Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


4. Painful Past

I've been thinking about the things happen between Lewis and Dante. It' been a month now since that weird conversation under the tree.

  Who is telling the truth here ? Lewis or Dante ?

Aaah ! I can't keep this up ! I must find information !


"So, do you have any idea what she is, Mr Atticus ?", the principal asked. I shook my head. "But, I've found out about one thing." The principal looked at me and ask me to tell him. " She acted weird whenever I talk about shadows." I still remember that day when we were in the room full of shadows. She kept repeating the word 'shadow' over and over.

  "Hmm.. interesting. I want you to search a little deeper. Who she is, where she's from, parents and everything ! I want to know what this girl is !". What ? Damn it, old man. I can barely stand with her and now you want me to search her background ? "Got it." 

  As I walked out from the principal's room, I saw Aeolia and Lewis walking together. I never want to confront Lewis because it was my fault. It was my fault his brother was dead.


= Flashback =

"Hey, I'm Dante. I found you two in the woods. What were you guys doing there ?", I asked. Lewis smiled and said, " We got lost. Brother almost got killed protecting me from wild animals!". Lewis pointed at his brother and said cheerfully, "My brother's name is Louise !". Louise wasn't looking at me. He kept his gaze locked at the door. "Louise and Lewis.."

  Few years later, the three of us always hang out together. Until one day, Louise started beating Lewis. Bruises are all over his body. "Lewis, dude, you okay ?", I pat his back as he cries of pain."Brother didn't mean to do all of this, okay ? Don't tell the teachers !", he said. Even if I don't tell the teachers, they will notice right away because this bruises was all over his body and his face is bleeding. I got up and search for Louise. And when I found him, he was already gone. This isn't the Louise I know. He killed a little girl and a few more students." LOUISE !", I shouted.

  "Aahh, Dante Atticus ! Care to join ?". I felt sick looking at the blood covering his body. "What have you done ?!", I shouted. He approached me and whisper to my ear, " I'm .. death". I felt a cold chill running through my spine after he said that. The teachers come running and was shocked seeing 5 dead bodies on the floor. Lewis come running and stood in front of his brother. "Brother ! Stop doing this !! This is why you got banished from the village !! Hurt me not them !!", Lewis was crying. Louise smiled and chuckle. "Okay". 

  Louise punched Lewis and stabbed him. He was bleeding. I need to think fast ! "You guys go help Lewis and I'll take care of Louise !". The teachers approached Lewis and quickly bring him to the medical facility. It's just me and him only. "So, Dante .. You wanted to handle me ? AHAHAHAH !! Bring it on, fire boy ! You can't cheat death !". Our battle was horrifying. There were shadows everywhere. All of a sudden, Louise punched me in the face. I blast multiple fireballs at him. It got him but it wasn't good enough. Until, Louise attacked me from behind , he almost stabbed me but a shadow blocked his attacks. "What ?! Get out of the way,you idiot !!". Louise was frustrated with the shadow's action and I see an opportunity and I grabbed it. 

  My hand was in huge flames and punched his chest. My hand went straight to his back. He was startled but in the end, he just smiled. As he tumbled down, I grabbed him before he fall to the ground. "I'm sorry, Dante.. My soul was corrupted and I can't escape. If I don't make it, please.. just take care of Lewis." He was crying. "No ! You're going to make it !! We promised remember ? To always be together whether it's good or bad !", I burst out in tears."Heh, idiot. Fireboy don't cry remember ? Ughh .. Lewis.. He's my family .. and now, you too. And, what did you told me ? Family stick together right ?", he was wheezing. "Yes. Family stick together .. You're my family too, Louise. We have to stick together like always ! Don't leave me and Lewis ." I was holding his hand. 

  "No, Dante..I was already gone.. I already left you and Lewis since the day you found me. My soul.. it was corrupted .. I can't escape the pain so I let it took over me,"he was laughing but deep down I know, he's slowly dying. " Fool, how could you laugh at a time like this ?". He looked at me and said his final words, " That shadow.. Find her.. Promise me, you'll find that shadow and will always take care of Lewis, okay ?". I nodded and grip his hand harder. He smiled and finally .. he's no longer alive. " You asshole. If only you told me there was something wrong with you.. I could've saved you.. But, you're a stupid, aren't you ? Heh ..", I was crying and put his cold hand at my forehead. A promise is a promise. I looked back and I saw that shadow.It was trying to manifest to a figure but it can't. "You helped me.. Thank you.. ", the shadow was moving left and right. "If you're trying to say something, be human first.. Then, I'll understand what you're trying to say."

