Nevermore Academy

Aeolia got lost in the woods and woke up, finding herself on a bed in a room.She freaks out seeing the 'people' outside the room and lock herself in.Dante wanted Aeolia to stay because he found that she was not human.After a few days, Aeolia realized that this place is a private school for mythical creatures.Dante was asked to find out what Aeolia is and in the same time, he's falling for her.In the end, she have to make hard decisions that could kill everyone after knowing what she is.


10. I Love You

I stopped my training.

  It was not worth it anyway. Sooner or later, it'll happen.

Knock ! Knock !

  Who could it be in this hour ?

I opened the door and saw Dante. "Hey, Aeolia. Let's go to the park together."

  I slammed the door. " Woah ! Aeolia ! Open up !".

"Just go away !!" . There was no response for awhile. Then, "I'll leave. Good night."

  It was too painful. I covered both of my mouth and cried. Why me ? Why does it have to be me ? I leaned on the door and hugged my legs. The door felt so hot and warm at the same time. 

 .. Dante must be outside my room. I wonder if he's burning himself. It wouldn't hurt him anyway. 

After awhile, I woke up. Must've fell asleep here. I slowly opened the door and saw Dante sleeping in front of the door. It's still dawn. And, his room is locked. I can't leave him outside like this. I sighed. I carefully brought him inside my room and let him sleep on the bed.

 He's heavy and it took some time to bring him in. I sat down on the couch. Oh God ! I closed my eyes tightly. When will this nightmare end ?

 When I opened my eyes, I saw a shadow in front of me. "What do you want ?", I hissed. It came closer and closer. "Leave me alone". I lie down and closed my eyes. I hear voices. Laughter. Screaming. Kids crying. What's happening to me ?

  Aeolia ..

Huh .. ? That voice.. I heard it before.

  You worthless piece of sh*t !!

What the hell ? I quickly stood up. The shadow was still there.

  How dare you betrayed us ! 

Betrayed ? 

 This job was not cut out for you ! You have wasted years !!

What the hell is going on here ? The shadow suddenly disappear .

  I think I'm going to be insane if this continues ! 

I kept thinking and thinking and without realizing, it was already morning.

  Dante is waking up. I quickly pretend as if I'm sleeping. I can hear his footsteps. He's coming closer ! 

  He slowly carry me and put me on the bed. Dante ..

"I'm sorry." He kissed my forehead and left. I was alone. I sat up and looked at the door. It hurts me so much by doing this to him.

  I love you,Dante. Without saying those words, I made you go away. Tears kept flowing and running down through my cheeks. I want to smile again and pretend that it never happen. But, that'll hurt me more.

 I wiped off my tears and went to the bathroom. I spent a couple of hours in the bathroom and changed to my regular clothes. I wanted to get some fresh air, so the park is the only option.


"Aeolia ..", now, I keep calling your name like a habit. I shouldn't have taken this job. 

  I was leaning on the huge tree beside the park. "Dante .. "

Aeolia ?! I quickly stood up and saw ..

  "What do you want, Rasilia ?". She just smiled and approached me. She hugged me and laugh. "You didn't expect me to leave you, right ?". I pushed her away and sat down. "Leave me alone,Rasilia", I hissed. Her face expression changed. "What ? Too busy to spend time with me ? Or are you thinking about that b*tch ?!". 

   "I said --", before I could continued, Rasilia laughed. "I guess she really does have to know, huh ? You kissed her because it was your job ? Hahaha !! It really surprised her but in the end, it worked out really well, right ?". So, she did this ?

" Hmm.. you should have seen her face ! Boohoo ~ Cry,cry,cry and cry ! ", she was laughing so hard. " Rasilia, I want you to leave now !!". That's why Aeolia got upset. I have to find her. 

  When I tried to leave, Rasilia grabbed my arm. "Where are you going, Dante ? The game has just begun." W-what the hell.. ?


Ah, the air here is more cooler. Huh .. ? Is that .. Dante and .. Rasilia ?

  I quickly hide behind the bushes. 

"Aeolia is different ! Why on earth do you like her ?! I'm ten times much more better than her !". Rasilia's voice was loud.

  Dante shook his head. " Because she's different, I like her. You are ten times much more horrible than her." His hand turn into flames. Rasilia quickly let go. He's walking away. Rasilia looked angry. She slowly moved her hands into the air. Then, an arrow made from darkness was aiming towards Dante. It was ready to shoot.

  "No ! Dante !!". 

Dante looked behind and ..


"A-Aeolia .. ?". 

  She stood right in front of me. She slowly smiled and tears fell down. No.. No .. NO !!

She collapse to the ground. I pulled the arrow from her chest. Her head was on my lap. 

  " No, don't leave me, okay ? It's going to be fine ! W-we just have to bring you to the nurse's office, that's all !". I was panicking. She smiled. " I love you, Dante .. c-can you hear my late confession ?". Blood started to come out from her mouth. Rasilia stood in front of me. She looked startled.

  I hold the arrow and burned it. "Don't you ever try getting near me or Aeolia ever again.. or I'll kill you." Rasilia quickly ran away. 

  I can't waste any more time. I have to bring Aeolia to the nurse's office. I slowly carried her and ran towards the main building. Everyone's eyes were on us. When we arrived to the nurse's office, Lewis was there.

 "Dante, how may-- .. Oh MY GOD ! Aeolia ! What happen to her ?!". He quickly hold Aeolia's hand.

"She's cold .. Really, cold ! I have to prepare the medicine while you warm her up !". 

  I hold Aeolia's hand and warm her a little with my weak flames. 

After awhile,Lewis came in with the medicine. He put it on Aeolia's chest. And in split seconds, the wounds are gone. "This should help her a little. She maybe unconscious for a few days, but she'll recover.Well, I think the scar wouldn't disappear though." I sighed in relief. Lewis looked down and asked, " Um, do you mind telling me what happen to her ?".

  I nodded .


H-huh .. ? W-where am I ?

  How long was I asleep ?

I slowly stood up. I walked towards the door and then, I saw ..

  "Dante .. ?". Is that .. him ?

He slowly looked back and approached me. "How long was I asleep ?", I asked.

  He smiled and hugged me tightly. "Aeolia ..I miss you."

Tears began to fall. I closed my eyes and hugged him back. "I miss you, too".


"So, how long was I asleep ?", I asked again. I was sitting on his bed, while he sits on the floor. "Erm, a couple of days ? Five days, I think." Huh, that long.

   "You know, I never left. I was waiting for you to wake up." He took some biscuits and started to eat them. I slowly nodded and lie down. "Why did you do it ?".

 "Do what ?", I asked. He stood up and sat down on the bed. " Saved me.. If you hated me so much, then, why even save me ?". He put the back biscuits on his desk. I shook my head. " I don't hate you, Dante". He looked at me with his aqua blue eyes. I quickly hide under the blanket. "If you don't hate me, then what was it ?". I could feel him lying beside me.

  I chuckled. "I love you, that's why I saved you." It was quite all of the sudden. Then, he pulled the blanket and threw it. "H-hey ! I was using that !", I shouted. He laughed and kissed me. His lips were on mine but then, it was on my neck. And slowly it moves to my chest.


He slowly unbutton my shirt. 

  The mirror was fogged up with our heavy breaths.



  I love you ..



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