don't care if you're her or not, but at least I can see you right ?". I'm .. just a shadow ?

  "Where's Sabriel's soul ? I can't take her body if it isn't mine !". Leon shook his head. "No, you don't understand. You don't know what it feels like losing someone you love. You're just a shadow with no memory." What is he talking about ? "You lost your memory whenever you enter a body. And, Sabriel, just be glad I saved you." 

  No.. this can't be . Without hesitation, I jumped . I'm falling . Sabriel was long dead and I was just a shadow.


Gasp ! Oh God, it was just another nightmare. Sabriel.. I think I heard that name before. I looked beside me. Lewis was asleep. I gently shake him.

  "Oh, Aeolia. We've been asleep for awhile now. What is it ?", he asked while rubbing his eyes."I want to ask you something." He nodded and yawn at the same time. "What is it ?".I took a deep breath, I don't know whether I'll like the answer or not. "Is there a girl named Sabriel ? I mean, was there any old news about her ?", I asked. He looked at me with his confuse looks. He stood up and search for old newspaper articles. He grabbed one and gave it to me. " Sabriel Chermoines, that's her name, right ?". He nodded and lie down on the bed while reading the article with me.

Friday, 30th of October 1890. 

  Sabriel Chermoines is one of the sacrificed victim here in Wildewind Town. Due to her ability to see things that others can't see, she was murdered by the villagers and her own family. She was last seen at a cliff and being pushed by her sister, Arien.A few days later, Sabriel was found wondering around at town square with injured body and no memory of herself and anything else. Her parents took her and decides to change her memory. 

 But, before they could even do that,her fiancee, Leon Xanthias brought her to the cliff to help her regain her memories. Leon tried to help Sabriel but she suicide herself by jumping off the cliff. Her body was never found and was believed , that her body was washed away due to huge waves. " I love her, and she did this to me. I saved her and I can't do it again."

 Years have passed, some rumor said Sabriel wanted to avenge her death. The villagers sacrificed her sister, Arien, to calm her angry spirit. But, there was no luck. The village suddenly disappear after a heavy fog envelops them. There was no sign of people or houses. It is believed that Sabriel, the angry spirit, has avenged her death.Leon Xanthias managed to escape to Marblefall before the fog took him away.

 When kids played at the area, they always see a girl crying at the peak of the cliff and after crying, she would jump. This event have been seen many times.   -Reporter Frius


I covered my mouth and cried. "Woah, Aeolia ? Why are you crying ?", Lewis hold me closer to him. "She was sad,Lewis. She wasn't the real Sabriel. The real one died when she was pushed off the cliff. Leon revived her back but it was a shadow that enters her body. Sabriel's soul was long gone. The shadow lost her memory and jumped off the cliff because she don't want to live another person's life", Lewis didn't say anything. He hugged me and asked ,"How do you know all of this? Did you know her ?". I shook my head and I buried my face to his chest. "I saw her. She was in my dream."

 Lewis kissed my forehead, "Hey, look, it's going to be fine, alright ? I'm here with you. And whatever happen, I'll keep you safe. I won't let you end up being Sabriel ."


Sabriel Chermoines was in my dream .. Is that supposed to meant something ?

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