  The shadow stopped moving and slowly fading away.Until now, I'm still waiting for the shadow to return and tell me what it wants to tell me a long time ago.


I quickly pulled Lewis and dragged him wherever I go. "Uh, Aeolia ? Where are we going ?", he asked. I shook my head. But, seriously , I don't know where we're going but at least I'm dragging him ! "We're going for a walk !".

  I stopped when I saw two creatures holding hands. A water sprite and a mermaid. Sweet. Lewis must've noticed I was watching them so, he hold my hand. I was kinda surprised he did that but he got guts. "Let's go get ice cream, okay ?". He bought me a huge ice cream. "Thank you, Lewis". He smiled and we ate the ice cream together. We sat down on a bench near the school park. We were enjoying our ice creams together until fairy approached Lewis. " Hey, Lewis. You never replied my letters. Is something wrong ?", she asked. Oh, she might be in a relationship with Lewis.

  " Oh, I'm sorry, I'll be leaving, thank you Lewis for the ice cream and everything." Just when I stood up, Lewis grabbed my hand. " Don't go, please ?". The fairy was just waiting for Lewis's answer. "Look, I'm not interested. I'm with Aeolia now." As he said that, he hold me closer. "What ? You're horrible !", she left after saying that.

Lewis sigh. "Why would you do that ?", I asked as I pushed him away. Lewis smiled and said,"Because I like you.."

  "Wh-what ? Lewis ! Don't joke about things like this !", I said. " I'm not joking! I'm serious !", for the first time, he shouted at me. He covered his mouth. "I'm sorry !". He ran away. I was chasing him and calling out his name over and over. Then, suddenly, I tripped over a rock and I fell down. "Ouch ! Ow.. erghh ..", my chest hurts so much. I was wheezing. It was so quiet that time. Everyone went to class, I guess. 

I covered my mouth and cough then, I saw blood. "Blood .. ? Ugh..", I kept coughing and more blood came out. When I fall down, I must've hit my chest so hard. It started to rain. I sprained my ankle. Lewis .. didn't you look back ? Why didn't you come searching for me ? I burst out in tears. I was soaking wet. My mouth is full of blood and I can't breath right.

  "Idiot. You think chasing that guy was worth it ?", that voice .. Dante ?

" See ? This is what happen when you tried chasing a wind sprite. He's fast and you can't catch up with him even if you're using magic. Wait.. are you bleeding ?", he quickly kneel next to me.He touched my cheek and move my head left and right. His spiky black hair was soaking wet now. Even his uniform is wet. You could see his skin. I just realized something, his eyes. They're aqua blue.

 "It's from your chest ! Open your shirt !", he shouted. " Ehhh ?! Why on earth would I do that ?", I asked. He shook his head and said ,"You don't understand, these tiles , they're made from magic, if you're chest or any of your topper body especially your head touch it, it'll slowly damage your heart or your brain ! Now open your shirt !", he shouted. I quickly open my shirt and when I saw my chest, I was shocked. My chest have bruises all over ! "I knew it ! Come on ! Let's go meet the nurse, now before it gets worse !".I tried standing up but my ankle hurts. " I can't ! I sprained my ankle ! And who the hell made these tiles ?!" 

Dante was getting impatient and carried me. On the corridor, I saw Lewis. His face expression changed as soon as he saw my shirt was unbutton. Dante was fast and as soon as we arrived to the medical facility, the nurse gave me some kind of medicine that made me fall asleep. 

 I slowly woke up after I heard voices coming from outside my room. "Why didn't you turn around and look whether she's there or not ?!". That voice.. "I can't see her again after I did that to her". Lewis ?

   "You're such a coward ! Great way to tell a girl that you like her !". Wait, how does he know ?

"How would you know ? You never acted this way when Rasilia -- ", he stopped and then the door flung open. Gasp!

"Lewis ?! Dante ?!". I was right ! They were fighting outside my room ! I quickly kneel down to Lewis. His face has bruises. "It's none of your damn business !!", then , Dante stormed out. Lewis was holding his jaw. "I'm sorry about what happen , Aeolia. It was my fault." He stood up and walk towards the door.

  I grabbed his hand ,"Don't you ever do that again !! Don't you know how worried I was?!", I said. He hugged me tightly and said, "I'm sorry, but I can't believe I raised my voice in front of you. I hope you'll forgive me". L-Lewis ? I could hear his heartbeat. Thump ! Thump ! "This is one of the advantage of being short. Can you hear my heartbeat?". I slowly nodded and smiled at the same time.

 But, who is Rasilia ? Is she Dante's girlfriend ?

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